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O2O mode closed loop? Or a closed loop?

O2O fiery moment, now people talk about O2O, first of all think it is the best business model of mobile Internet, not to talk about O2O has become a complete model, but this argument let more people flock to, all want to be in O2O this field a piece, early do is right,   Whether the future success or not at least can accumulate experience, perhaps still yang a name. The second argument is that the O2O mode must be closed, hear people say closed loop the word, I will think that so far no one has to define the concept of closed-loop, we are ...

O2O practitioners are still too simple to know about closed-loop issues

April 2013, many media have reprinted from the global Entrepreneur on an article: "Want to Do" Little Ma "Zhang Xuhao: O2O how closed loop." Single look at the title, the author also thought "Little Ma" Got what the secret, solve the closed loop problem, read the disappointment, unavoidably regrets, O2O practitioners on the closed-loop problem understanding or too simple and superficial. "Little Ma" in the article, is so written: "O2O" business model has been a focus on how to achieve O2O closed loop, that is, now most of the O2O products only achieved half ...

Business closed-loop value and problems, from online shopping, buy, shopping guide talking

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall when many people talk about "closed loop is a pseudo proposition", I believe that many real people in the industry will be reported to "hehe."   The so-called internet closed-loop, that is, rely on the core products so that the entire business model chain every link, can realize value, each link has a ring-ring clasp of the circular relationship-and if the lack of two of any one function, can not be called closed loop. Online shopping is the most typical business model closed-loop, and now the word closure is often ...

Electronic business model dismantling: from closed loop to ecosystem

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Internet any product success, not only sells, also lies in a system, first satisfies the seller profit to drop the bag, then lets the direct participation network, the manufacturer, the courier and so on each aspect benefit, and the linkage industrial chain upstream and downstream, all realizes the benefit. At the same time, improve and improve the user experience, the reality of solving related problems.        This is not just a simple closed loop implementation, but a living ecosystem.  With a new journey, to greet the wounds that can not be bypassed, this is the real hero. ...

Instead of pursuing the perfect O2O closed-loop model, make the cake bigger!

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall if in 2004, Taobao on the pursuit of opening an online shop to pay the cost, put a picture to pay that fee, sell a product to pay how much commission words, will have today's giant Mac platform appear? Many years after the emergence of Taobao immediately from ebay to Taobao open shop sellers, is being Taobao all kinds of free measures to attract, just willing to open the shop on Taobao, to know that ebay online shop at that time even though to pay a lot of fees, but in Amoy ...

O2O closed loop is a pseudo proposition for most companies

O2O closed ring hot like the summer of Beijing, almost all internet companies are advocating O2O closed loop, as if there is no O2O closed loop is not sufficiently broad future expectations, there is no conceivable market value. But actually O2O closed loop is not only through the internet means can be achieved. Unlike other Internet innovations and operations, O2O closed-loop construction relies more on offline, a region that cannot be controlled by code and product design capabilities. Strictly realize the O2O closed loop is to establish a complete ecosystem, only in the community, cities, the national market scale ...

Public comments Zhang: group buy closed-loop two strong competing O2O dual demand

This issue is a guest of "variable" is the public comment network CEO Zhang. He believes that the O2O opportunity lies in the asymmetric service market information. If a company from the information supply point of view, gradually involved in the transaction link, forming a closed loop, and then more and more deeply involved in the transaction, into a trading platform, the final platform value will multiply. Zhang O2o will be a very big industry, these two or three years all walks of life have gradually developed. I think, the current industry is still in the embryonic stage, now see O2O feeling is still a bit fragmented, many areas will be how to develop is not clear. But really to analyze o ...

O2O is not a closed loop.

Many businesses that do O2O like to pull closed-loop eggs, often claiming that they have closed the ring. But the problem is, you have a closed loop, how can you still do it?   That only means that your closed loop is a dead ring, connected, but still dead. So closed loop is not a closed loop, exactly, it should be "closed pipe", what is called "closed pipe"? Is the external is a ring, there is water flow, and you want to let the water flow up, you can not but the light to close the tube, but also in the pipe Kaikoko, give the inside Non-stop inject power. And most of the current ...

UNIX System Management: Shell Programming Loop statements (1)

By completing this chapter, you will be able to do the following: Use the while statement to repeatedly execute a piece of code when the condition is true. Use the loop statement to repeatedly execute a piece of code until the condition is true. Use the interactive for statement for loop control. 1. Brief introduction to the loop objective: Repeat the execution of a list of commands. control; a return value based on a key command. Three forms: While ... do ... do loop ... do ... do.

The platform strategy analysis of constructing the information closed-loop local life O2O business opportunity

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall a consumer wants to find a mid-range restaurant to have dinner with a friend. He pulled out his mobile phone, using the "Baidu map" to search the surrounding restaurants, immediately found around 2 kilometers within the 30 restaurants.   Which one is more suitable? The consumer compares restaurant types, per capita consumption, restaurant location, restaurant photos, recommended dishes, and past consumer reviews of the restaurant with a "public comment network" and then chooses a restaurant that has a "group buy" offer. Then ...

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