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Nebula: Let cloud computing go into every business

"Guide" cloud or not cloud? Cloud computing also holds different perspectives on enterprise applications. And on the far side of the ocean, cloud infrastructure provider Nebula recently conceived the hope that every company in the world would be able to implement and use cloud computing as easily as power devices. (China Software Network) cloud or not cloud? Cloud computing also holds different perspectives on enterprise applications. And on the far side of the ocean, cloud infrastructure provider Nebula recently conceived the hope that every company in the world would be able to implement and use cloud computing as easily as power devices. Nebula ...

Dawning Nebula "Application" leading China cloud computing market

In China, the first thought of the high-performance computer industry was the dawning company.   From Dawn 1th to the Dawning Nebula, Shuguang has maintained a leading edge in the development and application of high-performance computers and has gained wide recognition in the market. In the 35 session of China supercomputer TOP500 list, Shuguang company not only let the industry for one earthquake, let the world as one of the earthquake, the Shuguang Nebula with its peak theoretical computing power 2.98PFLOP/S ranked second in the world, second only to "Jaguar (Jaguar)", which is ...

nebula+facebook= Cheap private cloud?

Nebula, a former CTO of NASA, Chris C. Kemp, created a cloud-computing venture with a dream team, claiming that it had developed a device that could configure private cloud computing infrastructure in minutes. What prompted Nebula to configure the private cloud infrastructure so quickly? The answer is OpenStack. Orenstack is the Open-source cloud computing platform that the founder and CEO of Nebula Company, Chris Kemp, helped develop during NASA. Nebula is currently working with Faceb ...

Venus, the net nebula to protect the cloud computing system security

Cloud computing, from concept to practice according to statistics, the current more classic definition of cloud computing more than 50 kinds. Different experts and enterprises define the concept of cloud computing from their own perspective.   The United States Institute of National Standards and Technology (NIST) is the definition of a more consistent and authoritative one. NIST's definition of cloud computing: cloud Computing is a model that makes it easy to access a common set of configurable computing resources (such as networks, servers, storage devices, applications, and services) on demand. These resources can be quickly delivered and released, while minimizing ...

Hebi City Cloud Computing Center officially opened, the Dawn Nebula will usher in a greater opportunity

(Xinhua Henan Electric Reporter Hao) as a small and medium-sized city with a population of less than 2 million, Hebi how to make her cloud computing data center as a sample of Henan province, even the whole central region? Through this data center, what kind of city layout does Hebi have?     What is the context of the goal of building a national intelligent City model city? Innovative Samples January 20, Hebi City Cloud Computing Center was officially opened. Xinhua learned that the Hebi City Cloud Computing Center is ...

Inventory of the National cloud computing base has now sprung up

How much does the cloud computing base Center in our country say? In this paper, the cloud computing Base Center is added up to a total of 6842192 square meters, about 10,000 acres. If all of the statistics, the area can be imagined. Since 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission has identified the cloud computing as a key developing project, while approving Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuxi as the first batch of cloud computing five demonstration cities in China, just two years, all over the built, under construction or will build the cloud computing base center springing up. Here is a look around the cloud computing Base Center hair ...

NET Nebula Release 320G cloud Data Center Security Gateway Products

As the core of future next generation information technology and IT application mode, cloud Computing data Center has become the hotspot of information technology industry development and application innovation. At the same time, as China's "Twelve-Five" Planning information security strategic emerging industries development focus areas, information security has become the forefront of the development of cloud computing industry. As the national information Security leader, Beijing Net Nebula Information Technology Co., Ltd. in the first release of the 320G Cloud Data Center Security Gateway products, and with a more high-performance, more reliable security solutions set off a cloud computing data center information construction and tradition.

Cloud Security support for cloud computing center in Shandong Province

The " comprehensive report", a cloud that has been so clouded over a year ago, has flooded into China. At the end of last year, 5 cities in China were identified as the first pilot work on cloud computing services, which was seen as a signal of landing from the cloud. 2011, is the industry's expected "landing" key year, even in the national "Twelve-Five" economic development, cloud computing will become a new driving engine. In Jinan, cloud computing has been quietly landing from the "cloud", rooting germination, the current cloud platform has been aggregated more than 150 servers and nearly 500T of storage, can ...

Comments on cloud computing planning in China 2015 industry scale 1 trillion

Core tip: According to statistics, by 2015, China's cloud computing industry chain scale will reach 750 billion to 1 trillion yuan, in the strategic emerging industries accounted for more than 15% of the share. China IDC Circle June 15 Report: IDC Circle Reporter recently learned that the national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Science and technology ministry and other ministries to participate in the "speed up the development of High-tech services Guidance" has entered the drafting stage, in which the cloud computing industry will be as the leading role in the future High-tech services. BEIJING, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuxi and other five "King James" pilot demonstration City naturally unwilling to live after the people ...

GPU Technology Conference: Heterogeneous technology to build cloud computing platform

The conference, hosted by NVIDIA (NVIDIA) in 2011, was opened by the Asian station of the GPU Technology Conference (GTC Asia), which focused on the hot "GPU computing", and this meeting invited top scientists in the field of High-performance computing to share the latest scientific research and commercial applications in GPU computing, In particular, GPU computing landing China's latest achievements. The following day, December 15, the reporter participated in a report by product director Dayrong on the theme "Building a cloud computing platform using heterogeneous technologies". In this report, Dayrong focus on four points, the first ...

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