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Science fiction movies to watch the guide-a good thing to collect, home tourism watch!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > In recent years, don't you think sci-fi movies are getting more and more? See so many sci-fi movies, you have wood to find what? Today, I want to share with you a great guide-science fiction movies to watch the guide, the Shadow Spare oh ... Science fiction movie Watch Guide!!

Late-night horror movie Recommendation-Eye Challenge, 5 minutes to see 64 horror movies

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Horror powder! "Flash", "Sleepy Hollow", "Silent Ridge", "Don't be Afraid of Black", "Hell God", "Solitary Island", "Exorcism" ... Eyesight big challenge, 5 minutes to see 64 horror movies, see You can recognize several films! It's time to challenge your nerves and be timid. 5 minutes, 64 horror movies.

International nurses ' Day, taking stock of neglected style in movies

NetEase Real Estate News May 12 is the International Nurses Day, in order to commemorate the modern nursing discipline founder Flaurence Nan Nightingale was established in 1912. Before this memorable day came, we took a look at some of the nurses ' movies and looked at the light and shadow nurses. International nurses ' Day: Taking stock of the nurses in the light and in the shadows "British patients": the film in the context of war and desert, the interpretation of a love tragedy across time and space. During the Second World War, a British plane was shot down by the Germans while flying over the Sahara, and the plane ...

Super Gods play Hollywood classic Movies! Ohio State University Tube band again naughty ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > October 27, the Ohio State University Marching band brought a stunning performance to the audience before the American college football game, Hundreds of members of the band in the football field in the way of the procession to deduce: Superman, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 movies, and also play the theme song of their films ... Related reading: Ohio ...

The film association will sue some internet cafes playing pirated movies in Beijing

Absrtact: Zhu Yongde, chairman of China Film Copyright Association, said yesterday that it would sue some internet cafes that broadcast pirated movies in Beijing and prosecute the "cyber-line" that provided pirated films to internet cafes ——— Shanghai "heroic broadband" and Hangzhou "century Line", chairman of China Film Copyright Association Zhu Yongde said yesterday Some internet cafes that broadcast pirated movies will be sued in Beijing, while the "Cyber House Line" ——— Shanghai "hero Broadband" and Hangzhou "century line" are prosecuted for providing pirated films to internet cafes.  Zhu Yongde said it would be the first civil case to be filed by the society in his own name. ...

Love Fantastic Art "Online Film Festival" monolithic broadcast number burst table

Although the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival has ended, but the network of watching movies still unabated. Exclusive love of odd arts simultaneously online showcase the festival a total of 29 competitions, filming shows, become the industry relish initiative. Iki's first "online film festival" mode broke through the festival's time and geographical boundaries and undoubtedly greatly expanded the influence of the films shown during the festival. As a rough estimate, the number of online viewers who watched the filming of the exhibition through Iki's "Online Film Festival" exceeded the number of viewers who visited the festival by more than 40 times, and the value of "Online Film Festival" of Ikki Arts first appeared. & ...

Game adaptation Movies Most of the bad movies "Wow" movie can break the fate of it?

Recently, Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams, in an interview with foreign media, revealed the latest developments in the movie World of Warcraft: the director directed the "Spider-Man" Sam Raimi, who has had a lot of discussion with the creative director of our team. We also had good discussions with the authors of the script. Now we have reached a consensus that the plot outline of the whole story has been finalized. We are now stepping up the writing of the script. We believe we will make the most of the rush. Sure it will take a while, but now everything goes ...

"Westerly Wind" premiere Xiaoming with his mother to cheer

Xiaoming hold Mother Hand (1/12) October 24 night, the police action movie "Westerly Wind" in Beijing premiere red carpet ceremony, director Gao Chunxi with Wu Town Yu, Summer Rain, Charlie, Wu, Guangon, Yihong, Zhang, and other seven starring costumes to attend. And the "four famous catch" prototype, four fighting in the public security front-line policemen also came to rescue, a glimpse of their heroic image in the film.  That night, the actor Xiaoming with his mother came to watch the film, and cheer for domestic movies. Gao Chunxi said he wanted to make a stiff film. The director of the high books tonight is smiling

"Love Fantastic Art Love movie" over the first six million broadcast

July 2, Ai Qiyi's home-made show "Love Fantastic Art Love Movie" the first phase of playing over 6 million cum "Break Master" box office broke 200 million shares were held in Beijing, "break up master" director and starring Deng Chao, Yu Bai Mei attended the sharing meeting. As the home-made program of the Ichigo gold medal-made team, "Love Fantastic Art Love Movies" shows less than a week on the first launch of the show. The show's main romantic love comedy movie "Break Up Masters" In just a few days also won the box office exceeded 200 million results. "Love Fantastic Art Love movie" and "Break-up Master," the joint win-win, to create a movie and video ...

Model claiming to be the Grand Theft driver prototype to Rstar claim 250 million USD

Video games are becoming more and more like movies. A model named Michael Washington is suing Rockstar Games and Take-two Interactive Software to claim 250 million dollars.  He claims that the main role of "Grand Theft Auto: San Antilles Antilles" is based on his youth. Washington is a model and a substitute singer for Cypress Mountain. In a charge from the Los Angeles High Court, he said he had met with the developers of the game and answered their questions about ...

". I love You" the domain name is romantic, gives the lover an exclusive domain name

February 12 News, in love, people are poets, they accumulate in little bit of romance with each other's exclusive happiness, in order to keep up with the lovers pursuit of romantic footsteps, diary Valentine's Day, White Valentine's Day, movie Valentine's Day, Rose Valentine's Day, hug Valentine's Day ... Have emerged, and finally developed into a monthly number 14th is Valentine's Day. However, the February 14 traditional Valentine's Day originated from a long, romantic love story, special meaning, irreplaceable. Every year Valentine's Day unrequited love vindicate, lovers of the festival are watching movies, send roses, send chocolates, light candles, put fireworks, these movies often ...

The assistant of the lighting division is not paying the money to expose Wu passion photo

Wu and Shengjie Passion bed photo (1/6) WU "Chamber of Secrets" in the play Bed drama group in response to nude rumors Su, Wu and other starring film "Secret Chamber of Secrets", yesterday encountered netizens "lighting Division assistant" pay.  And its pay method is ruthless enough-online movies are cut off Wu and Shengjie passion bed photo. Micro-Blog to announce the show has been cut naked drama this "assistant lighting division" of netizens, yesterday in the micro-blog said, "The first time this summer to shoot, did not expect to follow an unreliable cast-" Secrets of the Closet, one months, ...

How can confession be more penetrating than "I love You"? Hollywood all kinds of "I love You" of the classic lens mixed cut ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Today is "Tanabata Festival" (Gregorian Festival), also known as "Chinese Valentine's Day", Xiao Bian went to dig an old pit, found this part by foreign fans Matthew Belinkie Summarize the various "I love You" expressions in Hollywood love movies and make them--100 Ways I love you ... All kinds of Hollywood say "I Love you ..."

Happy to release new TV today

Absrtact: April 9, happy to see the release of new TV today. The launch of the 50-inch 4K TV X50 Air, in addition to 4K TV products, le Vision CEO Jia Yue Pavilion said to build a 4K biosphere, including homemade drama, film and the introduction of video, entertainment, music, sports video full of 4K. Le April 9, happy to see the release of new television today. The launch of the 50-inch 4K TV X50 Air, in addition to 4K TV products, le Vision CEO Jia Yue Pavilion said to build a 4K biosphere, including homemade dramas, movies and ...

WiFi applications from the popular upset in the past

Tencent Technology News (Lotte) May 16 news, intelligent hardware continues to fiery backdrop, WiFi applications are popular from the past popular. Tencent Technology was informed that WiFi service providers to share the network in March this year, has completed 10 million US dollars in the size of A round of financing, is relying on its products WiFi sharing wizard. Co-founder of the same network, CMO Division novel introduction, WiFi sharing wizard launched in 2012, coincided with the most popular APP applications for one year, the company's R & D team has launched the constellation master, limited free master, Mooker, hit movies and other products , But did not think of the most ...

The status of children's movies: A person in a factory

Remember the little bells that were all itchy meat? And the child who was born with electricity? Ever dreamed of understanding the language of animals? Or simply take a giant panda out of the stroll? No accident, the people will remember, these are from the "Small Bell (sequel)" "Thunderbolt Beibei" "The disappearance of the atmosphere," "Miss Jiao." The memory nerve stirs up the time, perhaps also can hum one or two "The Beijing girl, really romantic ..." when the 60-year-old with the "Flowers of the Motherland" growth, the memory of the 50-Year-old also "Malan" fragrance, 40-year-old friend Fan "city South old", 30 ...

Golden Horse Film Festival selected Chinese director Hou Hsiao-hsien is the top 50

Hou Hsiao-hsien (data) according to the Xinhua news agency, the executive committee of the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei, the list of "film History hundred Chinese Films" was released here 27th, at the same time, "50 major Chinese directors" were selected in the top ten, namely Hou Hsiao-hsien, Yang, Wong Kar-wai, Ang Lee, Hu, Zhang Yimou, Tsai, Lee, Xu Saddle Hua, Chen Kaige.  It is understood that the Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee invited Taiwan, the mainland, Hong Kong and overseas 122 professionals to participate in the selection, a total of 483 films were recommended. "Hundred Chinese Movies" in the highest number of votes in the 10 order is: Hou Hsiao-Hsien's "Sad city ...

Music video network TV version of the giant "Tianlong eight" big screen and see

The new year will be, the music network TV version of the year-end welfare! Recently hit by Zhonghanliang starring the new "Tianlong eight", not only through the music network TV version on demand to watch, yesterday, and then came the message---to let fans feast, le video network TV version of "Tianlong Eight channel" officially online. On this aggregated channel platform, you can find and continuously view more easily. Le video network TV version as a popular smart TV video app, the coolest is not only the possession of movies, TV dramas, anime, sports, music and other mass video resources, or 1080p+ dolby ...

2014 the world's hottest song creative skewers! YouTube teamed up with DJ earworm annual epic!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Hundreds of stars and Reds creative skewers 2014 The world's hottest hits movies, American drama sports, big events, mixed music mv! Holy shit! The big hits you can imagine in 2014 are all here! Earworm This remix sounds a lot better than his last few days. Network Reds creative skewers 2014 The world's hottest song!

Attract more consumers ' eyeballs

Wal-Mart is putting its Vudu video streaming and leasing services on the Wal-Mart website to attract more consumers. This is the latest move by Wal-Mart to become the main destination for shoppers in traditional stores and online stores. Wal-Mart acquired the Vudu service last year to deliver movies and TV shows to computers, certain televisions, Blu-ray DVD players and Sony PS3 consoles. Wal-Mart is reluctant to disclose how many people are currently using the service, but Wal-Mart says Vudu services continue to grow rapidly. Wal-Mart is not as competitive as Netflix's competitors ...

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