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The unstoppable sex industry in the internet age

Some people have the sex industry, there are some places in the sex industry, as an ancient industry, the sex industry has been with the development of human beings, and in this internet age, the development of the sex industry is also unwilling to block. Today, pornographic sites account for 12% of the total number of global websites; 28258 people watch pornographic sites every second; Almost 40 million Americans have access to pornographic websites, of which 1 are women, and pornography accounts for around 35% of global Internet downloads, more than 1/3. Even Canadian star Magnotta, who killed Chinese students, fled ...

"Adult Products" the first operator of the 15-year entrepreneurial Road

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the present society, talks about "the adult goods", still has the majority of people to be unable to accept, thousands of years of thought culture already in our heart roots, too trendy thing is not everybody can be able to accept. For the first entrepreneur to open up the market, he is intelligent, in this market a blank when he seized the business opportunities, in the case of most people can not accept this product, he dares to open up this piece of desolation, when the initial partner gave up leaving, he can still stick to the dream of entrepreneurship ...

Can sell sex goods to force lattice, this is the pursuit of horse Jia Jia

In the summer of 2013, angel investors ning know a "bubble no" of the spice Shop, understand the general situation after feeling very interesting, people introduced to find its founder Ma Jiajia, a "girl", graduated from the University of Communication, a year. As a result Ning came up and touched the nails. When the phone was connected, Ning said he wanted to talk to you. Ma Jiajia asked, why do I have to talk to you? Ning smiled, I may be the person who throws money for you. Ma Jiajia's tone is still unchanged, "We are each day by you these people chat to talk about, there is no time to start a business." Not because you are an investor ...

Sex goods manufacturing End boss: Lovers

The market of sex goods is very hot in recent years. Partner with product implantation or special counter implantation form deep venture with lovers this case has been for 4 years, Yong Xuan Capital has been playing with lovers for several years. Two investment institutions have taken a fancy to the boss of the spice maker, and have spent a long time deciding whether their judgment will be cast or not. More recently, two institutions have finally injected 300 million yuan into their partner's investment. "The founder of the lovers is Wenzhou people, we are the villagers, but also the geographical." Chen Xiu, managing director of Yong Xuan Capital, joked about the reasons for the investment. And in fact, they have deliberately ...

In Chinese traditional concept, sex is always ambiguous topic

In the Chinese traditional concept, "sex" has always been ambiguous topic, rarely be openly discussed. But the 1990-born Elephant Condom founder Liu Kenan hopes to change that impression. September 15 Night, in Zhongguancun, Beijing, "pioneering a street", Liu Kenan with the other members of the entrepreneurial team, held an Elephant 2.0 conference, launched the new condom brand second-generation products. The theme of the conference was "a maverick elephant". Liu Kenan and his colleagues seize every opportunity, intentionally or unintentionally to show the unique "special": Warm concert in addition to the current big hot "small ..."

Network editor Internal data: Title Party Let the Forum PV crazy Rise

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall title The party is a handful of online use of a variety of creative headlines to attract attention, To achieve a variety of personal goals of the spontaneous organization of netizens. The main behavior in short is that the title of the post is grossly exaggerated, the content of the post is usually irrelevant or not related to the title. Recently, the title of the party's agitation more and more fierce, must arouse the close of the relevant people ...

The food color sex Also, the person's big desire saves the Yan

Food color sex Also, and Confucius in "Book of Rites" said "diet men and women, people's great desire to save Yan." "and cargo the most common word is:" People are iron rice is steel, a meal do not eat hungry panic. "These or the white words profoundly reflect an objective fact, whether you are still in school students, or CBD fashion white-collar, or wealthy rich, eating is a must to solve the problem." China has always had "food and drink for the king," said, but now those catering companies have been competing platforms from the kitchen and store to the keyboard, telephone lines and wheels. Young white-collar, college students ...

Television filming production release Baogang just build male edition sex City

Zhaobaogang (data picture) The pain of a good man love Zhaobaogang will "help the man" in the end Zhaobaogang director but shooting topic plays, "struggle", "The Battle of marriage" have aroused hot discussion, he is the loyalty of men "Guardian". Now women are more and more powerful, in the "Battle of marriage" in the male compatriots are everywhere bullied, so Zhao set up a "husband union", let the bullying family "boil" the husband unite to uphold the rights.  This time, "Man Gang", Baogang just So, another deduction. Yesterday the reporter contacted "the man Help" the producer, the staff ...

Title Party--Lets you go into a network to quickly enhance the private paradise of click Promotion!

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall site why the title party so serious, the reason for a word-" eyeball "attract people!   The network is vast, the audience's user autonomy determines the violence/sex/and privacy of curiosity. So these things are normal. Even when we were in journalism and communication, the teacher told us. At Stanford University in the United States, the media research masterpiece ...

Anti-channeling title party role for article take an eye-catching title

The title party is the internet on the use of a variety of creative headlines to attract netizens eyeball, to achieve a variety of purposes a small number of "> website managers and netizens collectively." The main behavior in short is that the title of the post is grossly exaggerated, the content of the post is usually irrelevant or not related to the title.   Recently, the title of the party's agitation more and more fierce, should arouse the close attention of relevant people.   What is the purpose of the title Party? The title Party, ...

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