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Oracle is actively expanding Oracle Cloud services Portfolio

Oracle Global Assembly, October 2, 2012-Oracle is aggressively expanding Oracle Cloud Services (Oracle Cloud Service) portfolio, Kurian, Oracle's vice president for product development, said yesterday. The move further delivers Oracle's broadest and most advanced cloud strategy commitment, while demonstrating the significant growth momentum presented by Oracle's key customers and partners in the cloud services industry. 7 of the latest and previewed Oracle cloud services offerings significantly enhance Oracle Cloud service array ...

Oracle will continue to drive innovation across Oracle converged middleware product suite

Oracle's Global Congress, October 3, 2012-Oracle will continue to promote innovation across Oracle converged middleware (Oracle Fusion Middleware) product suite to further enhance the industry's leading business innovation platform for enterprise and cloud environments. With more than 2,000 customer-driven innovative products delivered over the past 12 months, Oracle continues to enhance Oracle Fusion middleware components, including Oracle SOA Suite Oracle ...

Oracle: Determined to challenge and defeat IBM and SAP

After Oracle formally acquired SUN in 2010, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison disclosed to the public that it will compete with and beat IBM in high-end systems and compete with SAP in the application area And beat it. In 2013, Oracle's high-end M systems redefined extreme performance by defeating IBM Power systems in terms of price / performance and memory capacity. In addition, Oracle SaaS applications have been fully brought to market, with subscriptions up 35% by the end of the year. & nb ...

Oracle announces Launch of Oracle Big Data Machine

Oracle has announced a formal launch of Oracle's Big Data Machine, Oracle, appliance, which will help customers maximize the business value of large data. Oracle Large Data machine is a hard, software integration System, integrating the Cloudera company's distribution including Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Manager, as well as an open source R. The system employs an Oracle Linux operating system with an o ...

Oracle Big Data Solutions - Ideal for future businesses

Over the past few years, with the transactional IT to interactive IT transition, corporate data began to show an explosive growth. Due to the rise of social media, the massive applications of digital sensors and the popularization of mobile devices have directly led to the rapid emergence of various large amounts of big data. This kind of multi-structured data market value is not high, but the huge amount of data contains a hidden huge wealth. Thus, how to effectively manage big data has become a topic of concern to the industry. According to 2011 Unisphe ...

"Converged" Oracle Fusion Middleware provides power to enterprise cloud environments

Traditional data centers are built around a single application or multiple islands of application, and the maintenance of proprietary technology and applications takes up a lot of innovative resources, and only a few resources can be used to create business value. The emergence of cloud computing has changed this situation, providing companies with more opportunities to create greater business value. The good virtualization features of cloud computing can be flexibly deployed in accordance with the needs of the enterprise business, while the design pattern of cloud computing can be rapidly optimized and innovated, thus greatly reducing it complexity, helping the enterprise to effectively improve it cost structure, and meet the ever-increasing ...

Oracle Sishing: Large data solutions need to be fully integrated and open

"Tenkine Server channel April 23" The Big data application of the vast number has been beyond doubt. Corporate CEOs and CIOs talk about big data when they talk about business strategy and it model innovation. Large data drives Rapid Changes in infrastructure and $232 billion 2016, Gartner ("rapid change in the big-drive infrastructure", 2 016 Years ...

Oracle converged application software brings new business changes to Enterprise cloud computing

Oracle Fusion applications have been particularly eye-catching at the 2011 Oracle Global Conference in San Francisco, and have made frequent appearances in in-depth product seminars, new partner products and successful case-sharing among industry clients. Early adopters and existing customers of the new Oracle Fusion application have made significant progress and success in openly sharing their experience with Oracle converged application software deployments. including Alcoa, Green Kings Coffee Roasters Company, Pacific Northwest National Experiment ...

Oracle releases new SPARC servers world's fastest CPU

"Tenkine Server channel March 27 News" Oracle today announced the launch of a new SPARC T5 and M5 server running Oracle Solaris as a comprehensive upgrade to the high-end SPARC server product line. The newly launched Oracle SPARC T5 Server is based on the world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5. The world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5 today's business needs strong computing power to fully tap large data to maximize competitive advantage, using analytical tools to explore ...

Oracle Technology Conference put forward the company's full range of cloud capabilities

Oracle held the Oracle Cloud Technology Application Conference on "Cloud World" in Beijing on July 24, bringing a comprehensive cloud solution from Oracle. According to Pan Shaohai, Oracle senior vice president and managing director of Oracle China, this year's Oracle Cloud Application Conference is the first to visit Beijing. The conference attracted a total of 1,500 users, reflecting Oracle's emphasis on China's cloud computing market. Put in. Pan Shaohai, senior vice president of Oracle and managing director of Oracle China Now cloud computing is a topic that people often mentioned, ...

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