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Oracle CEO wins pay King Jobs fourth

Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle (Photo: AP) Barry Diller (Larry Ellison Diller) (map) Top 5 of the Wall Street Journal CEO pay list (photo source: Wall Street Journal) CEO remuneration rankings are the highest-paid listed companies in the past 10 years. Oracle CEO Ellison is the "King of Pay". Jobs, with a 1-dollar salary, also ranked among the top five "SOEs" for restricted stock returns ...

Oracle CEO paid 78.4 million dollars last year for the United States first

Oracle CEO Ellison (Larry Ellison) was the CEO of the highest-paid company in the United States last year, Ellison, The New York Times reported April 13 morning, and the CEO's total pay Rose 9% from 2012. Mr. Ellison paid 78.4 million dollars last year, including 15.4 million dollars in wages and benefits, and 76.9 million dollars worth of stock options. In the same survey in 2012, Ellison was also the highest-paid CEO, the total pay ...

Hua Sheng Tiancheng to mass layoffs annual salary of the top vice-president two vice president to reduce shareholding

Just left the vice President Lu Zhihong in China Sheng Tiancheng (market, interrogation) for two years in the company with the highest pay, is the chairman Hu Yinqui and large shareholder Wang Weihai remuneration 3 times times the financial profit treasure, the current savings rate 1000% from Lingyun plan to the Range Rover action,  It Integrated services business, Hua Sheng Tiancheng in the cloud Era wave constantly redefine its value and transformation, but the road bumpy.  The high cost and the accrual of account receivable, let Hua Sheng Tiancheng had to in this year with various "moves" cut spending, again ushered in a large-scale layoffs. A few days ago, in Hua Sheng Tiancheng internal to ...

Yang Yuanqing with 130 million list Forbes

Recently, Forbes released the 2014 salary list of CEOs of Chinese listed companies. According to the data, Yang Yuanqing of Lenovo Group and Cai Yanming of China Want to rank No. 1 and No. 2 respectively with a total salary of 130.22 million yuan and 104.85 million yuan, and at the same time this year's "100 million yuan Million CEO. " Due to the different positions of the listed companies, Forbes CEO, president, general manager, bank president are collectively referred to as CEO. According to "Daily Economic News" reporter statistics, since 2010, Forbes domestic capital Hong Kong stocks (mainland listed in Hong Kong non-state-owned enterprises, as well as the main source of assets ...

Software Developer Payroll Survey

Today, software development is an important career in the Internet age, and at the end of 2012, CSDN and Programmer magazine launched the annual "Software developer Payroll survey." In the survey we can see: ① monthly salary 5k-10k developers occupy most; ② Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou belong to the hinterland of the programmer. ③ Top 3 Industries: Internet, games, defense/Army; ④ the most lucrative four programming languages are: C, C + +, Python, C; ⑤ causes developers to switch jobs ...

Fortune 1 Dollar Annual leader list: Geobschwassing list

Beijing time September 25 afternoon news, "Fortune" online edition of the magazine today listed 13 U.S. business leaders and political figures with only 1 dollars in annual pay. The list spans political, financial and it circles, with celebrities including Apple CEO Steve Jobs, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and Google's two founder Sergey (Sergey Brin) and Larry &middo ...

Cloud computing forces traditional IT vendors to transform

Sina Technology Loliang is now the era of hardware revival? Maybe. But for traditional vendors with hardware businesses such as IBM (188.56,-2.43,-1.27%), Hewlett-Packard (26.69,0.25,0.95%), Dell (13.71,-0.02,-0.15%), this is not a good time. The development of cloud computing is bringing IBM and Hewlett-Packard back into the era of software, hardware (servers, storage, and networking) after the advent of tablets and smartphones that have sent traditional PCs into the post-PC era. Traditional hardware and software decay for I.

Hurd: "The Roller Coaster" life in "twist elder brother"

-Wu Censian Hewlett-Packard's former chief executive (CEO) Hurd is certainly not in a calm mood for two months.  From the original peak, to be a sexual harassment scandal, and then to be found false reimbursement, the final image collapsed by HP board of Directors Lightning dismissal, "fished" more than 40 million of billions of dollars "breakup fee", Hurd in a short period of one months experience let a person can't help but sigh. And when the audience thought that the plot would come to an end, but the wonderful is still behind: Oracle CEO Ellison is very appreciative of Mr. Hurd, he invited him to serve as the joint president of Oracle, and out of 950,000 U.S.

Wang's billion-dollar gamble, how the electrical business road to come over

[Summary] Wanda Electric Business executives frequently change or originate from Wanda as a traditional enterprise in the Internet field of the adaptation. Wanda, which continues to experience turmoil, is undergoing a new round of shuffling. Tencent Science and Technology today learned that Wanda Electric business has appointed a new management layer, of which, the original Jiapin network COO Donze will be identified as CEO, the former senior vice president Gaoxiapinghu as COO, the former United States New Egg network in the Los Angeles area CIO Cao Dajun as CTO.   This means that the new round of Wanda Electric Business Management appointment adjustment completed. Tencent technology through the review of Wanda Electric business development process to see China's first ...

Wang Jianlin's electricity supplier

Wanda Electric, which continues to experience turmoil, is experiencing a new round of reshuffle. Tencent Technology was informed today, Wanda has recently appointed a new management e-commerce, of which the original good network COO Dong policy will be identified as the CEO, the former vice president Gaopeng Gaoxia as COO, former Los Angeles area of ​​the United States the new Egg Cao Dajun Served as CTO. This means that a new round of management appointments to complete the adjustment of Wanda. Tencent Technology Review Wanda e-commerce development process to take a look at China's richest man Wang Jianlin's "E-commerce Road" is how come. 1 [Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun billion yuan betting] 2012 ...

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