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Russian steel King becomes new richest man personal assets up to 18.8 billion dollars

Vladimir Lixin, Russia's new richest man, iron and Steel King, Russia's steel giant Vladimir Lising became the richest person in Russia, with an estimated $18.8 billion trillion in total personal assets, according to the 2010 wealth list released by Xinhua's latest Finance magazine. Lixin is the boss of the new Li-Pei metallurgical company. Finance magazine statistics show that his assets soared from $7.7 billion trillion in 2009 to $18.8 billion trillion.  The surge in assets was mainly attributable to the rise in company shares. Compared with the former richest man, Lixin is not famous. Journal of Finance ...

The world's largest fund-raising charity event

They are second and third in this year's Forbes Global Rich List, and are also known as philanthropists. They are Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.   16th, they invariably launched a "charitable oath" campaign, calling on American billionaires to donate at least half of their personal assets to charity.   On that day, they have got the promise of Shiki millionaire. America's Fortune Magazine, if 400 rich Americans can respond to the call, will raise nearly 600 billion beauty ...

The troubles of China's super-rich, the huge wealth inheritance difficult

Despite the staggering wealth, there are still 70% of billionaires who say they have financing needs; even more troubling for the rich generation is the problem of the family inheritance of the huge wealth, the second generation docking class is not very interested in the recent report by Hurun China's super rich class (with more than 500 million yuan in personal assets) is about 17,000 people, sitting on 31 trillion of wealth, equivalent to nearly half of China's gross domestic product in 2014. However, the super-rich also have a rich worry, despite the staggering wealth, there are still 70% of the rich say there is financing demand. More to the rich generation headaches is that the huge wealth of the face of family heritage problems, Fu second generation of succession ...

The company's assets will be cut by more than half after Bloomberg's divestment

Summary: After Bloomberg withdrew, the company's assets will be cut by more than half.   The quartet was created by an old friend of Bloomberg, Steven, who led the Obama administration's Auto rescue team last year after leaving office. Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg, New York mayor, decided to Bloomberg $5 billion of personal assets from private equity "quartet" ...

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