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80 band Warcraft Beauty singer Pastor with you tomorrow more to play with about

A "law Shi Shi and Pastor" Let countless warcraft people remember the name of the priest, then she continued to launch "belly black small Thieves", "Happy Little Night", "Undead assassination Thief" and other Warcraft songs, with high-quality music, interpretation of her Love of Warcraft.  Play more and more about tomorrow will take you into the Reverend Teacher's music world! Personal Profile: Nickname: Pastor Teacher-Student Day: October 27 Constellation: Scorpio Blood type: B-type height: 163 body Weight: 473 wai: Very standard city: Guangdong Heyuan Game: World of Warcraft Service ...

Yeung won the award of actress and Joey Fan Weibo fire (figure)

Joey fans for the maintenance of idols launched a curse Miriam Miriam Sina Weibo Sina Micro-Bojonzou Sina Entertainment news, Beijing time February 13, according to Hong Kong media reports, Joey and Yeung in the music world, its fans are often on the internet to fight, earlier Yeung won the "Hong Kong Film Review Society," The Queen's Award,  Unexpectedly provoked another storm. Yesterday (February 12) Yeung in Weibo tried to quell the incident, reprinted fans of the message not to participate in the war, and said: "You make me proud." Yeung also said: "Weibo is a free speech space, ...

He Yi poem Mandarin album flagship new song "Nameless" MV Premiere (PHOTOS)

Click to watch He Yi poem first Zhang language album flagship "Nameless" MV Sina Entertainment news Hong Kong sing as singer He Yi poem first Zhang language album "Nameless Poem" in the title of the new song "Nameless" mv on October 14, the mainland premiere.  If the previous "poetry and nonsense" is to open your hearing small freshness, then this "nameless" will use the analogy rock melody will pull you into the He Yi poetry music world. "Nameless" is the song written by Denise in Taiwan, combining the words written by Hong Kong and Taiwanese creators to create a story about flying, as a preface to the album. This song uses the rhythm of the theme to outline a excitation ...

World album sales total list-full of classic! Who is the king of sales in the whole music world? (1970-2013)

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > European and American senior fans please bring their own paper towels, full of classic memories AH. Need to explain, this video data are from Wikipedia, made by Lotusuk (some places may not be allowed to see the good), sales please "million" as the unit. Play through, Asia is also a wood has ... Who is the king of music sales? World Album sales Total list

Blink: An acquaintance with video message mainly IM class products

Absrtact: At the end of March this year, Schkeven in an interview with 36 Krypton WISE Talk that his next product would not be in the music world based on the current state of the domestic music industry. 4 months later, he shared with me his latest project Blink at the 36 Krypton Office. In short, Schkeven, in an interview with 36 Krypton WISE Talk at the end of March, said his next product would not be in the music world, based on the current state of the domestic music industry. 4 months later, he shared his latest item with me at the 36 Krypton office ...

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