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8M Bandwidth: Telecom industry false-false triple-net fusion

This reporter Zhang Telecom industry and radio and television industry this time "riveting" on.  It originated last week, the Ministry of Information and the National Development and Reform Commission, and other seven ministries issued the "on the promotion of the third generation of mobile communications network construction views" and "on the promotion of optical fiber broadband network construction views." Of the two documents, the most notable is the Ministry of Public Sector announced a "two-year Plan": by 2011, Fiber broadband port over 80 million, urban user access capacity of average 8M, rural user access capacity on average 2 m, commercial building users basically realize 100M access capabilities. 3.

Mobile Unicom 5G Traffic to counter the telecom 15G bandwidth worries emerge

China Telecom's launch of the flowmeter fee is bound to such a large flow of traffic control. On the surface, the new deal in telecommunications tariffs has been controversial, but careful analysis, is the telecom 3G development more successful supporting our correspondent Lio Hongxiang 3G Internet package is experiencing a storm of baptism.  Restrictions on traffic are beginning to be criticized by more and more mobile internet users, while also hampering the enthusiasm of new users to try 3G Internet access. Internet tariffs are popular "time long + traffic" mixed in the beginning of April, many consumers began to stop buying 3G Internet card, and into a cash state: Operators ...

Exploring the balance between bandwidth management and cloud computing

Carefully anchor any business activity that expands your data center cloud and extends to how you design your cloud-based application portfolio and intelligent end-user terminals. At least know if this will affect your cost and success. Bob Deutsche joined Intel in 2004 with more than 25 years of business and it experience as head of data center business, software development director and CIO. You can find more information about him in the Intel Server Lab. Like many other people around the world, you may have visited Los Angeles, especially every year ...

Gartner: Cloud storage bandwidth costs or exceeds storage costs

This week, Gartner offered some of the persuasion suggestions for storage-as-services, and said that while it could provide "low-cost storage services," it could also have limitations such as long delays and limited bandwidth. This week Gartner ">it Infrastructure, Operations and Management Summit (Gartner IT Infrastructure, Twist ...

10 Yuan monthly broadband suspected false propaganda was halted

At present, broadband operators claim that broadband 10 yuan can be monthly. News, attracted the public's strong concern, many readers call this newspaper hope to consult the relevant information.  Reporters yesterday in an interview with the City Communications Authority Market Supervision Department was informed that, after investigation, the broadband package is suspected of false publicity, misleading consumers, has been stopped. Fact: Gift as a deduction by the City Communications Authority investigation, the business of the external publicity broadband 10 yuan can be monthly, according to normal understanding, then 30 yuan should be able to use 3 months. But many consumers to their business hall processing, but the defendant to pay more than 200 yuan to use 3 ...

Face Meng Monthly It cost is 73 yuan

Summary: Face Meng download breakthrough 30 million of the monthly it cost only 73 Yuan June 19 afternoon news, a breakthrough 30 million download volume of Appmyotee face Meng, download a breakthrough of 30 million, increasing 3 million people brush face. And its creator is a real team, no money did not back "face Meng" Download 30 million monthly it cost only 73 Yuan June 19 afternoon news, a breakthrough 30 million download volume of the app "Myotee face Meng", download a breakthrough of 30 million, increasing 3 million people brush face. And it's ...

"Stealing vegetables" game developers "five minutes" monthly income of 3 million yuan

15 million "thieves" propped up big business "stealing vegetables" game developers monthly income of 3 million yuan "you have not stolen food?"  Wang stared at the reporter with wide eyes.  Claiming to be a city white-collar Wang in recent months has become a diligent "vegetable farmers": vegetables, collecting vegetables, but also from time to the friends of their own home to steal food.  Of course, all this is not in the real world, but on the internet. As almost every year before the SNS (Social receptacle site, that is, "social networking" or "social network") platform are competing to launch the "Parking War" and "Slave Trade", now ...

Inventory Domestic Cloud host services

Revenues of around $1 billion a year dominate the cloud computing market. All this has made Amazon a target for companies with plans to provide cloud services, whether in the US or elsewhere in the world, including some it giants: IBM, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, and so on. And the domestic hope to emulate Amazon, in the cloud services market Siege of the company also a few, Aliyun, Sheng, million network, Century interconnection. But what kind of strength is needed to challenge Amazon? Industry has experts to give such a view, competing with Amazon AWS, you need three ...

3G full definition _3g exactly what it means.

In this basic knowledge area I've seen an administrator send a complete introduction to WiFi (WAI-FAI) without the more popular 3G, one of which is the internet of things, 2165&cid=17 for everyone more detailed understanding 3G I conveniently in Baidu know excerpt down after all, people say already good enough we don't need to modify the counter ...

Issues that need to be understood in a server lease

Most of the owners will choose the server to rent, but "> rental server will also encounter many problems,   This will be in the choice of a rental server carefully before the analysis of the server is good or bad! The main analysis is suitable for their own space and space speed. First we have to do an analysis, start-run-Input: Ping IP address-t if your ping value in 100MS, belong to the normal speed ...

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