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National Service Voice: Lich Wang Finale "The Death of Arthas"

Personal feeling, Arthas ' voice restored the original English feeling, but the old king did not have a Taiwanese version of the good. National Service dubbing more information please pay attention to play game network more. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

"Rocky Hero Biography" released new version of the video National Service Agency to determine

Korea Nexon Development and production of Action RPG "Rocky Hero Biography" August 10, the sixth chapter "Burning Colhein" of the revision, while exposing new video trailer. This update adds new stories and a variety of new content.  The national service is represented by the century day.  In the video, the main scene of the new story is deeply present, the player through the video can understand the sixth chapter "Burning Colhein" aspects of the content. This revision, also discloses "the Dragon Hometown", the Dragon Lives City Rochester. The city of Rochester, surrounded by strong walls, is magnificent ...

Improvement of the ease of use of sword-Spirit National Service System

Dear Ganoderma lucidum: In the upcoming June later in the National Service version, we will be based on the use of Http://"> domestic players in the game of the object interface, refining system , gem system, cultivation interface, teaming system and dynamic system to make some usability adjustment and optimization. For the size of Ganoderma lucidum, especially recently contacted the new Ganoderma lucidum, team practice, skills cultivation will become more relaxed. First, the article Interface improvement ...

Chivandi: Warcraft Catastrophe will not be worried about the National service open the Lich King

July 26, 2010, a well-known domestic media reporter visited the Chivandi headquarters. Put forward if the future of the National Service "wrath of the Lich King" on the line, the wisdom of Andy how to deal with the loss of players lost.  Chivandi related officials said they are not worried about the wrath of the Lich King, although some players will return to the national service, but the arrival of cataclysm will again attract them back to the Taiwan server.  State Service status Let people worry, netease how to face? NetEase version of "World of Warcraft" since the end of July 2009, has never had a version of the update, is still parked in the "Burning Expedition 3.1 ..."

National Service Warcraft Multiple first baked warrior shaman Death ride still vacant

Play more games Online (Lich Congus) today is the second day of the National Service opened, and only in the National service fully opened one day, many national service "first" players have been on the list, so far, the first title of the National Service players only left "orc first" "Dwarf First" "Warrior First" "Shaman First" "Death Knight First" Wait for five titles. In addition to the Death Knight, it is estimated that the other four first thrones will be removed from the stove later today. But then again, the ugly-faced, short race is a bit ... Less love. (No disrespect to orcs and dwarf players, cough, ...)

"Bubble Warrior" national Service experience Q version of the Wind Water gun play novel

, as Nexon's top studio Lodumani developed is a 3rd person shooter network game, "Bubble Hall" and "Run Kart" role this started the water gun war. "Bubble warrior" national Service test has been carried out two rounds of testing, cute Q version of the style and the water gun big battle for the players to bring a lot of surprises.  Small part of the lucky to experience in the seal test this game, the following for everyone to bring "bubble warriors" of the seal Test experience. Experience One: Map diversity, play a variety of "bubble warrior" national Service seal only opened the egg Haying two characters, two times ...

"Guild Wars 2" national Service PvP Zhou Chang competition burst out the suspected shady door

"Http://"> Guild Wars 2 "national Service PvP Zhou Chang game burst suspected shady door. The game, scheduled for June 5-6th, posted a ArenaNet official authorized anchor and CC's ban on state service. It is reported that the two people in the May 29 after the registration, the official cancellation of eligibility on June 4, and the official given the reason is that there is a problem of reporting information, but the specific problems of official officials did not give a specific reply. ...

National Service Warcraft This week three batches of maintenance WLK extended to 31st open?

More Play Warcraft Area August 23 News, the official last weekend released the announcement of World of Warcraft maintenance, this week, the National service will be divided into 3 batches for up to 26 hours of maintenance, the last batch of maintenance August 28 to end.  Click to see the big Picture: official website Forum Maintenance Notice from the announcement that this week August 24 routine maintenance has been canceled, maintenance will be replaced by a batch of maintenance.  And the last batch of maintenance August 27 start, the estimated time is 24 hours, so the fastest in the early August 28 to end. So after the completion of all maintenance, is not August 28 directly ...

Han Yong again setback "Sword of Excellence" national Service or will not renew

Multi-Play Network news According to reliable sources, "The Sword of Excellence" national Service contract, nine city or will be announced in the recent National Service "Sword of Excellence" stop, and began to prepare for the aftermath of the work.  This is nearly two years after the "Steam Fantasy", "Overlord of the mainland", "Luna", "Lunia War", "Isu Kee" after another in the mainland to stop the South Korean well-known online games. "The Sword of Excellence" is an online work developed by the "fairy tales" producer Jin Xuegui and was formally opened for testing on October 31, 2007. "Sword of Excellence" and other online games the biggest difference lies in its original MCC (multi-Role ...)

Blizzard Booth launches national service Lich King demo contains death knight

The annual ChinaJoy is officially held in Shanghai, and the ChinaJoy Blizzard Booth provides about 20 new top-level configurations of "alien computers" for players to play with the wrath of the Lich King in a report sent back today by reporters from the front.  And in front of the reporter in the communication with the blizzard staff learned that today's experience of the Lich King content is about to open the National Service Wlk content, which also contains the contents of the Death Knight, the current server is blizzard internal set up a server for players to play. (Edit Zhang Xing)

National Service 3.3.5 patch "The Lich King's fall" officially online

Announcement: National Service 3.3.5 Patch "Lich King's Fall" official online more information please pay attention to play the game net more. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

"Wrath of the Lich King" National Service Open 3.2.2 version of "The Call of the Northern Expedition"

August 19 News: Yesterday, players exposed the World of Warcraft website "Wrath of the Lich King" topic (Click to view the topic) for the follow-up content of the announcement. From the exposure of the picture Reader network topics are divided into 5 parts, respectively, "Northrend Overview, Underground City, Team Dungeon, PVP, Northern Expedition call."  And from the exposure we also basically confirm the opening of the National Service 3.2.2 version of the Chinese translation for the "Northern Expedition summons" (Taiwan Service translation: The Call of the Crusaders). Online exposure of the picture players speculated that the wlk of the National Service to open the service time and activities will be published on this topic completely online, the picture is the official website repository ...

Chuan Warcraft National Service 3.3.x version update will be postponed

Yesterday's news: Today, "Wu Osamu" Uncle brought us a new state service news: The National Service 3.3.x version will be postponed, but the player's long-awaited pay transfer is around the corner, the specific message will be seen in 7 working days. Wu Osamu Micro-blog Original: "The original 3.3.X and pay for the opening time due to the server hardware configuration issues will be delayed, the new opening hours will be confirmed after the hardware upgrade (expected 7 working days)", and the person also stressed, " Part of this pay transfer with the previous operator (9 ...).

US service official website today released a mode of adventure

US service official website today released the adventure mode: Naxxramas curse price preview and the introduction of the hero difficulty! Each area will need to unlock 700 gold coins or 6.99 US dollars, national dress version of the ticket price has not been released, please pay attention to the Sailor House to get the latest information on the national service adventure mode prices. We are brushing mucus pool, fill abhorrence, cleaning the necropolis, ready to let everyone have an unforgettable adventure. "Naxxramas curse" is about to open, and we know that everyone is eager to want to play! This article will announce the admission of Naxxramas ...

Catastrophe comes to Taiwan to play Warcraft month card to the mainland players open UnionPay pay

World of Warcraft new information film "Cataclysm" is coming soon, the content of the new material to attract a lot of Warcraft players attention. The wrath of the world's World of Warcraft Lich King has just been opened, 3.3. The 5 version of the line has been a mystery, let alone catastrophe.  Many national service players still can't help to cross the Sea to Taiwan service experience, but the network and point card is the biggest problem faced. At the end of August this year, the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the "Provisional measures for the management of online games" 20th of the second paragraph, to stop overseas online game trading, the domestic two major online games trading platform 5173 and Taobao overseas online games related products offline ...

World of Warcraft logo big changed, official website revision imminent

More Play Warcraft Area August 13 News, today's World of Warcraft National Service official website (>> Click to view the official website) of the Super home finally changed, the World of Warcraft logo left half of the blue frozen effect, it seems the official website of the revision is imminent, and the National Service Lich King's opening should not be far.  On this week, NetEase released the latest progress on the Lich King, and said that the client will be open next week after the download of the message, and then there are WLK client leaked version of the release, the player for the Lich King's expectation is certainly very warm. There are unknown insiders ...

Blue Ocean Association 5%buff The first to kill the National Service 25 people heroic difficulty Lich King

Latest News: 12 o ' clock, the Blue Sea Association (BLUESEA) successfully killed 25 people heroic difficulty Lich King!  Congratulations on their first kill for 25HLK! Drop screenshots: Invincible mounts are obtained by thieves: the Invincible mounts finally fly over the Dalaran: DPS Statistics: Treatment Statistics: Blue Ocean Society impact 25 Heroes of the Lich King process review (click to view details) in less than 24 hours in the first week to take the general LK FD, is to get the key to the difficult mode faster. Including the back of the second Zhou Di three weeks or even one months we are in FA ...

FF14 national dress new official website online

Following the "Final Fantasy 14" mysterious suspense station "2014 · Summer" after the release of today's national dress official website new revision on the line. In response, Shanda Games "Final Fantasy 14" operating team said: national service survey preparation work has been carried out in full swing at the same time, supporting operations and communications are also SE, will announce specific issues in the near future. From the previous "Final Fantasy 14" producer Yoshida Yoshida said the end of June will be delivered to the second test of the rhythm point of view, in July the opening of the second test should be a matter of course. From the new official version of the official website and "the ultimate ...

Free transfer new open partial server role creation shutdown

September 9 News: NetEase officially opened the National Service on 9th, "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King" transfer services free of charge. This transfer involves 19 servers, the player can be free to carry out directional transfer clothing.  and the official website also recently began to limit the new role of some servers to create, in order to reduce the number of people after the opening of the pressure. Official website: Honorable Players: Since the opening of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, the enthusiasm of the players has greatly encouraged us, and many servers are showing a flourishing scene. In order to give you a better gaming experience, to alleviate the queue situation of some servers, we are carefully ...

"Washi nu" first aeration National Service wallpaper show Siviglia floating snow

March 23 News, giant network agent of "Washi Wrath" for the first time exposed a group of national clothing Beautiful wallpaper, the common race series and snow series two wallpaper show, the wallpaper shows the six major ethnic characteristics and the Siviglia of the dream of snow. It is reported that Siviglia is a cold and snowy floating in the league camp, the magnificent mountains and plains contain various alliances scarce resources, and abundant reserves. At the foot of Siviglia, there is a small trade town called Morotov Card. This is the alliance's stronghold. Wallpaper by the art team around the world to carry out "folk songs" income, they write ...

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