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How to install Oracle on SUSE Linux 10: Create a Database listener

How to install ORACLE on SuSE Linux 10: Detailed steps to create a database listener $ORACLE _home/bin/netcaoracle@linuxsuse:~> NETCA

Lang Xian Ping: Why Oracle is successful?

In Western philosophy, failure is the fault of control and management. Wen/lang Ping, professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, top scholar of corporate governance I'm going to tell you a story about American High-tech companies.  The story is about the boss of Oracle, who recently squeezed IBM away to buy solar micro-systems.  In 1977, Ellison, 32, founded Oracle with two other people, who was a dropout who had not graduated from three universities. Don't underestimate this dropout of the older youth, their three guys level is not simple, most ...

How to install Oracle on SUSE Linux 10: Installing database Software

Upload database software to/DB/SW directory to upload and extract database software from Oracle: [oracle@linuxserv5 sw]$ pwd/db/sw[oracle@linuxserv5 sw]$ lslinux_x86_11gr1_ DATABASE.ZIP[ORACLE@LINUXSERV5 sw]$ unzip install database software Orac ...

How to install Oracle on SUSE Linux 10: Create a database using DBCA

How to install Oracle on SUSE Linux 10: Detailed steps for creating a database using DBCA oracle@linuxsuse:~> DBCA

Check_oracle_health 1.7.3 Release Monitor Oracle database Plug-ins

Check_oracle_health 1.7.3 This version adds a new pattern: Sga-library-cache-pinhit-ratio, Sga-library-cache-gethit-ratio and Sga-library-cache-reloads. SQL mode can now correctly handle DML SQL errors for lost tables, and so on. Check_oracle_health is a nagios used to monitor Oracle ...

Oracle Database Cloud Server for SAP

SAP-oriented Oracle database cloud server Temp_12081219172942.pdf

[Document] Oracle Cloud Computing

Oracle Cloud Computing 1. The origins of Cloud computing 2. Cloud Computing Market Outlook 3. The mainstream definition of cloud computing 4. The development impetus of cloud computing 5. The advantages and challenges of cloud computing temp_12010715393833.pdf

Oracle pushes new memory applications to shrink large data machines

Oracle is planning to release a series of memory-based applications that will keep Oracle in the forefront of competition with SAP. Oracle announced in Tuesday that it will launch more than 10 memory applications, and its spokesman said the first three will be launched in May, including JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as Sales Advisor JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Memory Sales Advisor), JD Edwards enterpriseone in-me ...

ORA2PG v8.1 release Oracle conversion PostgreSQL tools

ORA2PG can be used to convert Oracle databases into POSTGRESQL.ORA2PG is a Perl module to export an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL compatible Schema. It connects your Oracle database, extracts its businessesflat-out, and genera ...

Oracle releases patches in Tuesday to fix bugs in the database

July 15, according to foreign media reports, Oracle said in a statement in Thursday that it plans to release 78 patches in Tuesday to repair the security vulnerabilities of many of its software products, including 13 patches to repair Oracle's main database software vulnerabilities. Oracle will release a database patch involving many versions of the database, including 11g R1 and R2 as well as 10G R1 and R2. Two of these vulnerabilities can be exploited on the network by an attacker and do not require a logon certificate. There are three patches to repair Oracle's secure backup products. All three vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely without the need for ...

Oracle is accused of concealing HP server test results

In an attempt to highlight its SPARC server performance, Oracle has concealed the test results of rival HP ProLiant servers, according to people familiar with the news, Beijing time, March 11. Oracle has said last December that running Oracle databases on SPARC Supercluster, based on its SPARC t3-4 server, has created a world record for TPC benchmarks, with 30,249,688 transactions per minute, per TPM (  The transaction cost is 1.01 dollars per minute. ...

Python bsddb3 5.3.0 publishes a python module

Python bsddb3 is a Python module that provides a complete Oracle/sleepycat C API package for database environments, databases, cursors, sequences, transaction objects, and Python types as a bsddb3.db module. Database objects can use a variety of different access methods, including: Btree, Hash, recno, and queue. It supports Http:// ...

Sun Server Quarterly sales 3.5 to grow for the first time

Beijing time May 25 afternoon news, market research company IDC issued a report in Tuesday, said that after the Oracle acquisition, Sun Microsystems Quarterly server hardware sales business 3.5 for the first time growth.  When Oracle announced plans to buy Sun two years ago, Sun's server business had begun to slide, and Sun's server business had fallen more violently as Oracle CEO Ellison Larry ellision The uncertainty over how the sun business was handled. But Oracle has been convincing users last year ...

Mysql two useful SQL performance analysis statements

1> explain SQL, similar to Oracle explain statement For example: explain select * from nad_aditem; 2> select benchmark (count, sql); Calculate the sql statement to perform count times For example: mysql> select benchmark (1000; Select * FROM AD;); + ---------...

Gates for 19 consecutive years as America's richest man

Xinhua News agency, the U.S. "Forbes" website 19th released the ranking of the U.S. rich, software giant Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates 19 consecutive years, the net assets of 66 billion U.S. dollars.  Warren Buffett, the chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, was followed by a $46 billion trillion in assets, with Oracle CEO Ellison, who is ranked third, with 4 members of the Wharton family of Wal-Mart, the global retail giant, in the top ten. The richest this year ...

ORA2PG 8.7 Publishing Database Migration Tool

ORA2PG 8.7 This version adds multithreading and speed to lob export. Fixed and improved some major errors. ORA2PG can be used to convert an Oracle database into a PostgreSQL tool. A Perl module exports an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL-compliant schema. It connects the Oracle database, extracts its structure, and generates a SQL script that you can load into your PostgreSQL database. Process or dump an Oracle online ...

Research and implementation of large data management in the field of astronomy

Research and realization of large data management oriented to the field of Astronomy Harbin Institute of Technology Yao Hua This article will optimize the database performance of Oracle's real application cluster, testing to see if the existing Oracle real application cluster meets the needs of the project. In addition, this article will compare the performance of query statements in Oracle's real application cluster and other database management systems in the same situation. This article will also be tested on the scalability of Oracle's real application cluster to see if Oracle's real application cluster can support adding, expanding clusters to ...

VirtualBox 4.1.2 Release x86 virtual machine software

Oracle VM VirtualBox, previous Sun xVM VirtualBox, and Innotek VirtualBox are x86 virtualization products used by businesses and households. VirtualBox is an open source x86 virtual machine software. VirtualBox can be run on Linux and Windows hosts, and it supports installing Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server http://www ...).

Research on cloud storage system based on object storage

Research on cloud storage system based on object storage Cao Shouxin Chaoleu Jin Yu when storing data on a physical device, the front-end database first needs to persist the data. In the past few years, relational databases have been the only choice for data persistence, and data workers are considering only filtering in these traditional databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. Even make some default choices, such as using. NET to generally choose SQL Server;

VirtualBox 4.1.0 Release x86 virtual machine software

Oracle VM VirtualBox, previous Sun xVM VirtualBox, and Innotek VirtualBox are x86 virtualization products used by businesses and households. VirtualBox is an open source x86 virtual machine software. VirtualBox can be run on Linux and Windows hosts, and it supports installing Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server http://www ...).

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