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Who is the real invisible comrade-in-arms--the real story of open source software and OpenSSL

"Editor's note" a few days ago in the circle of Friends Crazy biography of an article about OpenSSL, the story is very touching, although there is a soft text suspicion, but still let everyone see can not help to give OpenSSL donations. Moving stories are like beauties, and it's easy to ignore their authenticity, and most people seem to believe the article's author about open source software, the description of privacy security technology. This article is a rumor + popular Science article, not for the author of the article, but open source and security are IT technology hotspots, we should have a correct understanding of them. Of course the author of the end of the article on the media ...

OpenSSL serious loophole, directly endanger Internet users ' property and personal information security

Most of the existing legal measures are subject to ex post facto constraint, which is not a problem that can be solved by simple legislation. In the event of a lawsuit, a class action is generally formed, but there are still many difficulties to be solved in the jurisdiction and the degree of compensation. Opening any web site that starts with any "https://" means you open a Web site that uses the SSL security protocol. This protocol is used to improve the data safety factor between applications and encrypt data to conceal the transmitted data. And as a form of implementation of this Protocol, OpenSSL is the most widely used ...

What does the OpenSSL "Heartbleed" loophole mean? How to deal with it?

Absrtact: SSL may be one of the many security protocols that you have contacted, and you can see that a Web site uses the https://to begin with, which is the SSL security protocol. OpenSSL, then, is a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communications, encompassing the main password SSL may be one of the more secure protocols that we are exposed to, and the SSL security protocol is used to see a Web site with a https://start. The OpenSSL is a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communications, and includes the main password count ...

FortiOS 6.0 Security: Preventing self-signed certificate warnings

In this recipe, you prevent users from receiving a security certificate warning when your FortiGate performs full SSL inspection on incoming traffic.

SSL may be one of the more secure protocols that everyone touches.

SSL may be one of the more secure protocols that we have in contact with, and the SSL security protocol is used to see a Web site with a https://start. OpenSSL, a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network traffic, encompasses the main cryptographic algorithms, common key and certificate encapsulation management functions, and SSL protocols, and provides rich applications for testing or other purposes. OpenSSL is an open source SSL implementation, used to achieve high intensity encryption of network communications, and is now widely used in various network applications. ...

Compiling and installing OpenLDAP software

This chapter details how to compile and install the OpenLDAP software package, including SLAPD (8) (standalone LDAP daemon) and SLURPD (8) (Independent update Replication daemon). Compiling and installing OpenLDAP requires several steps: Installing the necessary software, configuring the OpenLDAP itself, compiling, and finalizing the installation. The following sections describe the process in detail. Get and unzip the software you can download from the project page (Http:// ...

More than 300,000 servers are still affected by a "heart bleed" vulnerability

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall time can let people forget everything. 2 months ago, the OpenSSL software's vulnerability to "heart bleed (Heartbleed)" shocked the entire internet. But after two months, a lot of people have forgotten this matter. According to a report by Errata security, there are still more than 30 ...

Expose open source contribution to some common misunderstandings

In the long run, the contribution of open source must be a two-way street. However, recent statistics show that the company's contribution to open source projects is much lower than the enterprise's use of open source code.   As more and more companies increase their contributions to open source projects, there is a need to debunk some common misconceptions about open source contributions. 1. Open source has already earned its eye. In 1964, a young woman named Kitty Genovese a victim of public apathy, a phenomenon that sparked a "bystander effect" debate. Simply put, this term describes the phenomenon of the table ...

Teach you to build anti-spam systems

One, the mail system installs 1, the package installs Postfix+courier-imap+cyrus-sasl+pam_mysql+mysql this kind of installation method is simple and easy, installs under the Debian more convenient: # apt Install Courier-pop postfix-mysql postfix-tls courier-authdaemon\courier-authmysql libpam-mysql l ...

We need to take part in the consumer decision process from a deeper level of user needs

Absrtact: In the last issue of Teahour with the founder of the dog net to talk about the difference between 2C products and 2B products, James mentioned that 2C is more psychological control, in human control, to give us some very strange benefits, such as the recent McDonald's in Taiwan in the morning of the first phase Teahour When talking about the difference between 2C products and 2B products with the founder of the Dog Net, James mentions that 2C is more of a psychological manipulation, in the manipulation of human nature, to give us more ...

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