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The state will increase the per capita basic public health service fee

Bcc Beijing December 6 (reporter Hou Yan) Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the State Council's executive meeting today (6th) to study the policy measures to establish a sound compensation mechanism for primary health care institutions. The meeting determined: After the implementation of the basic drug system, the government-sponsored township hospitals, urban Community health service agencies operating costs through government subsidies and service charges compensation. Development and construction expenditures, such as capital construction and equipment acquisition, are arranged in full by the government, and the government arranges the subsidy rationally. This year, the Government in accordance with the standard of no less than 15 yuan to implement basic public health ...

More than 3 billion yuan investment not fully effective

BEIJING, March 24, 2006 to 2008, the state in 103 counties invested more than 3 billion yuan in rural drinking water security projects and not fully effective.  The audit report released today disclosed that the audited projects were intended to address the problem of drinking water security for 7.8 million of people, but there are still 1.23 million people who are not being addressed. In addition, due to the management and institutional deficiencies, some of the completed rural Drinking Water safety project has a low quality of water supply, high operating costs, management and maintenance is not in place and the engineering utilization rate is not high problem, shadow ...

Zhejiang Leqing Baiyu Taxi drivers complain about high operating costs

Leqing Baiyu Taxi driver complained about the high cost of operation government departments to quickly dispose of, some reasonable request to be paid attention to "please drive the black cars out of the Leqing, maintenance of the normal operating order in the city", "Oil prices rose again, why we start price or 2 km 5 yuan" ...  Yesterday 8:20 A.M. Xu, Wenzhou Leqing Government administrative Center next to the three Ring road, Dawn Road, and other places, there have been taxi accumulation phenomenon, drivers said, the outage is helpless, because they have full words to say. By 9 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the taxi had increased to 100 vehicles. There are a few ...

Maintain a flat rating for everyone's shares with the industry

Pacific Crown Securities today released a study to maintain a "flat" rating for Nyse:renn shares. The following is the full report: first-quarter results are better than the expected first-quarter revenue of 24.9 million U.S. dollars, better than our estimated 24 million dollars. Gross margin is 35.1%, better than our estimated 31.3%. As a result of higher gross margin and lower than expected operating costs, the adjusted earnings per share of 0.07 U.S. dollars, better than we expected-0.10 U.S. dollars. First quarter, Month ...

Suning easy to buy weimin shelling domestic e-commerce is "MLM"

"TechWeb Report" August 8 News, Suning Appliances (002024, shares Bar) Co., Ltd. Vice chairman Weimin today in the "Suning easy to buy six months introduction" will bombard domestic e-commerce is "MLM." Weimin said that the domestic e-commerce burning money development is not marketing, is a pyramid scheme, MLM is the first batch, the second batch, the third group of investors. "E-commerce should return to the essence and improve efficiency.   Weimin said that Suning's easy to purchase operating costs in domestic e-commerce, the lowest cost accounted for less than 8%. Suning Tesco executive vice President Lee ...

AMD has hired investment bank JP Morgan as consultant

Absrtact: AMD hires JPMorgan to explore strategic options according to foreign media reports, sources said in Tuesday, AMD has hired investment bank JP Morgan as a consultant to explore the company, including external sales of strategic options. With the processor manufacturing industry shifting its focus away from AMD hiring JPMorgan to explore strategic options according to foreign media reports, sources said in Tuesday that AMD had hired investment bank JP Morgan as a consultant to explore the company's strategic options, including external sales. As the processor manufacturing industry center of gravity is constantly deviating from the traditional PC to move ...

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