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Interface design for business Web applications

Business Web application interface Design business Web application design is often overlooked. I see a lot of programs that do not meet the business goals or the needs of users, they have a poor user experience, and caused a loss of commercial profits. More exaggerated, some designers are not involved in the whole process of the development process, but the entire responsibility to the developers. For engineers who are good at front-end and back-office technology, they lack the design capability to accomplish this difficult task. Dissatisfied consumers, frustrated users, and failed projects are natural and ...

The best interface is no interface

This article was translated by Jiangnan University Graduate School of Design has Lixia, the original author: Golden Krishna, URL: http: // "Atmadm. "Our job is like a nightmare about alphabet games. "Chkntfs." "Dir." (Source: in 1 ...

Definition and performance of network card aggregation

Hyper-V is the new concept of a recently virtualized network, with news that many of its most recent features affect network design. In previous articles, we briefly described some improvements in network virtualization and some improvements in virtual machine networks. This article introduces another network improvement: Network card Aggregation (NIC teaming), and a brief introduction to some of the new Hyper-V options for data center design. Network card aggregation is also called load balance failover (load balancing Fail over ...)

Online business Card website of the simple way

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall [core hint] through the design embodiment function, the user does not need the extra study to be able to understand the product characteristic,   This is the best product. Just finished the Rice Noodle Festival soon, Lei not talk about the hardware began to talk about MIUI experience, old Luo's hammer ROM is to this let the people seem to be crowded with the science and technology curtilage the circle of many ...

Blue Harbor Wang Feng: Our hand swims the design user experience really good?

Since last year, the Port of Blue Harbor has been transformed into the mobile gaming market, and we have actually done it more than a year ago. Because we are constantly in the company to mention the importance of the game prototype design, so our games, such as the introduction of the Blue Harbor three swords (King Sword, the Sword of the sky and the Blade of God), in the relatively early grasp of the game battle prototype, and quickly launched the work. We have a great deal of effort in fighting, 3D action and image quality. But today I feel a great deal of trepidation about the customer experience in our game research and development operations. In fact, a lot of excellent domestic PC tour ...

Web Design analysis: Interactive design Those things (i)

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This is an internal sharing, the new department of students want me to talk about my past engaged in the interactive design, as a face entry-level level of PPT, and you have a simple chat. On Weibo, also urged to make a simple summary of the experience of interactive design.   A similar article, which seems to have been written three years ago ...     What is interactive design to talk about what is interactive design, first to understand these concepts. ...

10 design principles for mobile applications

"Editor's note" The original author Jonathan Stark is a mobile device consultant, trainer, this article is compiled by @c7210. The article summarizes the 10 principles of mobile application interface design, including design concept and specification, use of scene environment, navigation, user input, operation gesture, screen orientation, start loading and so on. It is hoped that the normative thinking can help the designers who are not very familiar with the field to establish a practical design frame of thinking. Mobile devices and traditional desktop devices are both "computing devices", but ...

God's new experience with an updated interface features a richer

Tencent Digital Message (solo) with the smart phone's increasingly powerful configuration, mobile network environment, coupled with the emergence of Third-party software, mobile phones have become an essential tool for people's daily life. Now mobile phone photography has become a mainstream, after taking photos to share a variety of social platforms, or to friends, are very convenient. The rich filter settings in mobile phone camera software, and the simple and fast post-processing, have allowed mobile phone photos to take the place of a card camera. Today we are going to bring you a mobile phone software God clap the latest version experience, which is launched by Wanxing software, not only ...

The success of Web applications prototype design and user testing in early product

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall recently some difficult to suppress the brain itch itch, reading and the desire of the code word is also increasing, but by the time energy and so on absolute objective factor limit, have to maintain a week a translation frequency, feel how many have so little frustration and helpless. About this article, actually hesitated for a long time in the title. This is the 15th chapter of the new book a Practical Guide to web app success; The theme should obviously be in the Web application, but this chapter alone ...

The road to success of Web applications-early prototype design and user testing

Recently some difficult to suppress the brain itch itch, reading and the desire of the code word is increasing, but by the time and energy and other absolute objective factors, have to maintain the frequency of a translation of a week, feel how much more frustrated and helpless. About this article, actually hesitated for a long time in the title. This is the 15th chapter of the new book a Practical Guide to web app success; The theme should obviously be in the Web application, but this chapter is a separate look, but it works for a variety of common types of web products. Whatever, not spears ...

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