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Two black hands behind the death of online games: hackers and servers

Recently, hear more play in doing a Chinese network game death file of the topic, I saw the content of the manuscript in advance, review the past development of Chinese online games 10 years of history, every year there are a lot of games out, and every year there are a lot of games completely disappear.  As a worker who has been in the game industry for many years, seeing this topic, I can't help thinking about the reasons why Chinese online games are so much dead, first of all, I think of the two behind them: black and hacker. Our story starts with a web game. As the first domestic Java engine based on the development of 2.5D graphics MMO ...

Micro-servers are being watched by the data center market

While the rack and blade servers dominate the data center, we cannot overlook the advantages of micro-servers in an enterprise environment. Micro-server Lean on computing resources there are a number of solutions to maximize the cost-effectiveness of low-end servers. An in-depth understanding of how micro-server micro-servers are sold is likely to be a major cause of neglect by enterprise users. Vendors position micro servers as solutions for small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMBs) that need servers but do not plan to invest in racks or blades. The price of micro-server is less than 400 beauty ...

Small and medium enterprises need to consider hosting their own servers

Now small and medium-sized enterprises also grow to need to consider hosting their own servers. We tend to think of large companies as "outsourced", but in fact many "> small businesses outsource their online work."   Unless it's a company that is run by a real technician, even the smallest companies will spend money to outsource their e-mail services, network services, DNS services, and so on. In spite of ...

A new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers revolutionize storage and management

[YORK server channel September 12 news] September 10, 2014, Dell announced a new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers officially released. The new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers is designed to help customers around the world meet and optimize the evolving requirements of applications and workloads, optimize cost-effectiveness for the widest range of Web, enterprise and very large applications, and leverage first-class capabilities in storage, processing and memory technologies Technology and industry-leading system management capabilities. New Generation Dell PowerEdge Server New Release (From left Dell Greater China ...

High density servers are needed in the cloud computing Age data Center

At present, the famous interactive website ">facebook already has 500 million registered members,   And the company is working on how to improve server computing efficiency in a limited space to cope with exploding business growth. The ultimate solution, however, is to deploy a high-density data center, with Facebook's improved data center in Silicon Valley, which is only 14560 square feet in size. But don't ...

Small and medium-sized enterprises must pay attention to seven aspects of the purchase of foreign servers

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology hall facing the development of large data on the Internet, many small and medium-sized enterprises traditional business has been hit by the upsurge of new business, at this time, the previous small and medium-sized enterprise used a single virtual host can not meet the needs of business development, Strong data exchange and storage for IDC product performance requirements are more and more high, followed by security is a huge challenge; in order to break through the virtual host itself in all aspects of the restrictions, high-performance High security server to become the majority of customers the first choice, so far, the server market has been vigorously developed ...

Ministry of Culture crackdown on piracy: Internet cafes and video servers

November 10, the Ministry of Culture issued the "national Cultural market Intellectual property protection Special Law enforcement Action Program" notice, in the Moon March ago, cultural law enforcement departments will comprehensively combat piracy. According to the Ministry of Culture's notice, the Cultural law enforcement department will crack down on the internet game, "plug." In accordance with the provisions of the interim measures for the management of online games, resolutely eliminate unauthorised, unauthorized erection of the server, to provide external procedures, unauthorized Internet game online operation, online game virtual currency issues or transactions, such as illegal network games operating activities of the website;

Global servers process nearly 1 trillion GB of business data per year

According to a new study released by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, April 8, the global server deals with the amount of business related to 9.57 ZB (1 trillion GB) per year, the midday News of Beijing time.  That is, if 9.57 ZB's data were kept in a book, the stacks would be 5.6 billion miles (about 9 billion kilometers) thick, equivalent to a trip from Earth to Neptune. They will unveil the findings at the April 7 Annual conference on Storage Network world. The study said that 2008, the world 27 million ...

IBM leverages cloud computing resources to automate configuration of servers

The latest series of campaigns suggests that the blue giant is taking big strides on the road to perfecting the cloud computing technology platform. While recently releasing a system-level software--VM control that can help users manage cross-platform virtual servers more efficiently and reduce data center costs, IBM revealed that a more high-performance Power7 processor is also scheduled to be launched early next year. In addition, the annual IBM Rational Software Development Forum is based on the "Software Economics" ...

The most common rack-and-server servers in the data center room

Contemporary marketing and marketing like to use this sentence to illustrate the problem, that is, "all with the number of words." Indeed, sometimes I meet some friends to ask me what brand of server I recommend, why recommend it, I think it is difficult to use a sentence or simpler words to explain the problem, but now think about it, take you to see the domestic large data center in the room with the most of the model of the server,     Estimates can be used as a more adequate description. This idea has a long history, because the working relationship has also been to ...

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