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Add an Ubuntu box to the Active Directory and authenticate the user

This is an introduction to how to add an Ubuntu box to an active Directory domain and use ad for user authentication. Software Environment name version MS Windows Server ">2003 standard SP1 Linux Ubuntu breezy 5.10.

Install Zabbix on Ubuntu

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source solution based on the Web interface that provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities. Zabbix can monitor various network parameters, ensure the safe operation of the server system, and provide a soft notification mechanism for "> system Administrator to quickly locate/ Solve all kinds of problems. Zabbix is composed of 2 parts, Zabbix server and optional group ...

Configure the network in Ubuntu Linux 8.04 environment

& ">nbsp; Ubuntu Server version 1, install the server version, the default installation lamp (linux,apache,mysql,php) 2, the default choice to install SSH 3, after installation configuration network type command: sudo vim/etc ...

Set up the various problems encountered in the Hadoop cluster, sorted as follows:

& ">nbsp; Together with the partners to build Hadoop cluster encountered various problems, sorted as follows: Preface in the winter vacation a period of time, began to investigate Hadoop2.2.0 build process, at that time suffer from no machine, just in 3 notebooks, Jane ...

Hadoop basic tutorial distributed environment to build

Earlier, we were already running Hadoop on a single machine, but we know that Hadoop supports distributed, and its advantage is that it is distributed, so let's take a look at the environment. Here we use a strategy to simulate the environment. We use three Ubuntu machines, one for the master and the other two for the slaver. At the same time, this host, we use the first chapter to build a good environment. We use the steps similar to the first chapter to operate: 1, the operating environment to take ...

Ubuntu System configuration Your Hosts file

The Hosts file is just a list of IP addresses and corresponding server names. The server typically checks this file before querying DNS. If a name with a corresponding IP address is found, DNS is not queried at all. Unfortunately, if the IP address of the host changes, you must also update the file. This is not a big problem for a single machine, but it's tough to update the entire company. For ease of administration, it is usually in the file to place only the loopback interface and the local machine name records, and then use the centralized HTTP://WWW.A ...

Install docker-compose problem

According to the docker-compose installation tutorial provided by docker's official website, installing the latest docker-compose on ubuntu machines resulted in the following exception: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection Time-out installation process is as follows: $ sudo-i root @ far: ~ # cur ...

The most useful ten open source firewall in Linux system

Today, open source firewalls are numerous.   This article will cover 10 of the most practical open source firewalls that fit your business needs. 1. Iptables Iptables/netfilter is the most popular command line based on firewalls. It is the safe line of defense for Linux servers. Many system administrators use it to fine-tune the server. The function is to filter packets from the network stack in the kernel, including: listing the contents of the packet filtering rule set, and executing fast because it only checks the header of the packet, and the administrator can ...

67 Ways to increase site backlinks

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall I see on the net a very representative article, turn to share with you. And added a personal view of the most important method of domestic research in English SEO friends not many, so the relevant resources are not many, English SEO inside in fact the most difficult apart from the content, that is, external links, a lot of friends in the English website optimization, will be outside the chain of the problem on the headache, Here the ancient mind continues to share the relevant learning materials, from the content of the site, the efforts of outside the site 、...

Stone Mountain Video Application scenario and company future planning

As the video becomes the Network Foundation application, a large number of enterprises need to use their own network platform for video promotion, and the media and education industries need to build their own online network platform.   Traditionally, companies need to spend a huge amount of money to buy bandwidth and servers, and then hire technology companies to build video management systems, and build an IT team to maintain and upgrade the system later, and finally the huge imbalance between inputs and outputs. Stone Mountain is in this context, hit the enterprise self-built online video platform Pain Point, Xu Ping in 2011 founded the Stone Mountain video. and Xu ...

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