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"The heroic legend flashes the track full color exquisite picture album"

Taiwan's Sony Computer Entertainment (SCET) 4th announced that the June 24 launch of the PS3/PS Vita role play Game "Legend Flash track" Traditional Chinese version, the General edition and the CD-limited edition of the same bundle will provide the game debut role and image map of the full color exquisite album as the first back special code, The CD-limited edition of the radio series will also be supplemented by a variety of Asian exclusive special codes.   "heroic legend Flash track full color exquisite album" radio series CD Limited with the same bundle version except the first back special code "Full-color exquisite album" as well as with this story "Original radio series CD ..."

Adult version Mario trailer The wretched moustache and Hess story

Mention Mario What do people think, mushrooms, braces, plumbers, beards, turtles, young girls in pink dresses?  Well, these elements can be kneaded together and created a whole new plot, and the video below will tell you that people's imaginations are invincible, especially that Mario doctor ... More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

Frets on fire a music play game from Finland

& ">nbsp; Frets on Fire is a music playing game from Finland, written in Python, released with a GPL protocol, similar to the series of the commercial game Guitar heroes. Players can play the music with a keyboard (a sense of the guitar), a joystick or a guitar controller. Built-in music editor, can also be from the Kat ...

Players Raiders: The world's lantern riddles be slightly

71 Small Sprites, one task 76920 experience, one round 10 tasks, altogether 3 rounds, each round has the bouquet. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

A Shanghai woman's sudden death after playing more than 10-hour consecutive games

Often play games all night, in the continuous play game more than 10 hours after the morning, a 27-year-old Shanghai woman suddenly chest tightness, fall, delirious.   Xinmin Evening News reporter learned that, although the hospital full rescue, but the woman still dead and death. Last Wednesday (19th) 5:22 A.M., 120 ambulances sent the woman to the Shanghai Nineth People's Hospital emergency department, when the woman's complexion was purple, and she was delirious. Emergency neurological physician cubic examination found that women breathing only 4-5 times per minute, bilateral pupil amplification, pulse intermittent long, heart rate has not been detected, the situation is very dangerous ...

PS3 "Meluru's studio" new intelligence released June 23

More Play Game Network (Lich Congus) News March 22, gust in the latest issue of the Japanese Electric Shock magazine published in its alchemist's work room, "Meluru's Studio" new information. The protagonist will determine the 15-Year-old girl named "Meluru = Renee = Luz", commonly known as "Meluru". The game stage will be the former "Totoli studio" Alang the principality slightly far from the small state of Arunachal, time is also in the previous year, "Rorona's studio" in the former king in order to let the Arunachal revival joined the Alang Republic and the revival story. Is PS3 on the Alang ...

Introduction to the three major races of the ancient century Perret tribe like Avatar

More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

National Service Voice: Lich Wang Finale "The Death of Arthas"

Personal feeling, Arthas ' voice restored the original English feeling, but the old king did not have a version of the good. National Service dubbing more information please pay attention to play game network more. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

Hilarious parody! Gourd baby through the war against Osama bin Laden

More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

Morning Hing Venture investment to play more games network (4 million U.S. dollars)

June 2007, the Morning Hing venture investment by NetEase former editor-in-chief Lee Colling founded more than 4 million U.S. dollars play Game network, this is more play the first round of venture capital.

Ultra-Silent Super Mario bad Whole video

More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

Introduction to the mobile system of the ancient century three characteristic transportation

The ancient century, as a huge whole continent to expedition the world is not a joke ....  So there will be several kinds of vehicles to bring convenience to the player Oh ~ First 3 of them! More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

Subway scare scream "dead Space 2" horror trailer

EA today released the latest trailer for "Death Space 2", called "Ring Around The Rosie", and the gory footage of the trailer is matched with the repeated chanting of the ring of foreign classic nursery rhymes Around The Rosie, a scene in the station and subway.  This can be more than the previous Halloween trailer to give more power. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Heavy)

Video: 4-year-old half baby play game "Valley of the Dragon" minimum player

If you have a baby, will you let them play online?  A recent player has recorded a video of his 4-year-old baby playing "The Valley of the Dragon" and uploaded it online.  Look at the baby seriously posture, do not lose to adults OH. (Edit salsa)

"Street Fighter 4" arcade version of "Demon Lung" official appearance

We knew early on that evil Ryu and Oni were merged into Super Street Fighter 4. (two are hidden characters that need to be unlocked), but Capcom recently officially announced their debut on the game's Japanese website.  From the game's official website screenshot, we can see a hate-filled Street fighter image.  Here are some pictures of the game. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

Blizzard Blue Sticker: We are developing the guild transfer and renaming system

In the near future, the Guild president can transfer his guild to other servers.  The guild structure will remain unchanged, including the President, Guild Bank, rank and guild names (depending on availability). More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

Firefall released the third professional Scout can be stealth good at killing

Red 5 Studios recently unveiled the 3rd professional "Scout" at the Pax East Show, "Firefall". "Scout" is a master who specializes in using long-range sniper weapons and has good maneuvering performance. He can use sniper weapons to accurately kill each other outside the range of the enemy. In addition, this occupation also has the stealth ability.  The maps in the game seem to hold hundreds of players in the war, and players can continue to observe the battlefield secretly after they are killed. More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

"Battlefield 3" the first real video exposure battlefield located in Iraq

February 23, Dice released its main FPS game "Battlefield 3," the first actual game video. The video mainly describes the U.S. naval forces against hostile PLR forces, and the battlefield is set on the Iraqi border of Kurdistan.  The entire clip is short, including the logo, which is only 43 seconds long, and the screen looks very real, but it also means that you need to save to upgrade your PC ... More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

The blind player writes the sound program to successfully play the game

A blind player named Terry Garrett has been able to play the game successfully through his own voice program. Terry Garrett Terry Garrett Terry Garrett play game Terry Garrett is now a college student majoring in mechanical engineering, with one eye completely blind at the age of 5 and the other with extremely limited eyesight at the age of 10,  But his love of the game has never given up. In order to realize the desire to play games, ...

Player re-making Mario car real track video special effects Super Gorgeous

We have previously reported that players in the reality of the road running Mario car, but also triggered a single traffic police, this time a group of players to Mario car into the Florida State K1 speed Indoor racing yard.  Although this version of the previous version is not funny, but the technical content is higher Oh! Please enjoy: Before the comedy road version also enjoy the next bar: More information please pay attention to play game network. (Edit/Xu Mingming)

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