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The rumor is that alloy 5 will be Hideo's next work.

Hideo, a legendary game designer, said that "alloy 5" would be his next work. He said, however, that his choice had not been finalized. But he said: "The next project will be great." When asked if his new work was "alloy 5," he replied: "Not" alloy 5 "is another new piece, I only have these two choices. "Hideo has previously said that" Alloy 2 "will be his last" alloy equipment "works, he played in the game of the 3 and 4 generations before the introduction of similar remarks, so his words are not enough for the letter. ...

No bugs?

Here to steal Han Shao (presumably) famous, each submit code to the development of the Test team, waiting for the test until the code on the line of the day, like a girl waiting for her aunt, the bug does not come, uneasy, in the heart clearly know what pits they buried, almighty pray test sister don't hand owe touch those thunder. The bug came, the heart also settled, because know that there is no other way to go, open branch, fix bugs, submit code, ancient, and then wait for the next project and the next pile of bugs. Such a day do not know how many years, enough to the young ape monkey boil into a beard and flowers ...

East China Sea Plaza price doubling pan shiyi Shanghai Fried Room 3 months earn 2 billion

East China Sea Plaza price doubling pan shiyi Shanghai Fried Room 3 months to earn 2 billion by "East real Estate" Dongdanxia Pan Shiyi, this little Gansu Tianshui people, always in the market to create surprise.  For now, he is Hawking the Soho East Plaza, which is less than 3 months old.  This stands in the Nanjing West flourishing place the former Shanghai biggest uncompleted building, now is the average price of 60,000 yuan per square meter to sell, and this one prices compared to pan Shiyi three months ago average cost per square meter of 34,000 yuan of bid, a full rise nearly one times. Pan Shiyi in Shanghai frequently, while in the sale of buildings, the other side again in the waiting ...

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