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EA says skateboarding game is over the peak of music games to be reborn

Ben/wendy, EA CEO John Riccitiello, commented in Wednesday on two types of popular games-music and skateboarding, predicting that skateboarding is at its peak, and that music games have the chance to regain new life. "I think music games are beginning to recover," Riccitiello said. "Maybe Music games can have some innovation. "The new" rock Band 3 ", the latest edition of the Harmonix Music game" Rock Band ", which was developed by EA, was well received in October. But the music game income is reduced, the loss is widespread ...

Games Orange unveiled new music Games "Crown Concerto"

The game of Taiwanese games Orange has officially released their new music Games "Crown Concerto". The game story happened 800 years ago, mankind is endangered because of excessive consumption of the Earth's resources. The seven sages appeared to save the people to live on the floating continent in the air, and taught them to use musical rhythms as their magical weapons. And the player's task is to return to the ground, to reproduce the prosperity of civilization.

Han live video games "KTV dance King" ready to test the end of 31st

By the South Korean Sonov combines the dance and the KTV culture to develop the reality video game "The Ktv Dances The King", originally starts from May 18 the preparation public test, in the player unceasingly requests the game to extend the test time continuously, finally official decided "the KTV Dance King" prepares the public test to be July 31 to end.  Korean beauty player demonstrates play video exposure. "Ktv Dance King" in South Korea to create a new market for music games, a large number of players will record the game process video upload network is preparing the public test of the "KTV dance King" average per person online game time more than 150 minutes, swim ...

Korea "Jin Dance Troupe 2" Today opened the Korean industry is not optimistic

Today (June 24), T3 Research and development, ydonline operation of the dance class leisure music games "Jin Dance Troupe 2" (temporary name, English name: Audition2) officially launched the public test. "Jin Dance Troupe 2" is a super popular online games "Jin Dance Troupe" (audition) of the sequel. The original "Jin Dance troupe" is the first South Korean dance games, in the world more than 30 countries have 130 million members, while the number of online once reached 1.1 million. "Jin Dance Group 2" in succession to the original cute role shape, simple operation, social and other advantages based on further strengthening the art and games ...

Foreign cattle players with feet + dance blanket to wear FC "Ninja Gaiden Biography"

Music games are no longer popular, the dance blanket in some people's home has become a synonym for eating ashes, but some students have tried to dance blanket as a handle to play other games? Recently, a player named Dj17nario, uploaded his six-month struggle with the dance blanket--through the FC on the "Ninja Gaiden Biography" video. The project looked daunting and difficult, but it was eventually defeated by Dj17nario's dogged willpower.  Watching him in the video at the foot of the fierce movement, can not help from the heart of his admiration. For more information, please close ...

Science and Music sued the "rock band" tort case both sides settle the curtain

After years of legal proceedings, Salome (Konami) and Viacom (the parent company of the rock band Development Company Harmonix), the official documents of Texas and the Massachusetts Court of Justice announced that the two sides have reached a settlement on copyright and patent disputes over the peripherals of music consoles.  The two companies announced that they had reached a settlement and no longer held any legal and patent responsibilities on the issue, but the specific agreement between the two sides was not disclosed. The lawsuit began with the 2008, Viacom and Harmonix sued by the US and said that ...

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