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Cloud Network: Ethernet in action

With the rise of the cloud services market, more and more enterprise users are moving from the traditional IT environment to the mixed environment containing the cloud. However, a large number of cloud service providers also bring new problems to the connectivity of cloud networks. How to build an open cloud environment has become a major issue at the Netevents Asia-Pacific summit recently. Why do we need an open cloud environment the use of cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region is accelerating, according to a survey by IDC. "In 2013, only 39% of Asia-Pacific institutions did not use cloud services, and by 2014, that percentage would fall to 2%," he said.

The question before the show: is the mobile communications Empire heading towards dusk?

First, the question before the Palestinian exhibition: is the Mobile communications Empire heading towards dusk? Before going to Barcelona to participate in the 2015 World Mobile Communications Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Bar show), the heart has always had a doubt, that is the mobile communication really towards dusk? One is the growing sadness of global operators, the stagnant growth of international mainstream operators and the rapid growth of Chinese operators. Vodafone reported that, starting in the 1 quarter of 2014 (the last quarter of 12/13 's earnings), total operating income continued to decline until the last quarter of 2014, the same ...

Consolidated Network as service and WAN services

Cloud-computing explosions have also brought about the explosion of the term "service", which makes it hard to distinguish between "services". The network as a service seems to be considered superfluous (if it is not a service, what the service provider is selling?) and it is undefined, but we cannot ignore it because it represents the future of the network. The network as a service concept originates from cloud computing and specific support for virtual networks in OpenStack, and the quantum interface describes how to create a network connectivity service to support the connection between cloud computing and storage services. Network is the relationship between service and physical network ...

Huawei's fully connected network helps manufacturing industry cross information rift

September 16, 2014-17th, Huawei Cloud Computing Conference (HCC 2014) was held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. During the two-day meeting, Huawei has conveyed to the world a deep reflection on the development of the information industry, a solution to the change in information technology, and a common approach to it practice and change from the global IT elite. 16th, "Intelligent industrial interconnection, innovation and agile Manufacturing" Industry theme forum, more than 200 global manufacturing customers, industry elites, partners gathered together to explore the industrial Internet era of the agile Road, witness the full link to the manufacturing innovation brought about by the huge ...

No printing good products facing the Internet development tide, began to set up network shops

2000, no printing good products facing the Internet development tide, began to set up a network of shops. Today, no printing products online registered members more than 4.3 million, the sale of goods in more than 7,000, daily access to more than 110,000 consumers. But no printing products on the line of the original intention is not the pursuit of sales, but more care about services. The traditional retailing industry attaches importance to the instant of the deal and sees the volume as everything. But for the Muji, this is already the idea of the 20th century. From the consumer to the formation of the brand impression of Muji, to the interests of commodities, and then in-depth understanding of goods, to achieve real purchase, the most ...

Huawei invests heavily in 5G industry, the future of the digital world to enable people?

March 4 News, in 2015 MWC, Huawei's rotating CEO Mr Kun for the first time to receive a domestic media interview, elaborated on the road to the whole world of 5G.   Mr Kun that 5G and 3G, 4G compared to the revolutionary technological innovation, 5G better solve the problem of the connection between objects and objects. 5G: What is the enabling person for the future digital world? That is, the use of their own expertise and skills to mobilize the service object's own ability and resources, to play the potential of service objects, to promote the service object to change the social workers effectively. Huawei...

Understanding the future of the Internet from the confrontation between Anderson, Zhou, Wang and Tang

November 15, 2014, the theme of "dialogue 21st century: Looking back and Shang", sponsored by Citic College, was held at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel. Various industry masters gathered this forum, "21st Century Capital" author Thomas Pichetti, "Wired" magazine editor-in-chief, "Long Tail theory" and "free" author Anderson and other masters are also on the scene. Among them, "Internet forum" with how the world will connect? For the theme, pay CEO and co-founder in Yeepay, internet finance thousand people will turn ...

No black box with big data: the safety Revolution in the aviation industry

In the 2014, known as the "air crash Year", the MH370, MH17 was shot down, Taiwan Fuxing Airlines GE222 forced a crash, the Algerian aviation AH5017 crashed, aviation security once again become the global focus.   An industrial upgrading campaign based on the internet and large data was the first in the industry's upstream manufacturing companies. September 26, Honeywell (Honeywell) 's senior research and development engineer Wang Rui obtained private flying driving license ppl (Pilot licen ...

FortiOS 5.2 WIFI Issue: Social WiFi Captive Portal with FortiAuthenticator (Form-based)

This article depicits how to provide access control with WiFi authentication using a forms-based portal.

Profiling Cloud Computing Datacenter Architecture

For cloud computing, focus should be on improving the data processing capabilities of cloud computing data centers from such infrastructure areas as high-end servers, high-density low-cost servers, mass storage devices, and high-performance computing devices. Cloud computing requires good resiliency, scalability, automation, data mobility, multi-tenant, space efficiency, and support for virtualization. So what should be the architecture of the data center infrastructure in the cloud computing environment? 1, Cloud computing data center overall architecture cloud computing architecture is divided into service and management of two parts. In terms of services, mainly to provide users with a variety of cloud based ...

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