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Facebook says social networking shouldn't be too much

Facebook, the social-networking giant, is arguably one of the most influential companies in the world about the impact of social networking on all aspects of people's lives, according to media reports.   And Facebook's coverage of the story gives us a good deal of admiration for the honesty and courage it has. A few years ago, Facebook wrote on its official website: "Birthday cakes are an important component of friends ' gatherings, cakes give people a chance to celebrate with a friend, but too many birthday cakes are likely to be as much to be imagined as they are."

250 million-dollar social networking investment fund launched by Sfund

According to foreign media reports, TDF (Kleiner) last week launched a 250 million-dollar social networking investment fund Sfund, attracted the attention of all parties, but this is only the venture capital company ambitious tip of the iceberg. Fortune Magazine learned that the ROC is raising 1.4 billion U.S. dollars to set up two new funds, one of which will be responsible for providing most of the money for Sfund. The following details are provided by the partners of the Fund: the company's 14th "ordinary" fund aims to raise 650 million dollars. About half will proceed to I.

Social networking, remember "five Don't"

Social networking looks pretty simple--you just have to be friends with someone on LinkedIn and you can send a message to ask them for help, right? In fact, LinkedIn is not just Facebook's Professional edition, it can also use specific skills, To improve your popularity and your chances of finding a dream job. Krista-Canfield, LinkedIn's senior PR manager, shares some of the things that should be avoided when using social networks: 1. Don't socialize online only when you need it. "Give me" mentality will certainly and professional people ...

Why do we frequently log on to social networking sites?

Why do so many people log on to social networking sites like Facebook? Do you think you're really getting in touch with old friends again? Please don't deceive yourself!   In fact, your most important motivation is to entertain yourself, at least one study has shown that this is the case. The results of this academic study were published in the Journal of Radio & Electronic media (Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media). According to this study, you're on Facebook ...

Personalized Shopping magazine based on social networking: Pickie

Online shopping is becoming an increasingly popular mode of consumption, but in addition to browsing the site, you can only rely on the mouth of friends and relatives to obtain merchandise information. A start-up company called Pickie is trying to solve the problem with social networks. Pickie is a personalized shopping magazine based on social networking. Unlike traditional print magazines, the vast majority of Pickie's shopping leads are dynamically generated automatically based on the user's social network, which is now primarily Facebook. For example, if a user's Facebook friend is talking about Chanel 5th, Pic ...

Twitter automatically intercepts language abuse and threat content, creating a good social networking environment for users

In Twitter's timeline, some of the recommended content is often present. However, due to the imperfect algorithm, some users may see some language violence, threats and other undesirable content, the user experience of the damage is very serious. This should be 0 tolerated on any social networking platform. According to ArsTechnica, Twitter's new filter is actually just a switch that users can manually open, and Twitter will automatically intercept the language abuse and threat content that may appear in the timeline, which will also be applied to tweets.

More than half of American adults visit social networking Facebook

: Beijing time March 26, according to foreign media reports, market research company Edison study and Abbey in a report scheduled for April 5, said more than half of American adults visit social networking Facebook. Beijing Time March 26 news, according to foreign media reports, market research company Edison study and Abbey in a report scheduled for April 5, said more than half of American adults visit social networking Facebook. According to the report, among Americans aged 12 and above, ...

Instagram is moving towards social networking.

Vsco Cam is filling in the gap as Instagram gradually moves towards social networking, and as the photographic community fades away. The VSCO team, founded in March 2011, today received a round of $40 million funding from the Accel. This money will be mainly used to create high-quality photography enthusiasts and designers community, improve and expand the software and services to facilitate users to share high-quality pictures. Yahoo's Flickr current flagship photo sharing community, but its perennial unbearable user experience has been ...

US 11 lawmakers ask FTC to investigate whether Buzz social networking products violate user privacy

Absrtact: Beijing time March 30 news, according to foreign media reports, the United States 11 members of Congress asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Google's launch of the Buzz social networking products are violations of user privacy investigation. The 11 delegates from the House Energy and Commerce Committee include 6 Democrats and 5 Republican lawmakers. In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, they noted that Google's Buzz products leaked the privacy information of Google's Gmail users. They also said: "Because many people's online privacy information is directly or indirectly affected by buzz ...

Global Career social networking site opens to Chinese users LinkedIn3 month

Absrtact: Global career social networking site LinkedIn published its official Chinese name in February this year and opened it up to Chinese users in March, and May 25, LinkedIn president Riedhofman to visit Shanghai. In an interview with the It times, Shenboyang, the president of LinkedIn China, said the Global career social networking site, LinkedIn, published its official Chinese name "Collar UK" in February this year and opened it to Chinese users in March, and May 25, LinkedIn President Ride Hoffman visited Shanghai. LinkedIn China Total ...

Vulgar words will make a part of the use of social networking sites

According to a recent survey, 34% of Americans are abandoning the use of social networks, the main reason being that the language on social networks is too vulgar to be accepted by some. Weber Shandwick and KRC Research jointly conducted a joint survey this year in April to explore the impact of civilization on the use of social networking sites, traditional media and buying behavior. According to a survey released by both sides, about 34% of the American public have stopped using social networking sites. In this part of the population, most people will ...

Gfeedline 1.6 Release social networking clients

Gfeedline is a social networking client that supports Twitter. Gfeedline 1.6 This version adds a new "Bubble" theme and updates some features. Installation instructions: 1. Install Gschema file first; sudo cp./share/ Com.googlecode.g ...

Networking as a service:a cloud-based receptacle architecture

Networking as a service:a cloud-based receptacle architecture Tao Feng, June Bi, Hongyu Hu and Hui Cao in this monitors, we propose a Novel idea of networking as a service by combining the ...

Orchid Pavilion has completed a takeover of the American social-networking website Ador Company

NYSE:LITB announced today that it has completed a takeover of Ador, the US social-networking firm, Ador headquartered in Seattle.   The asset acquisition was done in cash and the transaction amount was not disclosed. Upon completion of the acquisition, Ador's management team and staff will join the Orchid Pavilion and set up the first office in the United States. For the Orchid Pavilion, the United States is an important market for rapid development. Mark Stabingas, chief executive of Ador Company, will be the president of the Orchid Pavilion, qui ...

Focussns v1.1.0 released open source theme social networking software

Focussns is an open source theme of social networking software (SNS), can be used to build a variety of theme communities, corporate communities, collaboration platform. and adopt AGPL3 Authorization agreement. Focussns previous project name is Enterpriseconnect. Focussns is a themed social receptacle software (SNS). It can build kinds of themed communities, E ...

Statistics say 1.5 billion spring blessings are sent through social networking sites

Absrtact: According to the statistics of Renren, as at 12 o'clock Noon 21st (The beginning of the Lunar New Year), there have been 835万来 from all over the world to send out 1.56 billion Chinese blessings through the social networking site of Renren, and give each other gifts of 1600多万份 virtual greetings according to Renren's statistics, As at 12 o'clock Noon 21st (The beginning of the Lunar New Year, eight), there are already 835万来 from all over the world netizens this social networking site sent 1.56 billion ...

Miao networking involved in seedling industry restructuring

Recently, Guo Zhaohui, senior vice president of Oriental Garden (SZ002310) and CEO of Miao Network (, visited Dunhua City, Jilin Province and discussed with Miao Fung, secretary of Dunhua Municipal Party Committee and Tang Wenzhong, mayor Network landing Dunhua, Dunhua promote the development of the forestry market cooperation strategy. Guo Zhaohui also in-depth forest farm line, came to the fields and Miaonong and forest farm workers to make friends. "I was deeply touched by the leaders of Dunhua City." Guo Zhaohui said, "Forests are not cut down, forests are preserved, and cities have oxygen generators, people's ...

127 countries have been ruled by Facebook

As the last remaining 5 top social networks in the world, these 5 social networks are at least dominant in one country.   They were Facebook, QQ space, V Kontakte, Odnoklassniki and Cloob. According to the news, the latest edition of the Global social networking map, published by Social media observer Vincenzo Cossenza Vincenzo Cosenza, is the last of the top 5 social networking sites in the world. And in the site ranking site ...

IoT System Design-Intelligent transportation

Object Networking System Design-intelligent transportation--background overview--The Internet of things in intelligent transportation--the application case of Internet of things in intelligent transportation--the design of real-case design--Intelligent transportation

Specific media has announced the cutting of less than 8% of its employees

Absrtact: September 30 News, according to foreign media reports, science and technology blog TechCrunch author Linao (her Rao) wrote in Thursday, social networking site MySpace owner Specific Media has announced the cutting of less than 8% of the company's employees, The staff was mainly from the sales and Operations department September 30 news, according to foreign media reports, science and technology blog TechCrunch author Lina Ol (her Rao) wrote in Thursday, social networking site MySpace owner speci ...

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