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The best interface is no interface

This article was translated by Jiangnan University Graduate School of Design has Lixia, the original author: Golden Krishna, URL: http: // "Atmadm. "Our job is like a nightmare about alphabet games. "Chkntfs." "Dir." (Source: in 1 ...

Website interface design needs to cater to user's operating habits

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall the importance of user interface design is studied through the classification of different requirements of interface design and the influence of interface design elements on user behavior. Interactivity has become the goal of design in Web interface design. In order for the design to meet usability requirements, it is necessary to fully understand the user characteristics and diversity requirements.        This requires finding the right way to document and implement diverse user requirements. Interface is the interaction between people and objects of the media, ...

9 important features of the social network user interface (UI)

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud host technology The main function of a good user interface (UI) is to provide users with an intuitive mapping between user intent and application functionality, providing a solution for the completion of a user-defined task. Basically, the user interface (UI) describes how users and Web sites interact and how users access their functionality. In fact, usability is a good double product of the user interface, which determines whether the user can easily perform all the functions provided by the site. Usability is an important part of every design, especially ...

Intuitive Interactive interface: interface without interface

One of the biggest lies in the software industry is the so-called "intuitive interaction interface". It's like a fashion craze in the IT industry: from tech giants to startups, the entire Silicon Valley is known to have developed such technology. Unfortunately, the end result is always disappointing. The future is bright, however, because developers now have all the necessary data to predict exactly what users need and when. The answer comes from data, situations, and a common creed: less is more. The meaning of "intuition"-Webster's Dictionary of "Intuition" (intu).

Interface design for business Web applications

Business Web application interface Design business Web application design is often overlooked. I see a lot of programs that do not meet the business goals or the needs of users, they have a poor user experience, and caused a loss of commercial profits. More exaggerated, some designers are not involved in the whole process of the development process, but the entire responsibility to the developers. For engineers who are good at front-end and back-office technology, they lack the design capability to accomplish this difficult task. Dissatisfied consumers, frustrated users, and failed projects are natural and ...

Router Network Interface description

(1) interface and active state & ">nbsp; in the above display, the content indicates that the hardware interface is active, The software process that handles the line protocol believes that the secondary interface is available. If the router operator dismantles This hardware interface, the first field displays the information is administratively down. If the router receives more than 5,000 errors during the active interval, ...

Design-winning "interface Layer" Company: access to the world

Absrtact: This article is the founder of the design community Behance Scott Belsky (also Pinterest, circa and Uber and other start-up investors). In his article, he points out that a wave of new design-driven companies are emerging, through the user and the bottom of the article is the design community Behance founder Scott Belsky (also Pinterest, circa and Uber and other start-up investors). He pointed out in the article that a large wave of new design drives ...

Discussion on the development process and thinking of web design and user interface design

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall is two now the website design domain uses very high frequency word. In most cases, they are substituted for each other. A lot of people inside and outside this field think it's two basic words. But are they really confusing to each other? I don't have the habit of getting tangled up with nouns, for example, I don't argue with others between "art" and "designer." But I think Web design and user interface design These two words contain a lot of things, the comparison of these two words can be extended to some design areas of development ...

Web design and user interface design (UI design)

This is the current two very high frequency of use of web design. In most cases, they are replaced by each other. Many people both inside and outside the area consider it to be basically two words of the same meaning. But are they really confusing? I do not have the habit of tangling up for some nouns, for example, I would not argue with others between "art workers" and "designers." But I think web design and user interface design these two words contains a lot of things, the comparison of these two words can be extended to some design process of development and thinking. Note: This blog refers to the user interface design without special instructions ...

Cloud computing New standard: API interface selection without border restrictions

Both public cloud service users and private cloud users face the task of managing the upper limit of concurrent requests for servers. Because the infrastructure itself is a service, IT staff creates concurrent processing request caps, manages caps, and maintains load balancing and storage management through Control Panel and application interfaces. Different cloud vendors offer disparate application interfaces.   The lack of interface standards for cloud applications, how IT professionals can achieve effective control, align them with current services, and remain compatible with future cloud services. Many organizations have begun to test the development of a standardized application for cloud computing ...

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