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58 City response to group buy Wuhan station withdrawal message: not true

News and science and technology March 26, claiming to be "" >58 with the city of employees, people familiar with the micro-Bo said, 58 group buy Wuhan station has withdrawn from the station.   Then 58 people in the same city said the matter is not true, Wuhan station normal operation. Yesterday, the same person said that "58 of the city crash imminent." 58 the same city CEO immediately in an interview with reporters that there is financing, but "the number is not", "will be in the recent public ...

Lottery system delays, resulting in the failure of the vote

Today, some media reports said that a Guangzhou user won a 5 million yuan prize through the WeChat betting lottery number. After the lottery, he was told that the betting failure has been refunded. Tencent company informed of the news, immediately contacted with the user and investigate, at the same time the transaction record was preserved. The report found that the facts do not match. Tencent said that due to the delay in the lottery system, which resulted in the failure of the ticket, the refund notice was not promptly pushed. According to the user betting number, even if the transaction is successful, the winning amount is 5 yuan, the so-called 5 million yuan is not true. Tencent statement as follows: June 22 07:58 ...

Stop taking the diploma

Recently, the IT industry's hottest topic is "Tang June false Door" incident. Fang in his microblog questioned the "Working Emperor" tang June suspected of papers and academic record of fraud, and pointed out that Tang June's several patent inventions are not true. As of this Tuesday, the silence of the few days of Tang June, the first time a positive response to the incident, and on the micro-blog said someone "fake themselves first."   Yesterday, the co-authors and publishers were also involved in the storm, and what will be staged in the next few days. But the Tang June incident is the same thing, which indirectly illustrates another matter, it is like a modern educational machine ...

Song Hye-the agency issued a statement denying the answer to the "Sun Yat-sen"

Song Song (data) Sina Entertainment news recently Chinese media reported that the film "Dr. Sun Yat-sen," will be launched in April, the film "Soong Ching Ling," a corner will be played by South Korean actress song, News of a wide uproar. Sina Entertainment won the Star City Entertainment statement, which is responsible for the brokerage affairs of the Greater China region, confirmed that the relevant reports are not true, song song did not receive a performance invitation, there is no performance of the film plan, the following is the full text of the statement: Star City Entertainment statement 2011.3.2 recently, mainland media reported that the film "Dr. Sun Yat-sen," As a corner of Soong Ching Ling, this is untrue ...

China Research International publicity Director: Wu Chun did not fly solo, Flywheel Sea did not dissolve

Wu Chun solo?   It's not happening! South All news reporter Huang Sea intern Cai recently, the broker about, record about double about the expiration of the Wu Zun single fly rumors constantly.  Yesterday, Wu Chun's broker, Lu Shujuan, said Wu Chun, although not temporarily with the Chinese Institute of International Renewal, but a single fly said not true. Earlier, the media said that Wu Chun in his own official website set up and fans meet on the day has announced that will be out of the idol combination flywheel Sea solo fly. However, this statement was soon overturned by its agent Lu Shujuan, "No such thing, Wu Chun did not in the fan meeting will announce the solo, but a reporter interviewed Wu Chun after the meeting, asked him not ..."

Wu Zun and Hua Yan Records are not flying solo in the future major film and television

Wu Chun recently reported that Wu Chun had announced his solo flight from Fahrenheit. Yesterday, his broker, Lu Shujuan, said the news was not true, and said that Wu Chun was only due to be full with the Chinese research record, so it will not be in the name of "Fahrenheit", but will still participate in the performance of the Fahrenheit, and said Wu Chun this year's development will be the film and television aspects Wu Chun did not announce the solo flight at the fan meeting, but the four of them always have their own work, but we like to use such a strong word to describe. "Zong He

Hong Kong media says Aaron Kwok Lynn secret engagement broker denies rumors

Lynn Xinhua Beijing, January 12, according to Hong Kong "Ming Pao" news, Lynn (Lynn) and Guo Urban gossip for several years, recently reported that they have been secretly engaged, its manager Kim yesterday's Lynn denied: "No such thing!" Is that reporter in the dream, is delusional! "As for Lynn sister Yang Ding Ding also do not believe that there is a thing:" Is not true? If it is true, Lynn will speak out, unless she speaks to me, she will not believe it. Lynn never felt good to marry, or she would not be so crazy for the cause of hard work. ”

Guo Donglin Spring Festival Gala sketch singing and dancing is not true (PHOTOS)

Are you happy? Stills Guo Donglin singing and dancing Guo Donglin sketch "Are You Happy?" "Face big Change the fate of Sina Entertainment news comedian Guo Donglin in the Spring Festival Gala review of the sketch" You Happy? "Stills exposure. Are you happy with this Guo Donglin sketch? "is not happy, in the Spring Festival evening four trial is not very smooth, the judges gave a lot of advice, because this sketch and last year have similarities, the subject matter is not new."  It has been rumored that Guo Donglin's sketch was the first to be cheated by the gala. According to Guo Donglin revealed: "The director Group has neither denied nor passed, meaning very clear, I need to change ...

Yang Ding Ding Lynn Secret Engagement (PHOTOS)

Yang Ding don't think sister Lynn very want to get married, but revealed that they want to love Lynn Sina Entertainment news January 12, according to Hong Kong media reports, Lynn (Lynn) and Guo Urban gossip for several years, recently reported that they have been secretly engaged, its manager Kim yesterday (January 11) For Lynn denied: "No such thing." It's just that the reporter is dreaming, it's paranoia. "As for Lynn sister Yang Ding Ding also do not believe that there is a thing, she said:" Is not true? If it is true, Lynn will speak out, unless she says to me in her own words, otherwise ...

Song Hye-Ling issued a statement denying the role of "Soong Ching Qingling"

Song Hye-ching (data) recently said that the film "Sun Yat-sen" will be in April, has been scheduled by Hollywood director Roland Yoffi directed by Song Qingling, and Sun Yat-sen's role is expected to be served by Tony Leung. News, Song Qingling starred in a corner to provoke netizens questioned.  In this respect, Song Hye-song brokerage company said the news is not true report, the special statement that the song did not receive the invitation of any cast. The original text is as follows: 1. The company has never received any calls or letters from the cast, invited Song Hye-Sun, Dr. 2. Songhui ...

Lin Chi-ling denies marrying Chuis's new play role is "violent"

Liaofan in the "Happiness Limit" in a "normal" (1/6) romantic love movie "Happiness" in Beijing to hold the boot ceremony, director Chen Zhengdao with starring Lin Chi-ling, Chen, Liaofan, Yang Youning collective debut.  Ceremony scene, when Lin Chi-ling was again asked and Chuis will marry rumors, Lin Chi-Ling reluctantly said this is not true. As the spokesperson of the "Perfect Woman", Lin Chi-ling plays a desperate woman for love, and will make a dilemma between "Prince Charming" Chen and "ordinary Boyfriend" Liaofan. And Lin Ling site also revealed that their own in the play ...

Easy to eat shares say "be backdoor" rumor is untrue

Yesterday morning plate after 10:30, easy to eat shares (000796.  SZ) suddenly accelerated up to trading board, although the plate has opened, the final closed to 9.39 Yuan, a day up 9.95%, the turnover rate of 25.53%; and after the closing of the company issued a notice said, "Shaanxi Xifeng backdoor easy to eat shares" rumors are not true. Easy to eat shares said recently in the "Stock bar" and other online forums on the "Shaanxi Xifeng backdoor easy to eat shares" rumors, at the same time, "stock Bar" and other related sites on the 2011 World Horticultural Exposition will be held in Xi ' an, the impact of easy to eat shares of the assessment ...

The scenic mountains and rivers will be two times

Lee clean up at just the end of the SFC issue review meeting, the successful IPO of the scenic mountains and rivers listed is not.  This audit is the Hunan Scenic mountains and rivers Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. after the start of the review of matters.  Prior to this, the scenic mountains and rivers have been through the meeting, and on November 30, 2010 to publish a letter of intent, the final 34.2 yuan per share issue 17 million shares, raise capital of 581.4 million yuan. Scenic mountains and rivers were scheduled to land in Shenzhen last December 17, but there is a point of view that the disclosure of their prospectus is not true, allegedly inflated sales revenue. In this respect, scenic mountains and rivers apply for a reprieve ...

This is how the scientists used to play basketball, too naughty!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Scientists playing basketball? The answer is: Develop a portal! The two scientists in this video had a whim one day to play a basketball in a remarkable way, and then they moved out of a delivery door gun. Hit the plane two rounds, the ball can be from this head into the head out, simply naughty ... Of course it's not true, and two buddies are not scientists. It's more than that ...

Shell PetroChina to buy Australian energy company is still pending approval

Shell denied that the deal had been approved by Australia, and that it was not expecting a short-term approval from overseas media yesterday about a joint takeover by Shell and PetroChina of 100% per cent of Australian Arrow Energy, the Australian Foreign Investment Audit Committee (FIRB), a spokesman for the Shell Oil Australia, told reporters yesterday  , the report is not true, the company is still waiting for FIRB approval. March 22, PetroChina International Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CNPC and the Royal Dutch Shell Corporation, Australia Shell Energy Holdings Ltd.

International Egg Commission: Why do we celebrate World Egg Day

China Network October 12 According to Russia's "Communist Youth League Truth" website October 10 reported that eggs are the daily life of the most common food, about the benefits of eggs there are many, the following let us understand these statements is right or wrong. 1996 Vienna Conference International Egg Commission (imagine, really exist!) Called the International Egg Commission) announced that the World Egg Day will be celebrated in the second Friday of October. After all, at least one dozen reasons to celebrate World Egg Day. Many countries responded with pleasure. Of course there are other reasons to be happy! In particular, poached eggs, fried egg, fried ...

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