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"The Valley of the Dragon" Japan's public test online up to 17,000 people

South Korea eyedentity Games development, through the NHN Japan operation of the action MORPG "Dragon Nest" (Chinese name: Dragon Valley) May 27 opened the local public test. May 27 1 o'clock in the afternoon in Japan began the public test of "Dragon Valley" opened a service only 2 hours, while the number of online to break through 10,000, at night 9 o'clock all servers are full, the highest online number of 17,000 people record. NHN Japan related Personage said, "The Dragon Valley" is in the first half in the Japanese public swims, simultaneously on-line number ...

"FF14" has discovered a large number of acting characters online number fell to the bottom

Although the Square Enix will release "Final Fantasy 14" 2 important patches at the end of the year, the game UI, the system interface to modify, add a lot of new boss and weapon props, try to fix the game bug, but the current game of the number of players continue to decline, and the game internal management confusion,  The acting phenomenon is quite rampant. At present in the game many players have found a lot of malicious practice, brush props game characters, the role of the ID meaningless, and the choice of race, image is stereotyped, their careers are mostly farmers, these people in the game ...

Han "Fifaol" online number of 220,000 refresh record

Neowiz, the South Korean operator, released its latest performance report, which hit a new record in July, under the influence of the World Cup craze, FIFA OL 2. Neowiz said that July 10 this year, the game's simultaneous online users reached 220,000 people, refreshing the game's record.  In June, the game was also online with 130,000 users, earning more than 5 billion won (4.2 million US dollars) and expected annual revenue of up to 50 million dollars. In July, "FIFA OL 2" into the Korean Internet Café game ranking Forefront, Neowiz said, in the next ...

"TERA" on the first day 150,000 people at the same time online monthly charges

It is reported that the Korean costume "TERA" in the first day of the first day of the online number of more than 150,000 people. January 11, Korea time 6 o'clock in the morning the Korean costume "TERA", due to the player's explosion, the new increase of 7 servers, currently running a total of 34 servers.  Moreover, at the beginning of the test, the server was unable to create a new role due to too many landing players. On the other hand, with the "TERA" of the public test, developers Bluehole Studios and Korean service operators NHN Company again stressed that the "TERA" will adopt a monthly fee system based on the comprehensive fee system, and announced ...

CJ South Korea to participate in online games than in previous years significantly reduced still have a place

8 years ago, China held the first ChinaJoy game exhibition, in the exhibition of online games, the vast majority of South Korean works, or even exaggeration to say that the first ChinaJoy can be called the Korean games of the event.  Because at that time, the domestic operation of the online games or South Korea, the number of online games to achieve the total operation of more than 90%. But after 8 years, when the eighth session of the 2010 ChinaJoy, the situation changed dramatically. In all of the exhibition online games, the number of domestic games to more than half, on the contrary, the proportion of Korean online games compared with 8 years ago ...

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