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Long-awaited began to come out, personally. " CN "Domain name registration is bursting

& ">nbsp; With the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, the revised implementation rules will commence from 0 o'clock on May 29, 2012.     June 5, 2009 implementation of the "China Internet Network Information Center," the implementation of the rules of domain name registration abolition. CNNIC modified the original "China Internet ...

The method of obtaining high quality domain name in domain registration

As a webmaster, do you know the value of your domain name? What suffix is the domain name and value? Will the value of domain name rise? Webmaster want to know more domain name registration related knowledge, want to add more domain name experience skills, small set today to share under the high quality domain name method. & ">nbsp; First, the domain name registration needs to ponder earnestly the necessity. &n ...

The form of registration of Internet domain name

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall 863.html" > Domain name registration is the main form of domain name registration, intentional wrong spelling,   Domain name docking, domain name trading, domain name businessman, domain name exploratory registration and domain name duplication. 1. Domain name preemption (Cyber squatting): In the Internet domain name space ...

. CN Domain Name Open Register each domain name Registrar big Dozen price war

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall. CN domain Name on May 29 Open personal registration, CNNIC for further subdivision of the domestic domain name individual registration market, improve the number of domestic domain name, promote the application of personal domain name, innovative introduction of a "Name Domain name" registration. The so-called name Domain name is the name or the name of the Chinese natural person identity card labeled ". CN" and ". China" domain name, such as "Name Domain name must contain the name of the applicant's full spelling, but not limited to the name, but also ...

The original price of 350 yuan/year of HK domain name low to 99 yuan, offers unprecedented!

The original price is 350 yuan/year. HK "Domain name low to 99 yuan, more synchronous gift" Chinese. Hong Kong "Domain name, offers unprecedented! Hong Kong's position in the international situation, we do not have to make a lot of introductions. Many trading companies have opted to register in Hong Kong to better manage their business, so the HK domain name has certainly become a highly recognized international

Domain name registration Seven male dispute, domain name reappearance 29.8 Yuan Ultra low price

2014, if you must use a word to describe the domain name market, not the "seven-man dispute" Mo genus, the current Chinese domain name registrar in the Domain name host field mixed a little bit of the situation are involved in this war, registrars like the Warring States period of seven countries in order to expand their own forces, in the cultivation of good internal strength, Also strongly planning a variety of concessions to attract the attention of users. However, there is no denying that the ultimate beneficiary is the user, because in this dispute, the price is often reduced. Registrars are not money-saving materials, a variety of concessions, the following look at the major registrars how to play. ...

Webmaster Gospel: ResellerClub offers. Asia Domain name Registration service

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in general, many of China's corporate web site construction in the choice of domain name, Most will choose. com's domain name, as if not. com's on the world is derailed, not keep up with the trend, in fact, this is a one-sided idea, but also a company in the future development does not do a good job in the long-term planning of a manifestation, but, in the When ...

. COM domain name price soon godaddy domain name promotion last Wave

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall VeriSign is about to rise at 15th. The wholesale price of COM and. NET domain name, this will affect the cost pressure of the domain registrar, so the industry has news to inform the vast number of users as soon as possible before prices rise in the domain name registration or renewal, due to the promotion of price adjustment, the largest domain name service provider GoDaddy to ...

Edge Culture Sword Walk slant Homeopathy Create domain name registration investment Opportunities

Mainstream culture, is a society, an era is advocated, plays a major impact of the culture. The singer is the mainstream music, the director is the mainstream film, the school is about mainstream knowledge, etc., the mainstream is a security card, is easy to be accepted. But turbulent and impetuous society, only by virtue of these "> mainstream culture, as if it is difficult to cause a ripple of the lake." But with the edge of the culture as a potential, stirred the waves, swinging ripples ...

International domain name rose behind:. CN domain name New Deal or pushing hands

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall since the end of last year, the Ministry of work, the efforts to clean up the network involved in yellow, the requirements of the domestic computer room to run the site will need to record. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) also implemented the new deal on December 11, 2009, starting from December 14, 2009, user registration. The CN domain name needs to submit the application and the written application material. Application materials include the seal of the Domain name registration application Form (original), business license or organization Code certificate (photocopy), Registered contact ID ...

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