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How to optimize the level two domain name let two domain name flush out of the ocean

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall many times when we are in the optimization of the site often only think of the site's top-level domain optimization, And the optimization of the sub domain name let the webmaster quiet, in fact, the sub-domain name operation can also help the site to obtain more traffic, the following we look at a screenshot from the figure we can ...

Separate individual domain name must be careful

We focus on the importance of domain name analysis under the name.As an information service company, separate individual domain name must be careful, because the site's reputation is the value of the site. Otherwise, the value of a brand name condensed by a single domain name is even higher than the scattered website reputation. We see YAHOO, its service is actually very diverse, related to the search, network services, e-commerce, financial information, news, etc. However, it always stick to a YAHOO.COM. However, in the domestic website, the beginning of the service has always been monotonous, but also must ...

Sedo Add phonetic domain name display and search function

Domain Name City ( October 29, the world's leading domain name trading platform continues to increase Asian market concern Cologne, Germany October 2014 XX Day the world's largest domain name trading platform and monetization supplier Sedo announced today that Pinyin has been used as a category and language domain name City ( October 29 News, the world's leading domain name trading platform continues to increase the focus of Asian markets cologne, Germany-October 2014 XX Day-Global ...

Top-level domain expansion opens personality era

Our correspondent Chao future Internet domain names may no longer be monotonous ". com" ". cn", ". Aigo". Weibo "and other personalized characteristics of the domain name will be replaced, gradually appeared in the life of netizens."  With the Internet name and digital address distribution Agency (ICANN) announced that it will be on the Internet top-level domain name expansion, domain name Personalization era or will come. 185,000 dollars to buy "personality" in charge of global network domain name allocation ICANN, 20th this month passed a new resolution, will be in the existing common top-level domain name on the basis of adding new ...

Domain Contacts signing ICANN is an important step in all Chinese domain names

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Finnish entrepreneurs today announced the launch of a global Chinese Internet domain name in the coming months. Online and. Chinese web.   The use of these domain names does not reside in China or registered companies in China, and other restrictions.   In a 5-day official visit to China, Finnish Prime Minister Katainen was told that domain contacts had signed the breakthrough contract in Beijing to show support for the Finnish industry. Finnish Prime Minister Katainen said: "We have reason to expect that ...

New top-level domain name application will be closed, domestic enterprises to apply for the top level of domain name is obviously insufficient

The application for the new top-level domain was closed on April 12.   Recently, is participating in ICANN's 43rd meeting of the China Network chairman Mao Wei told reporters, domestic enterprises to apply for top-level domain name is obviously insufficient, holding a group to apply for access to the international domain name of the right to speak is imperative. It is reported that the new top-level domain since January 12 this year formally opened the application. As of March 12, more than 254 companies have successfully applied.   Japan and Australia have more than 100 top-level domain applications, but it is not enough to focus on companies that have the most Internet users in the world. "Apply for competition in the new top-level domain such as ...

Domain name brand strategy should be valued more than CEO

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall domain name than CEO important enterprises should pay attention to domain name brand strategy recently, according to foreign media reports, a survey showed that about 82% of the companies surveyed believe that the loss of the domain name than the company's CEO caused more damage, about 72% Companies believe that an appropriate domain name is more important than the right person or the right office location.   The Sedo company, which is responsible for implementing the survey, points out that an inappropriate domain name strategy will prevent a company from developing. "This statement is not exaggerated", the industry's senior interconnection ...

Sedo launches Chinese website, the global domain name Exchange market pattern upgrades

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host Technology Hall today, headquartered in Cologne, Germany Sedo Company--the world's leading domain name trading platform, officially announced the launch of Chinese website: Sedo full Chinese platform for the official online, and is committed to 591 million Chinese internet users and the world's more than 1 billion native speakers of Chinese-speaking potential users to provide more convenient services. At the same time, Sedo is the only domain in the world domain name industry with 7 major official language websites, providing all-round professional support in 25 native languages.

Patriot application for new top-level domain "chess" + "cannon" of the Wonderful Kill

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall from June 20, only one months after the Internet name and digital address distribution Agency (ICANN) announced the formal approval of the new top-level domain, a scramble has been raging around the new top-level domain, with the exception of many world-class companies announcing new top-level domain names for corporate brands   China's famous digital brand "Patriot" has also become one of the first applicants. Patriot President Feng said on Weibo: "The new top-level domain name is the commanding heights of the Internet domain name, obtained. Aigo top ...

8-month network line is named the four-star domain Name service provider

Respecting the Rice net January 15, 2009 news, 2008 annual "Internet Address service organization Prestige rating" activity announced recently, 40 CN domain name registration service organization won "the Star Attestation".  One of the most prominent is the Guangzhou network-oriented Information Technology Co., Ltd. 's name Pulse Network (, on the line just 8 months is rated as "four-Star", with the eastern Netscape, the established domain name registrars. It is understood that the event has a total of 3 grades, a total of 40 CN domain Name registration service agencies to participate in the selection, the results have 9 five-star, 26 ...

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