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Blizzard Vice President: Star 2 Mall "coming out"

March 21 The latest news, Blizzard, the executive vice president of product development and co-founder Frank Pearce in 2009 for the first time announced that StarCraft 2 will launch the Star 2 Mall, but so far it is on the road. "We talked about the StarCraft 2 Mall in BlizzCon, but it hasn't come out yet," he said.  He added to the importance of the mall's future development for Blizzard. He admits, however, that there is no plan to release it. "But it's not the most important time in all the business, but since we found out there is a problem, this is what we do in World of Warcraft ...

Li Yanan homemade Valentine's Day gift to send Wang Zulan to her boyfriend

Li Yanan was praised by her boyfriend Wang Zulan's parents more and more beautiful Sina Entertainment news Beijing Time February 8, according to Hong Kong media reports, Li Yanan yesterday (February 7) attended the ceremony, she said that the Chinese new year to eat a lot of food, fat a few Jin, also received a lot of red envelopes, very happy. Li Yanan said a few days ago to boyfriend Wang Zulan home, ask her aunt to her how? Li Yanan smiled happily said: "She praised me more and more beautiful." "Li Yanan said aunt did not urge marriage:" I am still light, want to enjoy the date of dating, did not think so soon to marry, also temporarily no plan. "Lee ...

Property developers calmly deal with property tax

"Financial network," the reporter Shikung Chaolu January 30, a number of property developers to reporters that the property tax control effect is still under observation, the current push plan has no effect. Golden Land Group (600383.SH) Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mr. Xu Jiajun in a telephone interview, said that the Shanghai real estate tax issued as expected moderate, this is a long-term policy, it takes time to observe the effect of large-type products will certainly be greater than the impact on small-type products.  Kim's current role in these policies is still under observation, and there is no plan to adjust the push. Golden Land Group ...

Intel says there is no plan to introduce atom to the server

Although both arm and AMD are considering launching a low-power processor architecture for servers, Intel has made it clear that the Atom Low-power processor architecture will not be introduced into the server domain, according to foreign reports. The main idea here is that while the low power characteristics of atom are good for some specific products, their performance is currently not enough to meet the performance requirements of the server product. Although there are already a number of companies have launched the Intel Atom Processor Server-level system products, but Intel has never been issued in official form ...

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