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Tong: 8 Ways to promote apps

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall The current number of mobile app applications has exceeded the number of sites 10 years ago, began to explode the growth. In the face of more and more apps, if you can make your app stand out and spread out quickly? I summed up the following eight kinds of promotion methods: The first Category: Hard to promote the method 1, mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate with this kind of hard promotion is relatively low price, large-scale, so is ranked in the hard to promote the first. The general price of each bundle in the 0.5 yuan ~2 ...

Most companies still can't write cloud apps

Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft Server and tools business, said in Tuesday that Microsoft was planning to invest heavily in its cloud computing platform even in the next two or three years if it could not achieve high returns. Muglia also said that Microsoft is still waiting for the opportunity to restore the cost of client and server software when the time is ripe. At the same time, Muglia a lot of criticism of rivals in the virtualization and cloud computing markets during a speech on the webcast of the Goldman Technology and Internet conference in San Francisco. He said: "Cloud computing single ...

American TV Marketing: mobile apps and social media

The success of popular American dramas is closely related to its pervasive marketing. When social networks, mobile apps, and social media are the dominant tools of information dissemination, smart marketers can always skillfully use them to attract viewers ' attention. This article selected seven popular American drama cases, from their respective marketing plan, perhaps you will learn some interesting ideas. "Walking Dead": "We are not vampires," said Robert Kingman, the "Walking Dead" producer of Twitter's viral marketing.

The problem with apps: It's easy to get your business into the mire

I found an interesting phenomenon after the venture, see I am operating micro-signal, in the large Internet company to serve friends often ask, "You now to do pure content ah?" "There is also a former acquaintance (my target audience), will also ask," You this a micro-signal? "The implication is that you say entrepreneurship, the whole length of a micro-signal, some do not see." Another group of people I contacted had the opposite view. They are individual investors and entrepreneurs. Investors and I talk, invariably asked, "How many fans of your micro-signal?" "When I quote the number of fans, I'm speechless," your fans ...

The apps that have to do with pan.

Those related to the pan of the app Pan Cypress, Chinese-American, 2002 to the music industry development, creating a "master" "007" and other eight best-selling albums, to become the music film industry's strength idol all-round artists, in the mainland popular Ding Wang. 2009 to upgrade the owner of the Tide shop, the NPC has opened a fashion store in Shanghai, Beijing have shops. 2011, the cross-border software industry, as the game creative director of the company designed the download volume of the first panda fart Wang game, the Chinese performing arts industry is the first successful foot software industry artists. Total Asian sales of its record has exceeded 6 million. Shuai not only ...

The Downfall of MySpace: Selling ads, social networks, and the nouveau riche

Why did MySpace, once billed as a redefinition of social, musical and popular culture, decline? Once known as the Mecca of pop music, singer Lily Allen and the band My Dow romance a new opportunity for career development. But now everything has changed, and since Murdoch and his hand, the defeat seems to have been determined. This year, Intermix, the founder of News Corp and MySpace, began to look for the next buyer. News Corp's offer to MySpace was 100 million dollars, while in 2005 ...

From the most authoritative - FIFA official application

June 13 is an extraordinary day. This is not because it is a black Friday, but because the quadrennial World Cup is just around the corner. Today is the last weekend before the fanatical Samba party, with 32 teams receiving tickets for the World Cup finals, 3 million tickets for the World Cup live, and I got a high price A psuedo sick leave ...... Well, just kidding. In the coming month, some subtle changes will take place in this world. A large number of men (and a small number of women) will put lovers and work aside, so emotions ...

A brief introduction to the ten most innovative companies in China

From ancient times to the eyes of some people, China has been a poor candidate for an innovative culture. In fact, China is emerging as a global business trend, especially in social media. A huge social network, like micro-letters, may have been the same as Facebook, but now it's more than just a simple imitation. In the United States, they have sparked an information war between apps and made billions of of profits.   The following are mainly about China's top ten most innovative companies. 1. Touch the treasure--meet the user quick dozen ...

Secret American Red Hand Tour: Fast update pay and derivatives

Bolt Creative Two founder: Allen Dai (left) and Dave Castelnovo Popular reasons: 1, maintain the version of the continuous, rapid update; 2, the application of the pay is the trend of the tide, 3, the rapid development of peripheral derivatives. Article | Jason Ankeny (Sand Island) seems to be a tourist destination, but no one wants to live here. This remote tropical community is home to the pygmy people of the Ooga Chaka tribe. You can find it in the Ooga Chaka tribe.

The most talked about entrepreneurs in the Internet circle

Sina Technology Panfei Ti June 6 afternoon, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing, an office. Zhang Yiming grabbed the time to walk outside the meeting room, first across the glass to the familiar reporters waving, just opened the door, squeezed through the narrow channel, sat down at the other end of the table. The young man in Fujian has just been in the thirties, but has become one of the most watched entrepreneurs in the Internet circle. He had previously worked on creating Courier, Rice, and Nine-Nine, and is now doing an IT application called "Today's headlines." He just completed a $ 100-million round C round this week. However, in front of reporters Zhang Yiming, more like a "otaku" engineer. he...

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