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Through the camera on the phone, it can translate the printed words of various languages in real time

Where is Word lens magic? Through the camera on the phone, it can translate the printed text of various languages in real time. The specific principle is this: open the word Lens on the phone, and then point the camera at the printed text you want to translate, Word Lens will use optical character recognition technology (OCR) to identify these words, and then search through the dictionary to find translations. Word Lens will use augmented reality to completely overwrite the translated text in the original text, except the language changes, the camera will not change the scene. Such a ...

Ocrodjvu 0.7.6 Release OCR system Packaging program

Ocrodjvu is a packaging program for OCR systems, mainly for performing OCR systems on DjVu files. Ocrodjvu 0.7.6 This version updates tesseract≥3.00, the bounding box for a particular character is now extracted with high precision. You can choose to use a HTML5 parser. Code demonstration: $ Wget-q ' http://ocropus.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/data/pages/alice_1.png ' ...

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