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When a ship begins to sink, passengers are afraid to jump in first, waiting for the last moment. But often to the end, may have been isolated. The road is at the foot, you choose. Nokia employees in Beijing protested against Microsoft's layoff plan, dissatisfied with the compensation package, and a large crowd of workers protesting there. Someone asked me how to look at this thing? What else can you see, with a circle of friends to see it. Oddly enough, the comments of the circle of friends over the past few days have almost no sympathy for Nokia employees, after all, Microsoft's compensation package is higher than the national standard and does not violate the labor law. Employees protesting ...

Suningyun for innovative products Enterprises launched "Suning crowdsourcing platform", turned is beautiful?

In order to assemble more commercial resources, Suningyun companies launched "Suning crowdsourcing platform" for innovative products.   July 8, Suningyun Vice President Wang said, in advance of the underwriting project on the basis of the platform to gradually promote, 2015 Suning crowdsourcing sales target of 25 billion yuan, 2017 sales will reach 45 billion yuan. After the establishment of the crowdsourcing, Suningyun and innovative enterprises are not a simple vendor relationship, but based on the relationship between industrial chains. Suning easy to buy is a sales platform, the public package is more inclined to purchase. "Crowdsourcing has increased the channels for everyone to be present, whether they are engaged in designing, creating ...

CYASSL 2.0.0RC2 publishes a dual-protocol implementation of SSL

Cyassl 2.0.0RC2 This version has fixed issues (Alerts, DTLS with DHE) and some new features, including support FreeRTOS, support LWIP, delete Wshadow warnings, and ASN public Header-ctaocrypt The public headers now use the CTC_ prefix. This is the second and perhaps final release of the candidate. CYASSL package is a fast, dual-protocol implementation of SSL, the main application ...

Spack 3.4 Release complete and independent generators

Spack 3.4 This version spacktidy the UI and code for modifications and improvements, and fixes errors for related files. In addition, you can now perform a new "matchcase" option, set to 0 o'clock, and the search is case-insensitive. Spackcook command-method options are improved. The Spack package is a complete and independent generator based on Linux Slackware and other derivative editions. Provide you with a relaxed, clean, secure, flexible way to make your package less needed to write code time, so you choose ...

Beijing demolition Package is expected to promote

The development of land level in the future by the government-led in this year's 100 billion of the city's Land reserve investment, the Government completed the land level development has accounted for more than 90%, Huilongguan Village pioneered the supporting mode of demolition.  This morning, the reporter from the city Land Bureau related to understand that, in the future, this model is expected to be promoted in the whole town, in order to speed up demolition and the speed of land reserve. The previous development model supporting the construction of hospital schools and other developers Huilongguan village is located in the North five ring Badaling high-speed Huilongguan bridge southwest corner, the census of nearly 4000 people, is Huilongguan Town first Omura, in addition to this ...

Do you need an offer or a life experience you never experienced?

Absrtact: Our children's shoes, we as a member of the Yahoo North Research, whether it is technology or ability, are the industry outstanding. At this time, the package is not controlled by you. Don't worry about the next job where, with your ability, complete your children's shoes, we as a member of the Yahoo North Research, whether the technology or ability, are the industry outstanding. At this time, the package is not controlled by you. No need to worry about where the next job is, with your abilities, there's no need to worry about finding a job. On this occasion, ...

Silverlight Publishing Optimization (bottom)

Related articles: the optimization work at the time of Silverlight release (i) I. Project resource optimization resources exist in Silverlight: resource--resources are packaged inside the assembly content--resources are packaged in XAP packages none-- The resource is neither integrated into the assembly nor packaged into the XAP package. However, we can set the Copytooutputdirectory option to automatically copy to the XAP package ...

US stimulus plan has created or saved about 150,000 jobs

WASHINGTON, May 27 (Xinhua) The Obama administration's economic stimulus plan has been in place for 100 days, with some 150,000 jobs being created or saved, the White House's top economic official said 27th.  U.S. President Barack Obama February 17 signed a total of 787 billion U.S. dollars in the economic stimulus package. In a conference call on 27th, Vice President Joe Biden's chief economic advisor, Jarid Bernstein, said the employment figures are a comparison of the employment situation that may arise from the assumption that the economic stimulus package is not being implemented.

Take stock of those Chinese tourists "Acura" behavior-Airport baggage occupy, "group" shun flight knife and fork ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > "Egyptian temple to this visit", "Jiangsu couple due to flight delays caused by the Hong Kong airport"; Recently, in the Lavender field in Provence south, two Chinese tourists have been fighting for the position of taking photos,  Chinese tourists "fire" a ... Airport luggage occupy, the plane with knife and fork, the leader of the eyes of those "gourmet guests" with the increase in the number of Chinese outbound tourists, Chinese tourists ...

ICloud Drive Package Plan officially announced, Max capacity 1TB

Summary: Apple has complied with the promise of this year's WWDC, bringing a reasonably priced ICloud Drive package. Just as the newly released IPhone 6 and Apple Watch and other new products caused hot debate, Apple low-key release ICloud Drive's final package and price. From Apple's adherence to the WWDC promise of the year, it has brought a reasonably priced ICloud Drive package. Just released ...

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