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TomTom's navigator has always been known for its personality.

TomTom's navigator has been known for its personality, and the appearance of the product is also one aspect,   TOMTOMVIA100 portable PND using a 4.3-inch screen and easyport-integrated stent, so that the fuselage looks more compact, the use of TomTom self-developed navigation software, support user DIY map, Amazon is only sold 889 yuan, the intention of friends can point this purchase. Click here to purchase TomTom Via100 TomTomVia100 Portable PND fuselage ...

China Shipping Day origin and history

The "sailing day" is a national day of statutory activity led by the government and participated by the whole people. It is not only a common holiday for all relevant industries including sailing, marine, fishery, shipbuilding industry, scientific research and education of sailing ships, and its naval officers and men as well as publicity Popularize sailing and marine knowledge, enhance awareness of coastal defense and promote social harmony and unity among all the ethnic cultural activities. July 11, 2005 is the 600th anniversary of Zheng He, the world famous great navigator Zheng He. The state decided to set July 11 each year as a "sailing day" and July 11 as the birthday of China's "sailing day." China is the world's sailing civilization hair ...

"World Maritime Day" Shanghai activity Day in the Huangpu River water and Waitan Financial Plaza held

Recently, 2011 "China Sailing Day", "World Maritime Day" Shanghai activity Day in the Huangpu River water and Waitan Financial Plaza held. The event is sponsored by the City Construction and Transportation committee, the city Traffic Port Bureau, the Shanghai Maritime Affairs Bureau, the city Navigation Society undertakes, aims to carry forward the nautical spirit, promotes the marine economy strategic Consciousness, expands the Shanghai International Shipping Center construction influence. Yun Hong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal government, opened his speech and sounded the bronze bell from the parade. Then the ship sounded the whistle of jubilation. According to the introduction, July 11, 2005, is China's great navigator Zheng He 600 anniversary of the Western voyage. The same year ...

Do we still have to open MEMS?

Electronic enthusiasts Network "compiler/triquinne": MEMS devices everywhere. They have almost penetrated every aspect of our lives, changing our interaction with the digital environment forever. Unconsciously, we take them for granted. But what happens if this tiny, powerful, quiet, almost invisible main force suddenly disappears?   I wonder if we have noticed it? Sometimes they wake up in the noisy voices of their children. If they don't have a MEMS gyroscope in their video game controllers, then the kids don't ...

JavaScript Set background transparency effect code

JavaScript Tutorial Set Background transparency effect code <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// "> <html xmlns=" http ...

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