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Cloud computing: the opposite of myth

I have experienced the myth world from microcomputers to supercomputers, from email to Internet, and from parallel computing (parallel comouting), to decentralized computing (decentralized computing), To the application of distributed Computing (distributed computing), by Telnet remote in the large computer with more than 3,000 CPUs (such as Japan's so-called fifth generation of computers) on the use of 1024 CPUs to verify their own ...

Thoughts on the integration of mobile in SOA and cloud computing

"Guidance" recently, the Four China SOA standardization Seminar was successfully convened, meeting from various industry experts, users, government and other related personnel, on the SOA standards and development of the relevant discussions. The following is a detailed introduction to the integration and standardization of SOA and cloud computing by Du Yujian, SOA project manager at China Mobile Research Institute. Cloud computing is actually the third it revolution following the PC, the Internet. It's development box from the mainframe, personal machine damage and then to the cloud computing changes, we see a long time must be divided into a long time the trend, from the big ...

There are six problems in the development of cloud computing industry at present

June 30, 2011, Sadie Network joint-Sadie consultant in Beijing released the 2011 edition of China's cloud computing Industry Development White Paper (hereinafter "white Paper"). In 2010, Sadie Consultant released the first white Paper on cloud computing industry in China, which aroused wide concern of the industry and media. In the 2011 new white Paper, Sadie Consultants in the market data, industry data, cloud computing applications and typical cases have made a new comb and a lot of updates to the market development of the status quo summarized, and added to the domestic enterprises of the commentary. Research on the development of China's electronic information industry ...

Edge computing becomes the next point of the explosion, who will win the cloud computing giant and the CDN giant?

At the recent Yunqi Conference, Alibaba Group senior vice president and president of Alibaba Hu Xiaoming announced that IoT (Internet of Things) officially became the main strategy of Alibaba after e-commerce, finance, logistics and cloud computing, and in order to do a good job of IoT Alibaba Cloud will invest in the emerging technology field of “edge computing” in 2018.

Internet of Things, cloud computing, three-net integration has Dongfeng to borrow

Before we say these three, we'll look at their ancestors, the Internet, which began in 1969, is indeed changing the way we live, the Internet is the result of connecting two computers or more than two computer terminals, clients, and servers through the means of computer information technology, People can send messages to and from friends that are far away from each other and work together to entertain each other. This should be a simple definition, if there is no internet technology accumulation, things networking, cloud computing, triple network integration of these concepts I think it should be difficult to imagine. Cloud meter ...

Song Shudong: The Internet of things and cloud computing is a complementary relationship

By the Ministry of Industry and Information technology support, Sadie Group and the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Committee jointly sponsored the "China Urban Cloud Computing" (Hangzhou station) July 13 in Zhejiang Province, the Great Hall of the Grand meeting. The theme of this meeting is "cloud economy helps to push SME innovation development". Hangzhou East Network Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy general manager Song Shudong at the meeting published "Wisdom Park Cloud Build entrepreneurial innovation environment" keynote speech. Song Shudong points out that the internet of things is an extension to the physical world, and cloud computing is a model of the use and interaction of IT resources based on IoT. He thinks the internet of things and the cloud meter ...

Innovation and Security: The two seesaw of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a hot-fired term this year, major IT giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and so on to test the water, the introduction of cloud computing platform and a variety of cloud computing service model to attract the public eye, not only large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises are swarming, and tasted the many benefits of cloud computing.   So what is cloud computing? In layman's terms. Cloud computing is a huge server cluster, according to user needs dynamic mobilization of resources, ...

Internet of Things, cloud computing, integration of the three nets to welcome the positive

The outbreak phase is approaching, the trillion-level market open things networking, cloud computing and the concept of triple network convergence surging, the policy of good also ensued. Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission principles agreed to Beijing and other 21 cities listed as the national E-commerce demonstration City. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other eight ministries will jointly set up the National electronic Commerce demonstration City establishment work expert Advisory Committee, provides the guidance.   Over the same period, also approved Beijing, Shenzhen and other 5 cities as a cloud computing innovation service pilot cities. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the next five years of E-commerce transactions will maintain an annual average ...

The huge industry of cloud computing, the scraping and the backwardness of China

August 20, 2011, with the development of cloud computing technology, Microsoft decided to use cloud computing technology to protect Windows 8, which means that Microsoft has adopted a new anti-piracy mechanism. August 19, 2011, CNET Technology Information Network published goofy comments that: HP's market position and brand image, Hewlett-Packard if the adherence to the Web OS platform may be in the future in the tablet market occupy, but HP CEO Apotheker seems to the future to the cloud, the company's new focus on the commercial market. What is cloud computing? In the narrow sense, the cloud meter ...

Cloud computing and the intelligent community under the Internet of Things

In the last decade of the 1984, the world's most impressive event was the 23rd Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, on the west coast of the United States. In the same year, the Hartford of the east Coast Connecticut State, more than 4,000 kilometers away, the world's first intelligent building-"Urban office Building" (City Place Building) has sprung up. If the West Coast Olympic beacons deliver faster, higher and stronger sportsmanship, the east Coast building opens up a new Olympic race in construction-the "intelligent building wave". ...

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