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The investment smell of Jiangnan spring

Jason in the paper seriously wrote a "full" word, said: "One is complacent, the brain fever, ego expansion, think oneself omnipotent, one is not return to zero, not empty, think oneself thinking very molding." These two points are the most dangerous, is the enterprise's biggest challenge. In fact, Jiangnan Spring has enough reason to be complacent, Halo is always around him. March, the audience to 300 million dollars to acquire the Internet advertising company Yes, alarmed the industry. In June, Jason will also serve as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs to the Ernst and Earth annual entrepreneur Award in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This award has been awarded to Dell Computer founder Michael &mi ...

Netflix CEO Ride Hastings

Foreign media recently published an article about how streaming media video service provider Netflix and its chief executive, Ride Hastings, have experienced and survived repeated blunders, eventually joining Silicon Valley's "elite community" story. The following is the full text of the article: Under normal circumstances, Netflix's share of home Internet traffic in the United States usually accounts for nearly one-third per cent over the weekend evenings, higher than the share of YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, HBO go, itunes and BitTorrent. No matter which time ...

Netflix attack

Absrtact: Netflix CEO Ridhastings Foreign Media recently published an article about how streaming video service provider Netflix and its chief executive, Ridhastings, have experienced and survived repeated blunders, eventually joining Silicon Valley's elite community story. Hastings Foreign Media recently published articles about streaming media video service provider Netflix and its chief executive Ride Hastings how to experience and endure the mistakes, ...

SP pioneering help: Mobile Internet Loujiang

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest Cloud Mainframe technology Hall These people in the SP era Amoy to the first bucket of gold, now in the era of the intelligent mobile Internet, the past "fast law" can achieve their "new dream"? Article | Colin Zhang Zhijian Start the second month cash flow began as positive, the 1th year to buy a house. That was 2004, the SP industry's highest rise in the period, his team name registered a number of companies, respectively, to serve the mobile, unicom and telecommunications, each month to do ...

Jie: Clear cloud computing cognitive applications start with private cloud

Author: Machallian, senior Director of Cloud Computing Division, Asia Pacific, Inc. cloud computing is the most exciting and disruptive technology in the IT industry for 20 of years, even more disruptive than the migration of large hosts to client/server architectures. Both the way IT services are delivered and the way businesses consume these IT services are changed by cloud computing.   Chinese users are also quick to deal with the changes brought about by the new architecture, where I will share with you the thinking about cloud computing and how to define various types of cloud computing models. Cloud ...

Cloud computing is the future, but the "cock silk" business or not to play

[Abstract] The "seamless access" experience provided by cloud computing will bring a lot of real money, but investors have to be patient. Cloud computing is the future December 1, the latest issue of the United States, the famous financial magazine "Barron" wrote an analysis of the current cloud computing market trends. The article points out that, compared with Microsoft and other traditional software giants, cloud computing software industry in the early period of fixed assets and equipment investment is too large, resulting in the entire industry into a profit dilemma. However, due to strong market demand and the large-scale development of industry, cloud computing industry's future development trend is still bright. The following is the full text of the article: The Last World ...

Big data is "beer + diapers"? Interpretation of the three-dimensional characteristics of "Da"

The concept of "big data" originally originated in the United States. Here the "big" is usually used to describe the three-dimensional characteristics of the data: the first dimension refers to the increasing volume of information, the second dimension refers to a wide variety of information, and the third dimension index becomes usable information and can be analyzed faster and faster. As early as 1969, Wal-Mart, the world's retail giant, used computers to analyze consumer purchases, and found that male shoppers tended to "match" a few bottles of beer while buying diapers, and promoted the sale of beer and diapers. Now, this "beer ...

Detailed understanding of cloud computing and the classification of three clouds

Cloud computing is arguably the most exciting and disruptive new technology created by the IT industry in the last two decades, and even more disruptive than a mainframe migration to a client or server architecture. Both the delivery model of IT services and the form of these IT services consumed by enterprises have changed because of the birth of cloud computing. Chinese users are also rapidly responding to changes brought about by the new architecture, where I will share with you some thoughts on cloud computing and how Citrix defines various types of cloud computing models. What is cloud computing and what is not? First we come ...

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