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Book Recommendation: God-like product Manager

Edited by Shang ISBN 978-7-121-16885-7 June 2012 Published pricing: 79.00 Yuan 16 open 496 pages of propaganda: The book has a full picture, there are details, including more combat. For this system of complex business, this book made Ha Fi analysis definition, carding and summary. Brief introduction This is a systematic exposition of mobile and Internet products from scratch, from have to excellent product manager practice case works. And this book runs through the "people such as products, products such as people" and "products of the roots and sources from the real life" ...

Product principles and Product Review Panel revelation

This article is selected from the No. 2012 year of the "programmer" magazine 04, translated by Seven Indian tribes. Wen/Marty Cagan translation/Huang Jiewen, Tanfong Marty Cagan is a product management expert who has enjoyed worldwide reputation, and he has served as vice President of Netscape, senior vice president of product management and design, ebay. This article is he reviewed his more than 20 years to engage in SOFTWARE PRODUCT management work summary and experience sharing, in the article he described the product development needs to follow the product principles and the need to set up a product review team ...

Are you qualified for the top 20 large data positions and their responsibilities?

Big data has an increasingly important impact on the global IT job market. According to data from Gartner, as of 2015 there will be 4.4 million of it work to support large data, and 1.9 million of it work will be produced in the United States alone. Take a look at the top 20 large data positions and their responsibilities list listed. CIO figuratively data officer Responsibilities: A. Work with administrators, data owners, and data administrators to create data management policies for internal and external customers and ...

On the foundation and ability of product manager

Into the product this line only 2 years, as a new product, while learning to think, walked a lot of detours and insights, this article to their own experience, the perspective of the product manager in my impression that some understanding. (1) Conceptual understanding: 1. PD and PM: Normally, PD refers to product design, PM refers to Product manager, but in some companies, product managers collectively pd,pm refer to project management. 2. Products and operations: some of the company's products and operations are differentiated, the team has a dedicated product personnel, has a dedicated operation of the operators, but also some of the company's products and operations are not separated ...

Cloud services: How to build and deploy

The Azure Management portal provides you with two ways to build and deploy a cloud service: Quick Build and custom build (customized create). This article mainly describes how to build a new cloud service using the Quick Build method, and then upload and deploy cloud service packs in Azure using the upload (Update) feature. If you use this approach, the Azure Admin portal provides easy links to meet all your requirements. If you are in the structure of ...

Explore user expectations for cloud service standards

When cloud services are running smoothly and service level agreements (SLAs) are in place, business parties, businesses, and institutions may want to transfer data from cloud storage to different providers, but find it impossible to do so for some reason. One reason is that the data format required for API calls to store data in the cloud is incompatible with, or not interoperable with, API calls used by different providers to store data in the cloud. As a result, the business side will be confronted with data transmission failure due to the format used by different providers before choosing a provider to provide cloud services ...

Introduction to Internet Product Operation: How to do content construction?

But the number of operators in the product operation is very large, but the position name is different. Only in my familiar community product operations, there are community operations, community administrators, content audit, activities planning, community editing, network promotion, Community customer service and other positions, belong to the scope of product operation. The threshold of product operation is usually not high, the work content and seemingly trivial and complex, exhaustive, easy to do difficult to fine. There are several viewpoints: operation is "guest service", "delete the post", "Forum Moderator", "Porter", "Cleaning staff", "Network Operation Dimension" (Totally two jobs good!) " .........

Cloud computing Comparisons: EC2, Mosso and Gogrid

The idea of using the Internet to provide IT capabilities as a service is relatively new, but recently people have reached a climax in their attention. Infoq has also published several articles, such as "Introduction to Virtualization" and an article on virtualization security, but there is still a lack of comparisons between different cloud providers. This article compares three cloud computing providers, which provide a server-centric solution, starting with a description of how to start three cloud computing services and then comparing the performance, price, and availability of services to three service providers. ...

Product operation should focus on content construction

Can you do as little interference with the user experience as possible with your ads? Can you find the right ads based on the form and content of your products? Can you do business projects based on product features and user demographics? What about products and users? The topic of Internet product managers has always been hot, and product operations are far less obtrusive. However, the number of product operation practitioners can be quite a lot, but the job title is different. Community operations, community managers, content reviews, events ... just for the community products I'm more familiar with ...

Storage calculation and query model of massive data

Massive data ("Big Data") refers to data that is large enough to be used in traditional methods. In the past, the creators of Web search engines have been the first to face this problem. Today, a variety of social networks, mobile applications, and various sensors and science fields create petabytes of data every day. In response to this massive data-processing challenge, Google created MapReduce. Google's work, and the Hadoop created by Yahoo, hatched a complete ...

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