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PHP Control Preg_replace Replacement Times

/php Tutorial Controls the number of Preg_replace replacements $v = Array (' vv ', ' BB '); $str = "VV,CC,ABCDE,WWW.JZREAD.COM,VV"; $str =preg_replace ("/$v [0]/", "<a href=". $v [1]. "Target=_blank >" ...

PHP Science count parameters to convert to Integer program

PHP Tutorial Scientific count parameters convert to Integer program $i =3.82902714466e+013; echo $i; echo "<br/>"; Echo Number_format ($i, 0, ', '); echo "<br/>"; Echo sprintf ("%.0f", $i);///kind is direct echo, one is Nu ...

PHP gets file extension two effective methods

PHP Tutorial Get file Extension Two effective methods $upload _name = ' ';    $attach _ext = Strtolower (substr (STRRCHR ($upload _name, '. '), 1)); Echo $attach _ext;//method Two $extarray = Explode ('. ',...

PHP generates Word documents and downloads code

The PHP tutorial generates Word documents and downloads code include ("Include/conn_mysql Tutorial. php");   $id =$_get["id"];   $sql = "SELECT * from down where id= $id"; $result =mysql_query ($sql);

php regular expressions matching Chinese characters

Php tutorial Chinese characters match the regular expression Chinese characters match the regular expression: [u4e00-u9fa5] Commentary: Matching Chinese is really a headache, with this expression is easy to match the double-byte characters (including Chinese characters ): [^ X00-xff] Comment: Can be used to calculate the length of the string (a double-byte character length meter 2, ascii character meter 1) * / $ str = "singlepoint single point log"; if (preg_matc ...

PHP output JavaScript code

PHP Tutorial output JavaScript Tutorial code echo <<<eto function Hinzu (pizza) {Neuereintrag = new option (Pizza, pizza, false, false); document.getElementById (&q ...)

PHP file download based on database records

PHP Tutorial File download is a database tutorial based on the records and then use the header in PHP to achieve file download. ? Include './admin/connect.php '; @extract ($db->get_one ("select * from Movieinfo where id= '. $_get[' id ']."); $db->query (...)

php to determine whether the remote image exists

php tutorial to determine whether the remote image exists function img_exits ($ url) {$ ch = curl_init (); curl_setopt ($ ch, curlopt_url, $ url); curl_setopt ($ ch, curlopt_nobody, 1);

PHP Preg_replace function Base and instance code

PHP Tutorial Preg_replace function Base with instance code//preg_replace (mixed $pattern, mixed $replacement, mixed $subject [, int $limit =-1 [, Int & $count]]) topic is a matching search pattern, replacing//* To search for the pattern. It can be a string or an array of strings. Electronic modifiers make preg_r ...

PHP generated pictures and verification code picture generation principle

This PHP tutorial generates pictures and verification code picture generation principle code, is by the PHP GD library to support, if your system can not create a picture on the front of the Gd.dll; ? $w? $RESIZEWIDTH = $w: $RESIZEWIDTH =400;//to generate the width of the picture $h? $RESIZEHEIGHT = $h: $RESIZEHEIGHT =400;//The height of the picture fun ...

PHP commonly used mathematical functions

The math functions commonly used in the php tutorial The tanh () function returns the hyperbolic tangent. Syntax tanh (x) Parameter Description x Required. A few. Description Returns the hyperbolic tangent of x, defined as sinh (arg) / cosh (arg). * / echo tanh (-m_pi); / / output -0.996272076221 echo & quo ...

PHP gets a few regular expressions for hyperlink text content

PHP Tutorial Getting hyperlink text content several regular expressions//Methods One Preg_match_all ('/< (a|a) [s]{0,1}[w= ":()]*>[nrn]* (check user) [nrn]*</(A|a) >/i ', $string, $matches);//Method Two Preg_match_all ('/<a[dd]*>check user</a>

PHP Scale Small graph function

PHP Tutorial Scaling Small graph function <?php class My_lib_functions {# ******************************************** # object to array # ************** function Object2array ($obj) {&nb ...

Php get native mac address three ways

php tutorial to get the native mac address three ways getmacaddr {var $ return_array = array (); / / return string array with mac address var $ mac_addr; ...

PHP Gets the relative path instance code

PHP Tutorial Gets the relative Path instance code function Getrelativepath ($a, $b) {$returnPath = Array (dirname ($b));    $arrA = explode ('/', $a); &n ...

PHP Judge page program execution time code

The PHP tutorial determines the page execution time code to determine the time required for the PHP script to execute correctly for a microsecond.         Inserts the code at the top of the page: <?php $mtime = Microtime (); &nbs ...

php authentication user name legitimacy code

php tutorial to verify the legitimacy of the user name regular code We verify this user name is a regular validation of letters, numbers, username, not including Chinese Oh. function funcstrnum ($ str, $ num1 = '', $ num2 = '') // alphanumeric {if ($ num1! = '' and $ num2! = '') {return (preg_match ("/ ^ [^ a-z0-9a-z _@!.-] {& q ...

PHP ajax XMLHttpRequest Post Instance code

PHP Tutorial Ajax XMLHttpRequest Post Instance code <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd XHTML 1.1//en" "Http://" > <html xmlns= " Http://www.jzrea ...

PHP Judge file modification time and date function code

PHP Tutorial to determine the file modification time with the DATE function this script when the page was last revised and output as 20 minutes ago, or XX days before the date ... Or even if you don't update too much-20 weeks before the show!   File Name $last _modified = Filemtime ("file.php");   {$timediff = time ()-$last _modified; if ($ ...)

Several MySQL garbled problem handling

Several mysql tutorial garbled problem handling methods 1 set php tutorial myadmin language: chinese simplified (zh-utf-8) mysql character set: utf-8 unicode (utf8) mysql connection proofing: gbk_chinese_ci 2 to create a database tutorial set to gbk_chinese_ci 3 Sql build table engine = myisa ...

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