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Computer comes with drawing software graffiti - red panda

Computer comes with drawing software, you can make graffiti, such as drawing a red panda. Click [Start] - [All Programs] - [Accessories] - [Paint] to open the drawing software. Select the round tool, the line is the thinnest, draw an oval on the panel, is the head of the red panda. Draw a larger ellipse next to it, next to the body. Draw two ovals, is the ear. Draw the panda's limbs. Draw a red panda's eyes. Draw a red panda's mouth. Fill the red panda with color. Wipe the excess with eraser tools. When the image is finished, save it as a picture format. You can open the saved ...

After IOS 8 update, Safari begins to support apng animation format

Absrtact: After IOS 8 is updated, Safari begins to support Apng (animated PNG, full name animated Portable receptacle Graphics) animation format. Apng in 2004, it is based on the PNG scheme, is an animated picture format it to color, transparency support than GIF format better IOS 8 after the update, Safari began to support Apng (animated PNG, full name animated Po ...

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