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Online education website coursera:280 million students ' free University

Is it a pioneer experiment or a profound educational change? The educational tsunami that Coursera led has surged. Guiyun this spring Festival, in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Microsoft Research Asia Vice Dean Zhang Yi side while waiting for luggage while using mobile phone to watch "The United States Contemporary Poetry" course, this lecture on William Carlos Williams, he is one of the 20th century most famous poets in the United States. The video is full of bearded Professor Al Filreis of the University of Pennsylvania and several students sitting around a wooden round table, FILR ...

The development of entrepreneurship education in American colleges and universities

This article through the United States Kauffman Foundation summed up the "Kauffman Campus" project 10 years of experience in the report and the report published by the relevant institutions, the United States to carry out entrepreneurial education in the situation to do some introduction, the author Qiang Zhao The United States Mosel University computer Department associate professor. Entrepreneurship education has become one of the fastest-growing subjects in American undergraduate education: Formal entrepreneurship education (major, minor, or certificate) increased from 104 in 1975 to more than 500 in 2007; The number of courses increased from 250 in 1985 to more than 500 in 2008 ...

Could you tell me about the city where the company's new 190 classrooms are located?

A good Future (NYSE:XRS) today released its unaudited fiscal year 2014 and its full-year earnings for the year ended February 28, 2014.   Net revenue grew 45.9% to $87 million year-on-year, operating profits grew 154.2% to 14.4 million dollars year-on-year, and net profits grew 125.1% to 19.3 million dollars year-on-year, based on non-US general accounting standards. After the earnings release, Joseph Kaufman, the CFO, attended the conference call, read the results and answered the analyst ...

New York smiled.

Life, other people have nothing to do with us, but just a coincidence, but in the end still need a few zhixinren, is a spiritual pillar is also a kind of happiness.    Prove that we exist, that we have love. Every day I send my daughter Xiao Ling to kindergarten, in addition to rainy days, will see that woman washing vegetables or cooking. She stood in a small open-air kitchen not far from the front of the shop, with a red saucepan on the rusty iron Stand, and five or six bottles of seasoning beside the iron stand. Oily electromagnetic stove, it seems that has been used for a long time, the wire is not long enough to lead out from the shop ...

Glory and dreams-startups that change the world

"To live is to change the world." And Jobs did change the world, played an irreplaceable role in the Internet era, and this is also how many entrepreneurs dream, in the seemingly flourishing of the internet industry, startups a dime a few, truly innovative but only a handful, And the companies that really change the world are just as rare. The following is Business Insider for six years, the world's different industries have had a subversive impact of the inventory, they changed the education, medical, printing, music, financing and other industries, when ...

Jia Juhan: The Grammy Awards are enjoyed with great admiration gong

Jia Juhan at the Grammy Awards ceremony was an event in the American music industry, but the Chinese were also reaping the rewards of this Grammy. At this year's 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, the American Chinese musician Tian Zhiren's album "Call Dawn", eventually won the "Best Classical Cross-border album" and "The best orchestration Accompaniment" Two awards, the album Singing Chinese girl Jia Juhan as the only Chinese artist to join this Grammy.  This rare honor also for Chinese music in the world mainstream music stage, opened a new page. Yesterday, this reporter dialed a big ...

11 Super Bull B startups that changed the world

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology Hall Steve Jobs has a famous saying "to live is to change the world," which is also the dream of many entrepreneurs, but seemingly a thriving internet industry, start-up companies, the real innovation is only a handful, the following is business Insider for six years, the world's different industries have had a subversive impact of the entrepreneurial public ...

Cheap: How new technology changes the oldest industry

The latest issue of the British Economist print Edition is entitled "Inexpensive: How new technology changes the oldest industry" (more bang for your buck:how new Marvell is shaking up the oldest) Cover article, the internet to the sex industry brought about by a detailed analysis of the various changes. The following is the full text of the article: The rise of internet pornography for the Johns in Berlin, a new application called PEPPR brought their lives ...

10 Big Chinese beauty entrepreneur's entrepreneurial story

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Cloud host Technology Hall diagram: Beautiful index: ★★★★★ keywords: from TVB star to listed company chairman Zhang Yushan ancestral home Guangdong Chaozhou. 15 years old, in the United States to study in Hong Kong on vacation was discovered by the star exploration of the mouth gum advertising, and then as a singer and turn film and television drama, Into the entertainment circle. In the entertainment circle in 10 although also made good achievements, but she resolutely withdrew from the entertainment circle. At the age of 25, he started doing business and founded Slim Hall Holding Co., Ltd., 2003 in Hong Kong.

6 strategies for effectively attracting and maintaining fans (17 cases)

The author of this article @ Taiwan cattle, both on the previous [view]2012 social Media marketing success Law for our Socialbeta brought a good article, this article summed up 6 kinds of attract users and fans to maintain the relationship of the strategy, reasonable. Especially for us to bring some cases of Taiwan, very enlightening, I believe that read must have a harvest. Through socialized marketing, enterprises can inject vivid character and vitality into their brand. In particular, even without the staggering cost of TV commercials to do firepower support, companies can still use official blogs or officials at ordinary times ...

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