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Share the top ten PHP development engineer's development principles

I want to dizzy, in the end I want to listen to whom? In the web development world, PHP is one of the most popular languages, and from PHP you can easily find the script you need. Unfortunately, few people use "best practices" to write a PHP program. Here, we introduce PHP 10 best practices, of course, each one is proven by masters derived. 1. Use PHP at the right time - Rasmus Lerdorf No one better than PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf understands that PHP is used in ...

Choose CMS or self-study asp or PHP design website

Now the market increasingly need a faster and easier to develop the Web site tools, many developers are inclined to use "> Open source CMS for Web site development."   Favorites Unfortunately, there are now thousands of CMS systems circulating online, so how to choose a correct CMS has become a torment. This article is to discuss a problem, eliminate the choice of CMS when this ...

Design of Registration Form

Registration Form Design Study Recently read three books, all about the Form design. If you think Form design how to write a book, and no one line of code, I understand. It was also a surprise when I saw that Web-Form-Design on Amazon two years ago. I learned HCI can look back finally understand, but other people's research is still "stimulating" me, often see their attention to detail, it will be a profound sense of their work superficial and impetuous. SitePoint's Fancy Form D ...

A5 Source: December 2013 Build Station System Update recommendation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall will be the new year soon, I believe everyone wants to handle the work well, comfortable to have a good year! Then as a webmaster, the stability and security of the site is very important, last month, a number of systems have been updated, you updated it?   A5 source code to clean up a number of good source updates, I hope you are using to help. Forum, blog Source Startbbs (starting source Community system) is a PHP+MYSQL MVC architecture development ...

February 2014 famous website Source Update summary

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby A5 source code to do a good job source code download, focus on serving the Chinese webmaster, for a large number of source enthusiasts to provide convenience.   February mainly for community forums, blog microblogging, Enterprise construction Station, CMS, shop Mall and other categories for you to clean up the source code update dynamic; What's the following to see what good source code has been updated, what new features have been added, what functions have been optimized, what bugs are fixed ... Community Forum Source Thinksaas is a lightweight open source ...

A5 Source: March 2014 excellent source update recommended

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall A5 source code, provides the massive free website source code to the user to download! March also has a large number of excellent source code in the functional aspects or performance updates to optimize, same as ever, this month for you to organize some of the source code specific updates details.   Hope to be helpful to the friends who want to learn to do the website or the user who is using. The online editor 162100editor (HTML editor) is a mini HTML editor, only one JS file is buttoned up. Its characteristic is: code ...

Summary of typical design ideas of mobile products

"Editor's note" This article author @xidea. Interactive designer, half product manager. Focus on the overall user experience design and product design based on the Internet. This article is reproduced from the author's blog. There are a lot of mobile internet product managers and designers from the traditional internet, we have accumulated some experience, some can continue to use on the mobile side, and some will not work, this may be from the mobile internet and the difference between the traditional internet. Difference 1, terminal equipment Traditional Internet: The main access terminal is the computer. The computer is a highly standardized device, whether it is a Mac array ...

A great gathering of geek web development resources

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby front-end development has become one of the hottest technology.   We summarize the front-end development of the relevant technologies and trends, hope that you can dig out what you need, and bring you the most valuable help! Original from: Geek Tag use code playback to learn the front end knowledge happily-Tech2ipo originality Programming learning in the most painful place is: you try to understand the idea of learning objects, but the general teaching materials in the way of transmission blunt, for the novice programmer ...

A5 Source October Free construction site code update recommended

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby CMS article ZCNCMS Content Management system: Zcncms is based on PHP technology development of content management system, providing content editing, keyword management, advertising management, link management modules and models,   Program design is very concise and pay attention to the requirements of two development, can be very convenient in the original system based on the addition of new models and functions, such as graphics and text, products and other models. October update: Fixed on PHP version ...

How to design the enterprise website to meet the SEO standard

Intermediary Trading SEO Diagnosis Taobao Cloud host technology Lobby I believe that friends in doing SEO when exposed to most of the corporate web site, help the Enterprise website optimization keyword, get more traffic, however, there are always some corporate sites in a state of Half-Life, there is no flow of rankings, there is no flow of telephone inquiries , there is no volume of phone calls (this is the enterprise's own customer level problem, no longer repeat. In view of the above issues, according to my experience in website construction and optimization, I also talk about the design of corporate web site how to ...

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