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Cloud world leader: The passion and creation of Chinese cloud

Lai: Next Please welcome the speaker of the dialogue, Mr. Ming, chairman and president of Ufida, Mr. Wang Wenjing, vice president of the China Unicom Research Institute, Mr. Fang, chairman of the Zhang Zhenqing group, Mr. Lin Shi-ding, Chairman of Baidu Technical Committee, Dr. Yao Hongyu, friend System CEO. In fact today not only has the cloud, the sky also floats the snowflake, is very auspicious for everybody cloud computing person. Each guest in three minutes to greet the cloud of their own wonderful point of view, each guest at the end of three minutes, guests can also speak with ...

Zhong Kai transfar Bu Cloud Online Cloud O2O operation mode

Absrtact: November 25, the first one-stop cloud self-service platform Wei Yun online business platform, which pioneered the launch of cloud computing service online and offline dual operation (O2O) mode, was launched in China. The platform's biggest feature for all since November 25, in the opening up of science and technology independent research and Development of China's first one-stop cloud self-service platform-Wei Yun online electric business platform officially on line operation, it pioneered the cloud computing services online, offline dual-track operation (O2O) mode. The biggest feature of the platform is fully automatic, all from ...

Online payment security and cloud identity authentication Keypasco

Objectively speaking, the online payment certification Keypasco This solution raises a question that deserves deep thinking, namely whether we need to continuously upgrade and invest in hardware for security, can we realize online identity security authentication through the new way of cloud service and low cost? Online payment security issues have been a lot of attention, a brief summary, the following three aspects can be seen online payment security in the next few years may become increasingly headaches. One is the growing number of online payment users. CNNIC released the 30th China Internet development Form ...

Eight large cloud storage and online backup solutions

Today, online backup has become an important tool for personal and SME backup, and only needs to log on to the Web Administration page to back up the data anytime, anywhere. Online backups have multiple names, which can be called network Backup, SaaS, or cloud backup.       The scale of online backup is very small, here to introduce a more well-known online backup enterprises, I hope to help. A. Mozy Mozy is a secure online backup service (ie, network hard disk). It is a simple, intelligent ...

The first one-stop cloud self-service platform Wei Cloud online business platform

November 25, the first in China to create science and technology independent research and development of one-stop cloud self-service platform-Wei Yun online electric business platform officially on-line operation, it pioneered the cloud computing services online, offline dual-track operation (O2O) mode. The biggest feature of the platform is fully automated, fully self-service, fully autonomous, users can be directly in the "Wei Yun Online" quickly get any business applications, easy to complete online registration-landing-selection-order-payment-delivery, to achieve the purchase, it capacity on-demand delivery, customer application One-button deployment, flexible expansion of resource use. ...

Chen Tianqiao open new mode: Grand Online enhanced "cloud Platform"

As the foundation of Shanda Group, Shanda Online has been responsible for all the business user resources operation, but relatively silent, now it is active. Because, the interactive entertainment tycoon Grand Group is trying to open up a new territory, Pioneer is Shanda Online (SDO). Last week, Shanda Online followed Amazon's launch of the "cloud computing" platform. Yesterday, the company's joint CEO Touc Luong said, Shanda Online is to establish a vertical search engine system, will strengthen the user data mining, analysis to promote advertising business. This is not an isolated action, but a grand group of business ...

Capital Online COO Zhaoyongzhi: cloud computing within reach

"TechWeb Report" September 4 News, the capital online COO Zhaoyongzhi today to visit the 173th it Longmen, interpretation of the cloud platform in the domestic development and future trends.   Capital Online is a professional IDC technical services and cloud computing hosting services company, was founded in 2005, in August 2010 in the agency of the transfer of shares in the system listing. Coo Zhaoyongzhi revealed that the capital online to do cloud computing, originated from a long time ago with customers a controversy: When a game client rented the capital online hundreds of servers, but in idle 40 ...

China's first cloud computing layout---"China Cloud map" online

Recently, China's first cloud computing layout, "China Cloud" online (   This map comprehensively combed the domestic cloud computing enterprise layout, covering the domestic most major types of cloud computing enterprises. 2011 China's cloud computing industry booming, all over the cloud computing data Center Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as "cloud base") mushroomed growth, according to China IDC Circle incomplete statistics, 2 ...

1 billion dollars on cloud: Online software vendor Salesforce undertaking

"40 years ago, I went back to the United States from Vietnam and had access to the technology and business of data processing in the military, when IBM said that only a few computers would be able to handle most of the world's work."  "In the afternoon of San Francisco, standing at the main venue of Moscone Center, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was talking. You might be wondering why Powell has bypassed the hottest Sino-US relationship, but is interested in talking about data processing, Facebook and Twitter? The answer is simple, because he is facing more than 1700 ...

Old Pichawe Chat online education: Pricing of online education

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall for the Chinese Internet online education entrepreneurial upsurge, I black Horse author Wei Chi specifically invited online education for many years of entrepreneurs old skin, a system of in-depth discussion line education. In 2009, the company founded China's first 1-1 online education website, and now he is working on an online education website for an internet boss. Both old and small are dry-controlled, so the series will take away all the fancy decorations and useless rhetoric, with clear logic and detailed data to support ...

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