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Instagram and Vine Video marketing success techniques and measurement tools

Absrtact: The length of time is an important consideration for interacting with consumers, however, Vine and Instagram as tools for video marketing have strictly limited the time to record video (6 seconds and 15 seconds, respectively) for the time that people stay on a single message. However, the length of time is an important factor in interacting with consumers, however, Vine and Instagram, as tools for video marketing, have strictly limited the time to record video (6 seconds and 15, respectively) in the time that people stay on a single message.

Facebook's invitation to the Instagram video feature release

Introduction: Foreign media in Thursday published an article that Facebook published in Thursday Instagram video function, which is similar to Vine, or even called "vine+" or "Vine 2.0". Facebook seems to have become a "clone factory" for the sake of not losing. The following is a summary of the article: to understand Facebook, the most important thing is: it can't lose. Even if it loses, it will continue to lose and sometimes lose. But Facebook can't. Facebook says it's not a suit ...

Take stock of domestic photo application who will laugh to the end

Foreign photography website Instagram rapid development, and climbed on the Facebook tree, the competitor's living space repeatedly squeezed, and finally published on its official blog is about to close the picture service statement. Foreign Instagram's opponents were forced to withdraw from the squeeze. What about the domestic? In this fortress rampant era, due to the success of Instagram, the domestic imitation is countless, now the latest version of Instagram has supported Sina Weibo share photos, which also shows that Instagram began to focus on China ...

Internet giant's mobile advertising trap: Users do not click on ads

Lead: The Internet edition of The Daily Telegraph of London recently wrote that in the mobile Internet era, users are becoming smarter and less willing to click on ads that appear on their mobile devices, which poses a growing challenge to internet giants such as Facebook and Google, which are trying to make money from mobile advertising. The following is the full text of the article: no short-term benefits now, more and more consumers are abandoning PCs and switching to mobile phones and computers, and every big internet company, like a fallen domino, has to succumb to the pressure of this new trend. The first is Microsoft, this soft ...

Facebook seems to have become a "clone factory"

Absrtact: Facebook's invitation to the Instagram video feature release says: "A small team is doing a big creative lead: Facebook published a Instagram video feature in Thursday, which is similar to Vine and can even Facebook's invitation to the Instagram Video feature conference says: "A small team is doing a big creative lead:" A Thursday article by foreign media said that Facebook published its Thursday ...

What's the most lucrative 2015? The answer is still moving.

This week, the world's most tyrants companies have released their quarterly earnings, and you may find a phenomenon that moves to be king, in other words, to be moved by the world. Apple and Facebook have grown strongly, and they have been able to do so well, thanks to a successful mobile strategy. And those companies that have fallen, frustrated investors and lost their former glory, have failed to move strategically, including Google, Alibaba and Microsoft. In fact, the door to opportunity is always open to the next great business idea, when ...

Small minority social marketing in the big mystery machine

When companies start to think about social marketing, the first case that may be thought of as a reference is naturally Social Media Leader Twitter, Facebook. However, if you have a clear target audience, niche social networking marketing can give you a small investment but it is a huge gain. If you want to make use of it, you can be more focused on attracting your target potential customers on niche social networks by better interpreting and representing your brand than Twitter or Facebook. Here we take a look at how a few brands in a few popular niche ...

MySpace is on the hook for a successful takeover of Spotify remains to wait

The cloud-hunting network Note: MySpace, once a social junction, is now in crisis, and how to transform from "extensive" to "fine-specialized" is the key to MySpace's self-help. Sean Percival, a former online sales executive at MySpace, has made a detailed analysis of its history. From the beginning of the company's pioneering journey through the waves so far, MySpace has been accompanied by enemies, all the way.   Facebook,google The internet giants learn from each other. In charge of the MySpace online marketing of former vice President Sean Pe ...

Bottom mobile Internet Picture Community: 7 cases, 4 trends

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology lobby I Dark Horse Note: In October 2012, Facebook announced a 1 billion-dollar price acquisition of only six months of the online photo agency Instagram, so that the world know the mobile Internet image Community real value. The picture community has been popular in the mobile internet for nearly two years.   Compared with the previous PC community more text-oriented, mobile phone is naturally suitable for the photo, and the photo exchange because the expression is more intuitive, concise and increasingly become a social mainstream way. To make a case for

Pushpin to tell you the way of community APP's survival

There have been countless mobile community apps in the mobile Internet space in the past, but with countless community apps such as Singing, Street Fighting and more coming to an end, the team has been able to pool a lot of money and get together Considerable user base, while other community App are basically in a difficult struggle and exploration, managed to maintain the operation, or even the bleak ending a lot. The most successful mobile community in foreign non-Instagram non-stop, with the rise of Instagram, the country also appeared one after another emerging photo community one after another ...

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