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Malware frequently appears in Android phone frequency security door

The 2011 smartphone boom in the global market, even in the late start of the Chinese market, under the strong impetus of operators, the average consumer also began to iOS, Android, BlackBerry, such as the original only in the Geek Group widely disseminated technical terminology familiar. Echoing this is the surge in smartphone sales. Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, the Chinese market for more than 12 million smartphone sales, the year-on-year growth of more than 200%, of which the Android smartphone is more than 30%, has been fully approaching the Symbian system, has become ...

Comment: Does the Android phone system need to be constantly upgraded?

What will the system update change?      I think most users are not thinking about this, they generally think that the new is good, Apple devices have at least three more system updates, why do they have a small version of the Android phone upgrade? What will the system update change? I think most users don't think about it, they generally think that the new is good, Apple devices have at least three more system updates, with what Android on their hands ...

Mobile phone application Erotic Qiao implantation, uninstall difficult

Smartphone manufacturers and application developers "wealth" of the new channel in the domestic mobile phone market competition in the brutal environment, some bad mobile phone manufacturers and application developers collusion, with "yellow" information and free gimmicks to attract users to download and install mobile applications,   But behind these free apps is a different proportion of the split between handset makers and app developers, such as 40% of profits for app developers, while handset makers earn 60% of their profits. More of the application of the deduction in the mobile phone when the production has been implanted into the mobile phone, the user simply can not uninstall, as long as the Click to make ...

Android suffers phone call vulnerability

CM Security found a high-risk vulnerability in Android: Android exploits the vulnerability without having to make phone calls, making any phone calls, including dialing special numbers to execute system commands such as emptying mobile data. CM Security has been updated urgently to prevent Android malware from exploiting the phone permissions vulnerability. "If a normal Android program needs to make a call, you must apply for system privileges before installation, and users can use the Jinshan Mobile Duba to manage whether applications in the mobile phone can use system privileges."

Windows phone tomorrow---on the future of mobile internet trends

"Article Summary" Nowadays, the advent of Windows Phone 8 system has made it seem that we can meet the three-part smartphone system market in Windows Phone, IPhone, and Android three systems. With the advent of the mobile internet era, the popularity of smart phones has become a major trend in the mobile phone market.   Compared with the traditional function mobile phone, the smart phone with its portable, intelligent features, so that its entertainment, business, time and services and other applications to better meet the consumer's mobile Internet experience. Android ...

Round table: Moving towards mobile PC Internet how to transform mobile Internet

Moving to the PC Internet how to smooth transformation of mobile Internet and news technology 2013 China Internet Entrepreneur Conference May 11 held in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums.   News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report. The following is the theme "Moving toward mobile PC Internet how to smooth the transformation of mobile Internet?" "Round Table Forum: South Lixin: The first special pressure is relatively large, this conference music Most modern forum, just the beauty also let everyone in front of a ...

Win on the mobile End Forum: Business opportunities in related areas of beauty games

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall "win in the mobile and cloud" round table (Tencent technology photo) Tencent Science and technology news, April 7, today, the seventh annual Chinese Internet webmaster in Beijing International Conference Center held in 2012. In the afternoon, the Petal net CEO Liu Pingyang, Microsoft China Platform Division technical Director Zhaoliwei, the Flash gathers the network CEO Liu Xingliang, the Qing Ke Ventures the Director general Manager Yes, the application CEO Rochuan, the cool plate chairman Huangmingming, positive benefits wireless APPCA ...

100 Mobile phone application software implant deduction fee code

Recently, the reporter from the Network qin Global mobile phone Security Center learned that, a malicious plug-in called "The King of Android" is spreading wildly on the Android platform, which is now implanted into more than 100 mobile apps, with the latest implanted apps as "Document to Go" (Name: Office Assistant). According to the Network Qin mobile phone security experts analysis, users download and run the software, will be forced to order 5 yuan/month SP business. Since March 7, the number of infections in this plug-in has increased by 28% over the same period last week, with China having the highest rate of 29% infection, and "do ..."

Summer Vacation mobile phone money tyrants gold/Love crazy 6 crazy send Non-stop

Summer is really not good for students, but fortunately this summer football fans favorite-the World Cup. Staying up late to watch the ball has become a passion for students, in the use of mobile phone crazy guessing game when not forget the phone can also make a lot of money. Student party in the summer of 2014 can also use mobile phone to make money, earn tyrants gold, win love Crazy 6, as long as enough enthusiasm, gift crazy send non-stop. The palm of the mobile phone to play wealth today's mobile phone party everywhere, bus, subway, office, campus are full of various kinds of mobile phone control. Ordinary people in the hands of the mobile phone is basically used to communicate, play games, watch video, but a lot of people ...

My history of using Android phones

My first cell phone: Nokia 7100s: It was bought when you first went to college. Unlike the era of Nokia 5800 or Nokia 5320XM, the Symbian S60 V5 or V3 intelligent operating system, it is Symbian S40 not intelligent operating system, so this phone can only install a few Java Platform app (and the small size of the poor), I remember the most frequently used is mobile phone QQ and UC Browser. In this way, the past 2 years. My second phone: HTC G1 This is the world ...

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