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Study on cadastral spatio-temporal database using MongoDB

Using MongoDB's cadastral spatio-temporal database, Zhou Huihu Zhou Junhui Hou Xiang The design and construction of cadastral spatio-temporal database by MongoDB, which adapts to the characteristics of cadastral data, and realizes the effective management of cadastral spatio-temporal data. More restore Keywords-mongodb cadastral management spatio-temporal database research on cadastral spatio-temporal database of land registration using MongoDB

MongoDB User Rights Management explanation

MongoDB in the latest version of the 2.4 User Rights Management made a new adjustment, the permissions are refined, enhanced security, more and more like the permissions of MySQL management. 2.4 Before the version of User Management 1, the creation of a database management user 1.1, access to the WEIW database: >use weiw; 1.2, add users (Read and write permissions, Readonly-->false): >db.adduser ("java", "Ja ...)

NoSQL Product Evaluation: Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase and Aerospike

Recently, Thumbtack published two papers, namely ultra-high performance NoSQL benchmark and nosql failover characteristics, the former is the analysis of durability and performance trade-offs, the latter is about Aerospike, Cassandra, Couchbase and MongoDB several NoSQL fault-transfer features. All two benchmarks try to test "user-oriented applications with high throughput and low latency requirements, which can be stored using key-value forms." To make a thumback.

Mongospy, Mongowatch and MongoDB data compression

From an article in the Openmymind blog, the author introduces two MongoDB monitoring gadgets, Mongospy and Mongowatch, which they write with Node.js, and then puts forward the idea of using compression to save space when storing text in MongoDB. These two gadgets are not very powerful and simple to implement, and if you can manipulate MongoDB in any language, believe you can write a similar thing. Mongospy: A MongoDB slow query to monitor ...

PYAGGR3G470R 3.2 To publish a multithreaded news aggregator

PYAGGR3G470R is a multithreaded news aggregator based on the Web interface that can "> store data to a SQLite database. PYAGGR3G470R 3.2 This version of the MONGODB database can replace the SQLite database. Provides a significant performance improvement. The database has more than 30,000 tests, but version 3.2 is still a ...

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