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"Dragon Age", a reality movie, American Otaku.

BioWare developed by the RPG "Dragon Age 2" is about to be sold in March, so many fans are looking forward to.  Before the game is released, a "Dragon century" Live movie Dragon Age:redemption (Dragon Age: Redemption), starring Felicia Day, will be unveiled, and the movie will be divided into 6 parts, with the first part to be aired on February 16. Dragon Century live video Felicia days, for 2 consecutive years invited to attend the Blizzard Carnival, by the American otaku sought after, has been self-directed by the network.

The 23rd "007" movie will be filmed in the same game development

There are reports that the US has approved a new 007 game. Then, last night, the 23rd Bond film was going to start filming. The new film starring 007, Craig, will be released on November 9, 2012, and pre-production will begin at the end of this year. But the report said the latest game of the series was "only recently released".  There are rumors that independent developers Raven Software is developing the game. The United States in 2006 from EA hands to buy the intellectual property rights of James Bond, and then released a total of three games: Treyarc ...

A generation of heroes ready to bow? Jackman or last starred in Wolverine.

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > from 2000 onwards, Jackman has been in the "X-Men" and "Wolverine" constantly play the role of Wolverine. At present, he has sprouted a retreat. In the interview, the actor, who has a reputation for being a wolf in the horn, says the next "Wolverine" movie will be the final chapter of his role ... It should be said that the Wolverine role is the whole ...

Justin Bieber's childhood photo exposure autobiography movie will be released (figure)

Recently, the singer Justin Bieber is visiting the "Leno Tonight Show", which will be released next month in the autobiography of the 3D Music film "implies dour implies", the show revealed Justin's precious photos of childhood (big picture). Earlier, Bieber was photographed with the Disney actress Selena Gomez on vacation, was asked about the relationship between the two people, Justin did not forget to promote the new film, even said "never give up." Figure/CFP

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