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Sword Net 3 Blue Cloud PVP Skill equip with introduction to share

Sword Nets 3 Cang Yun career is the latest a new career, I believe that a lot of sword net 3 Blue Cloud players will encounter a lot of problems, after the big update of the Cang Yun people complain about no door characteristics, someone applauded. But have to admit that this is the cloud update is indeed the cloud enhanced a lot, in the PVP has its own positioning. Say a joke, some people say Cang Yun, fight like Tibetan sword, reduce injury like the sky policy, chase like gang, actually also have certain meaning. First of all, not too familiar with the dark cloud of the same gate first of all the more common pale cloud routines, master not to spray, hands blood anger, shield fierce, defend the ground, shield, shield strike, ...

Xing-the potential therapeutic instrument for treating all diseases? With no returns, no doors.

Ms. Wang in the demonstration Xing the use of the potential therapeutic instrument is claimed to use 9000 volts of the voltage to the human body to purify the blood, pregnant women and infants can do electrotherapy, can treat a number of diseases ... Rui's Source Science Health Museum to Japan hing the potential therapeutic instrument propaganda is very gadget. However, a few days ago, Jinan residents reported to the newspaper, family relatives spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy this instrument, with no effect, want to return and eat the cold shoulder. 42,000 yuan for the public to buy 2 Taiwan hing "My mother is particularly obsessed with this instrument, has bought two, the death of my father more than 10 years of pensions are almost spent." "March 1, ...

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