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After the interview did not set things down on the scene do not report too much hope

In the job site also voted to have the only product will be posts, but did not get a response ~ Later, a classmate's colleagues said to know the VIP will hr, can help me to push about; resume in the past recommended me face interactive designer posts. I read most of their recruitment requirements I meet, only one is "lead product planning to complete product design" does not meet, so with the hr affirmed that I have no management experience this limit is not limited, she said there is no limit to this is the work of contact Not a manager, so about the next day about half past ten interviews. The only product will be a bit far away from where Fangcun lived, starting at nine o'clock ...

"Big sailing times Ol" will be opened in Europe and the United States and South Korea CJ operation

"Great nautical times ol" (Uncharted Waters Online), the game distributor CJ Internet, announced the official first-time online Web site closure of the official opening.  "Big sailing times ol" This time the test to the players to implement an open policy, that is, as long as the player to the official page registered account can be added to the game, no limit on the staff. The game story background of the great sailing age ol is set in a fictional romantic medieval era of nautical exploration in Europe. In this era, England, Finland, France, Spain ...

Sony Street Delivery Christmas gifts 12 PS3 and PSP free to take

(compilation/star drizzle) according to overseas media, Sony in Ireland recently hosted a very Special Christmas gift delivery event at the dawn of Christmas. There is no limit to what you need to do, you have to find a Christmas gift box hidden in the street and you can take it home with the gift box. The event is hosted by Sony in Ireland, and the gift is also very luxurious, gift box not only PS3, psp,playstation move and other host and accessories, as well as ps3/psp the latest game soft ...

Small s red Dress endorsement Big Show two head muscle big pendulum pose wacky No Limit

The small S Big Show muscle (1/6 Zhang) yesterday (October 24), small s A red dress appeared in Shanghai a commercial activity. As a brand spokesperson, active in the scene of her big pendulum pose is dedicated. Before in small s pregnant, Selina Zendeban presided over "Kangxi came". Now the good sister in Shanghai was burned, small s naturally don't forget to send blessings, "hope she can recover soon." Not sure whether to go to the hospital to see her, afraid will disturb Selina rest. [Page] small s pose (2/6 sheets) [page] small s thumbs up (...)

Exclusive photos: Xiaolu in advance to celebrate the enthusiasm of the fans like fire

Sina Entertainment News September 28, Xiaolu invited fans in the capital of a senior KTV in advance to hold their 29-year-old birthday party.  On the same day 8 o'clock in the evening Xu, Xiaolu appeared in KTV doorway, she was wearing a white sweater, mohair vest with shorts, in the howling autumn in the generous show out the jade leg, the eyes of a bright is her head that the finishing touch-like bow, can not help but let people sigh, young no limit AH! A face full of Xiaolu smile, cordial came to come with the fans long-winded long-winded, do enough "next door big sister" of the stylish. As the longevity of the Xiaolu mobile phone is constantly ringing, think this is always in ...

Tyson comes to China and turns "Tae Meng"

After two years, "Tae-Meng" to attack! Yesterday afternoon, the champ of the boxing champion in Beijing attended a "Happy Boxing healthy China" campaign launched by the rapid-gram pharmaceutical industry. The scene, "Beast" Tyson in a white suit appearance, appear naïve. Activities, not only, with the beauty coach to lead the children to jump boxing, more swinging scissors hand intimate photo. The Tyson came to China to sell Meng, can be said to earn enough eyeballs. More netizens said, sell Meng No limit, sen brother you win!

Kang Wenjangwu IPhone 6 ads Two or three, witty humor tease No Limit ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > read the voice of the IPhone 6 Chinese advertising "big large", and then to enjoy the "camera" and "health" article, tease force without limits. The two brothers again in a humorous way to deduce the IPhone 6 camera and health two major themes, vivid, lively image, and very grounded gas ... Related reading: IPhone 6 Chinese ...

Guide to the name of the quasi-parents-pit dad No limit to the guide, all kinds of cool domineering names can not look straight!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > who helped you pick up your name? Parents? Grandpa, Grandma? or ~ ~ No matter who helped you take the name, I think it must contain their love for you. However, people in some parts of the country to name it is a wonderful fighter!! Don't believe it? Let's take a look at the following ... the guide to the name of the prospective parents (fart!!) )

"Super Graffiti Teenager": The most Innovative puzzle game

Warner announced that in the last E3 won the best creative and best handheld game two awards, the most innovative puzzle game "graffiti Teenager" series, will be launched on the DS platform "super Graffiti Teenager (Scribblenauts)", and disclosed the corresponding E3  2010 Promotional Videos. In the super graffiti teenager, players will still be writing English words or phrases to solve their problems, or to marvel at what they want. For example, when you need to climb a tree, you can write "ladder" (or ...).

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