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Dangdang push 24 personalized domain names and full interactive fun

Dangdang launched by the Dangdang Guess the Dangdang magic domain name activities on the line today, Dangdang users simply follow the prompts to guess Dangdang 24 individual domain names, the first to give the correct answer can be obtained 20 To 100 yuan Dangdang shopping coupons. This time by the first batch of 24 Dangdang launched the domain name can be combined with the fresh elements nowadays, full of fun, full of personality. Such as "You Are the One 2" in the line "Life is a spiritual practice," "Martial Arts" in the line "overwhelming ...

Parking forums for major domain names

After the Spring Festival holidays, the parking forums of the major domain names forums, the rice farmers seem to be invariably discussing one thing - that is, after the 20th of last month, the domain names parked on the renamed, there is no income. Like everyone, I also found that my domain parked from the 20th of last month only flow no income. These days have been busy, so I did not go to see. This afternoon free, made a question to the renamed customer service, got the exact answer is as follows: [Question] Submit Time: 2009-02-13 16:03:26 New Name stop ...

The first kitchen successful registration of domain names

Although the "Taotou" hotel trademark was preemptively registered by others, the fourth generation descendant of Zheng Shiguo, the "first chef of Harbin Daotu" Applied for the trademark of "Harbin Kantao", but with the previous lesson, Zheng Shuguo brand awareness is stronger.Yesterday, he first registered online successfully in the "Taiwanese" Chinese and English domain names, for the future "Taoist banquet" Publicity and promotion pave the way.

Online supermarket store on the 6th anniversary of the 1st anniversary

July's temperature climbing, as if in response to the warm atmosphere of the World Cup. At the same time, the 6th Anniversary Celebration of the No.1 Supermarket on the Online Supermarket also climaxed in a wave of the Guinness Book of Records and its extraordinary strength in the field of imported food was also constantly demonstrated. July 14 to July 16, the United States, South Korea, Italy, the three major import museum to jointly launch the audience full 399 minus 200 substantial concessions for the 1st store 6 years of birthday. It is reported that a total of 1,600 imported big names, 25,000 kinds of imported goods challenge the reserve price, so you never go home to taste the world cuisine, more reliable than purchasing. & nbs ...

Mhash function Library: mhash_get_hash_name

Mhash_get_hash_ ">name (PHP3 >= 3.0.9, PHP4) mhash_get_hash_ Name---Get pieced together names syntax: string mhash_get_hash_name (int hash) Description: Mhash ...

"Tower of Eternity" delayed 6 free elective service in Europe and the United States

Multi-Play Network (compiler/wendy) prior to the adverse operation of overseas, popular masterpiece "The Eternal Tower" the United States and the European Service area will be in uniform on July 7, but according to the latest news, "Tower of Eternity," the recent release of the server consolidation will be pushed back a few weeks, the time is scheduled for July 14,  The main reason for the delay was the clash of game names between different players, and NCsoft decided to spend extra time solving the problem. To put it simply, a change in the name of a person is likely to affect some people, NCsoft will add 1-2 letters after the duplicate name, in addition, all Daes ...

Yo add some features

Summary: Yo added some features, such as adding Avatar and full name, which makes your address book appear less naked; In addition, the Yo link features a user who can paste and send a link saved on the Clipboard as long as the user name is used. New Yo adds some features, such as adding avatars and full names, that make your address book less naked; In addition, the "Yo" link is also available, and users can paste and send links to the Clipboard as long as they have a user name. The new Yo index feature also lets ...

Tesla, accused of trademark infringement in China, was indicted

According to Bloomberg reports, Tesla Motors was sued for trademark infringement in China, while Chinese traders accounted for the registration of Tesla trademark before the U.S. electric car giant entered the Chinese market. Bloomberg quoted his petition filed in Beijing on July 3 saying that Zhan Bao Sheng asked Tesla to close its motor showrooms, service centers and pressurization facilities in China; stop all sales and marketing activities in China; and pay him 23.9 million yuan of compensation. "Daily Economic News" reporter found in the China Trademark Web site found that the applicant accounted for a total of 7 Po Po registration number, trademark names include TESLA MOT ...

Bb_mug 1.7.0 Publishing Java class obfuscation

Bb_mug is a simple, fast, tiny Java class obfuscation. Replace the class, method, and field names with shorter names, where applicable. It can be used to remove all information that does not need to be executed. The Bb_mug 1.7.0 version adds the ability to rename packages to Bb_mug, and bb_mug outputs are redirected to a log file. Software Information:

Due to the name of the famous Loli game, a Japanese primary school was forced to rename

Play video (compile/star drizzle) the next April scheduled to open the school, the Japanese Shanxing County Dgs "Cherry Primary School" (さくらんぼ elementary schools), incredibly with a famous Japanese-style Loli game with the same name.  This has worried parents of many children and asked them to replace their school names as soon as possible. The name of the school was last December, and the citizens voted in public.  Because Dgs is famous for its cherry-rich and Japanese, many of the local Shinkansen station's name, Marathon convention's name, will use the cherry. The city government had been rigorously investigated before the name was opened, but it was negligent ...

"The Quintessence" of the capital was "cloned" by the court escort Correctional

China Enterprise News Network-Sugar Wine Channel (zhengmin) recently, by the Beijing Haidian District People's Court to (2011) The first word of the civil mediation 1975th, ruled that Beijing Shuang Qing and Wine Co., Ltd. unauthorized use of production of well-known goods and unique names, packaging, decoration counterfeit dispute cases. Luzhou National Liquor Co., Ltd. from 2004 onwards to produce and sell the trademark "Quintessence" and the Beijing Opera Facial makeup (from Zhao Lin "Chinese Opera Mask") is characterized by a series of liquor products. Beijing Shuang Qing and Wine Co., Ltd. production and sales of "Beijing-essence" and the Beijing opera Facial makeup features of the white wine ...

"To answer me!" SMS Games

The teenager pulled out his cell phone and read the text in front of the crowd. In the finger gap can be seen vaguely "Zhou" "Zhaojiahui" and so on several girls ' names, and the dialogue window of the language is mostly lovers sweet dialogue. You must think that this teenager is a winner in life, or a few boats on foot of the ungrateful Han? It's not necessarily. Maybe he's just playing this short message game called "To answer me!".   The game, made by Apptama, a Japanese developer, is now on the shelves in the Taiwan District App Store. Before that, Apptama ...

Remove the suffix name of all. En in Apache's manua L directory

Sometimes we need to look up the suffix name of the. En and remove all the suffix names from the Apache Manua L directory, and we can do the following: Go to the manual directory to execute the following code: Find./-regex. *\.en|awk-f. ' { printf "mv%s.%s.%s.%s%s.%s.%s\n", $1,$2,$3,$4,$1,$2,$3} ' |sh

Blizzard announces StarCraft 2 allows players to pay to change role names

17th news, Blizzard announced today, StarCraft II: Freedom Wing will allow players to change the role name, the cost of changing the name will be similar to the World of Warcraft, the specific price is not disclosed.  Blizzard will first enable the initials change option, which can be convenient for many players with the same name, they do not realize that their surname will be in the war network, forums, communities, ladders and other places will be widely used, so that unrecognized.  Blizzard said the name modification service is about to be launched in the near future. Warm tip: Players can log on through the mobile phone read more play news.

Tang only appeared Seoul smiling "painting" The upper body is busy self-portraits

Tang only appeared (1/15 Zhang) from yesterday's "Party Albert" cast list of the names of the actors, Tang to prove that their play has been deleted.  But Tang yesterday to Korea to attend the event, the scene saw a smile and fans play games! "Not the main actor" last September, the film company announced Tang as Mao Zedong's first love lover Tao Yi, and in the trailer of the Tang only also appeared, but in the film published yesterday, including detailed lineup, in the odd cast list, the other actress are retained, such as the previous exposure, played the Longyu of Guangxu Queen Fan Bingbing, Play the role of ...

Follow the "Jump" and play it again.

Absrtact: Tfboys,exo, teenage girls, these seemingly irrelevant names become familiar to me at least, their dance on the stage is always the next to the girls screaming. Dance (ios,android) founder Aaron introduced, from college to office workers, like Tfboys,exo, teenage days, these seemingly unrelated to my name became familiar with ... At the very least, their dances on the stage always scream at the girls around them. Dance (ios,android) founder Aaron introduced, ...

Does grep in Linux not show itself processes?

Does grep in Linux not show itself processes? #ps-aux | grep httpd | grep-v grep grep-v grep can suppress the process that you perform on the grep itself, the-v argument is not displaying the list of process names

Adidas launches World of Warcraft camp theme hockey jersey

The latest news of April 8, "World of Warcraft" once again proved its unparalleled influence.  The Reebok brand of world sportswear giant Adidas has launched a series of hockey jerseys with the theme of "Wow". The jerseys are divided into leagues and tribes, each priced at 100 dollars, and the player can choose the color and camp logo. If you spend 160 of dollars, you can also print numbers and names on your clothes. (Digging the shell net)

Now, private jets should be shared.

Absrtact: If the names Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are not so cool for you, Airpooler may give you a new sense of the cool of the service.   Yes, sharing the house, sharing the car God horse has been a weak explosion, now, private aircraft should also be shared. If the names of Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are not so cool to you, Airpooler may give you a sense of the coolness of such services. Yes, share the house, share the car god horse's already weak burst, now, private fly ...

Is your wallet ready to pay for the music?

Since the industry has proposed that music downloads will begin to charge, the topic of "music charges" has not stopped, to the end, but turned into a "wolf" story, but only wool. Recently, the music industry is surging, acquisitions or mergers and acquisitions of things happen repeatedly.   Does that mean the music fee is coming?   I think, first of all, we can look at the music industry in the current situation: 1, music service providers or music platform is indeed very much, but the market is chaotic, competitive. Now we can count the names are already super ...

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