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A surge in demand for some banks to open peer-to-peer hosting business

Recently, "" > Daily economic news, the reporter learned that at present, some commercial banks are actively with some Peer-to-peer platform to discuss the matter of fund trusteeship. "If the policy is clear that commercial banks, such as only assume liquidation responsibility, does not exist ' management ' responsibility, commercial banks will certainly be willing to do peer-to-peer hosting, and the current commercial banks do not dare to enter the reason is afraid of Peer-to-peer platform trouble." "Spare money Treasure CEO Wang Wenhui told reporters. Letter and Rich C ...

Third party payment hosting hidden worries Peer-to-peer into the banking era

The bank is apparently the successor to the fund-hosting business that competes for peer-to-peer platforms. The account has been hosted in the Bank's Building block box, you and I loan platform said the new system will be on the line in March, when the funds trading channel would be all switched to the bank channels, third-party payment channels will be gradually replaced. "The Bank has the Fund trustee qualification, the Independent fund Trusteeship Department, has the rich experience in the fund trusteeship, moreover, its own risk-resisting ability is stronger, the credibility is higher." "Nine Dou Fish CEO Guo Peng told reporters that the current fund-hosting program is with Hong Kong's largest independent local bank of East Asia Bank [0%] ...

The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (iii): Web server Hosting FAQ

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in understanding the Internet entrepreneurship Theory knowledge, began the field to carry out the actual operation of the website business.   In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.   First, the site's page planning and style design second, the choice of the website programming language three, the choice of website database The above content can be read in detail to the article "Internet Entrepreneurship Success (iii): From theory to practice site to establish combat" look. Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website ...

Platform-unaffected bare-metal cloud--agile Hosting

Sometimes, because of performance or security considerations, customers are less willing to accept the public cloud or private cloud provided by the virtualized infrastructure. As a result, more and more suppliers are beginning to struggle with the problem, and one recent analyst believes that the need for bare-metal cloud is getting bigger now. Cloud computing, host hosting service provider Internap Company launched its agile hosting products last week and was the first supplier to enter the field. In bare-metal cloud products, customers will get the dedicated hosting environment automatic ...

E-commerce has spawned a Web site dedicated to providing hosting services to personal web owners

The field of E-commerce has spawned a Web site dedicated to providing hosting services to personal web owners. Yesterday, the reporter noted that a "net YA Net" website launched shop hosting services, that is, shop owners to their own shop to the network maid management, and the net in the profit, will be proportional to the percentage of the Commission. However, this kind of trusteeship mode is not the shop owner "at home can be fallout" so simple, shop in the delivery of high service fees, still need to bear a year operating "0 profit" risk. Online shop hosting industry quietly appeared net maid staff Huang said, online shop owner will be personal shop delivery network ...

Small and medium enterprises need to consider hosting their own servers

Now small and medium-sized enterprises also grow to need to consider hosting their own servers. We tend to think of large companies as "outsourced", but in fact many "> small businesses outsource their online work."   Unless it's a company that is run by a real technician, even the smallest companies will spend money to outsource their e-mail services, network services, DNS services, and so on. In spite of ...

Four strokes to teach you how to choose server Hosting

Easy four strokes to teach you to pick a managed server 1th recruit: The study room focus on its size, history although the study room secondary, but the inspection is also very necessary, not only to listen to service providers boast bandwidth, speed, to see the size of the computer room, history. Now the Beijing machine room, there are new machine room emerged, a said is the level of telecommunications, people say, but the telecommunications class room, did not say that telecommunications open AH, do not misunderstand ah, hehe. Service providers may give you a face-to-face test of the speed of the site, but good bandwidth is not always good speed good, this word around the mouth, but it is a common knowledge of the industry ...

Select Server Rental hosting to note which

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the search for the right server custodian, so many stationmaster tangled unceasingly, because they don't understand, so headache.   The eight-degree network here teaches you two tricks to help you pick the server custodian properly! First, to see the server hosting the ICP certificate if you are the first time hosting, want to rely on this server to start a business ...

Zhu Zherong Server Lease hosting hidden seven risks

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall rents the server, the hosting server is the stationmaster and the small and medium-sized Internet company uses for "eats the fellow", but from each place consumer Association unceasingly accepts the server class complaint case to look, the server rents the market problem seriously, the Post-sale service generally is poor. To this end, the National merchandise after-sales Service Evaluation Certification Committee after-sales service certification Advisory Expert Zhu Zherong to remind consumers, attention in the selection of server rental hosting to determine whether IDC service providers have "after-sales service certification Mark", IDC Enterprise through the after-sales service ...

How to choose a virtual hosting service provider? A mixed and low-level vicious competition

With the popularization of the Internet, the importance of E-commerce is also valued by small and medium-sized enterprises. The basis of E-commerce is to build a Web site, then SMEs if the development of E-commerce, then need to choose a good virtual host.   In fact, whether it is a personal site or corporate website, choose a good virtual host is the primary issue, for some rookie, what kind of host is suitable? How should the user choose? Website construction must first choose a good virtual host, a good virtual host is the basis for the operation of the website is the first step to success. First of all, to choose a well-known ...

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