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Development and application of open source cloud platform OpenStack

According to a recent report published by Gartner analyst Lydia Leong, companies are carefully evaluating open source cloud platforms. At the 2013 Beijing (International) Open Source Conference, we learned more about the development and application of open source cloud platform in China, which involved the main two open source cloud platform OpenStack and Cloudstack in the market now. In the afternoon of the venue, open source OpenStack promoter, China OpenStack User Group (cosug) promoter Du Yujie ...

MySQL and PostgreSQL: which open source database to choose? Which one is better?

Naresh Kumar is a software engineer and enthusiastic blogger, passionate and interested in programming and new things.   Recently, Naresh wrote a blog, the open source world's two most common database MySQL and PostgreSQL characteristics of the detailed analysis and comparison. If you're going to choose a free, open source database for your project, you may be hesitant between MySQL and PostgreSQL. MySQL and PostgreSQL are free, open source, powerful, and feature-rich databases ...

A5 Source: December 2013 Build Station System Update recommendation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall will be the new year soon, I believe everyone wants to handle the work well, comfortable to have a good year! Then as a webmaster, the stability and security of the site is very important, last month, a number of systems have been updated, you updated it?   A5 source code to clean up a number of good source updates, I hope you are using to help. Forum, blog Source Startbbs (starting source Community system) is a PHP+MYSQL MVC architecture development ...

Products Facebook publishes distributed server performance standard test results

The Facebook company unveiled the memcached performance test file in a recent International Green Computing Conference in Orlando, Florida, where TILEPRO64 processors, Intel Xeon processors and AMD The Opteron processor's standard server performs performance testing. Tilera, Seamicro and Calxeda have been selling Hadoop's massive data and memcached Web caching as a marketing point to promote their own micro-server products, but when it comes to distributed ...

Who is the winner of cloud computing? Comparison of OpenStack and VMware

"Editor's note" in the cloud computing ecosystem, there are two types of users that need to use cloud computing resources: the traditional (traditional IT applications) and the emerging Cloud computing Application (Cloud-aware applications) in the Internet tide. A popular metaphor abroad is that in the traditional service mode, it can be imagined that the server is the IT pet (Pets), give them name, carefully raised, when they are sick, you have to repair them; in the new form of application service model, virtual machine ...

The latest 2013 China's domestic open source free mainstream CMS summary

CMS (Content Management system), translated into the Web site management systems, widely used abroad, is a fast web-building system core. In recent years, with the development of China's domestic internet, many corporate groups and individuals focused on the web industry have developed their own CMS, and many products have already matured. In the CMS system, there is free open source, there are commercial fees, and a variety of CMS also have their own characteristics, such as small and powerful tsys, K ...

Facebook Data Center Practice analysis, OCP main work results

Editor's note: Data Center 2013: Hardware refactoring and Software definition report has a big impact. We have been paying close attention to the launch of the Data Center 2014 technical Report. In a communication with the author of the report, Zhang Guangbin, a senior expert in the data center, who is currently in business, he says it will take some time to launch. Fortunately, today's big number nets, Zhangguangbin just issued a good fifth chapter, mainly introduces Facebook's data center practice, the establishment of Open Computing Project (OCP) and its main work results. Special share. The following is the text: confidentiality is the data ...

Java Open Source Log framework Competition

Http:// "> Application system, the log is an indispensable important part of all the application of error information should be able to find in the log file,   Some application system log may be very small, some large application system log is quite large, while the log file must be user-friendly and search, to have a high performance, otherwise it will affect the performance of the application system. Because the log usually involves I.

XenServer server prop up Si jie "two cloud"

Recently, think of a High-profile release server virtualization New XenServer6.1, and in the Beijing office of Si Jie Media communication will be held. Cloud computing era, do front-end virtualization Jie in the mobile office, BYOD and other areas of development, however, this too dazzling light seems to play down the role of XenServer in the back-end market, coupled with Microsoft in the field of server virtualization increasingly close cooperation,   Let many observers begin to jie the strategic imagination of the server virtualization market. Recently, Si Jie high profile publishing Server virtualization ...

8 Kinds of NoSQL database system comparison (turn)

Comparison of 8 kinds of NoSQL database system: Kristóf Kovács Editor: Agile translation: Tang Yuhua share: More: Kristóf Kovács is a software architect and consultant who recently published an article comparing various types of NoSQL databases. The article is compiled by Agile translation-Tang Yuhua. If you want to reprint, please refer to the text after the declaration. Although SQL database is very useful ...

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