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Jifeng Li Peng: the popularization and development trend of China's Android games

Organized by the Qing Branch group z-club106 period-"mobile games" this afternoon in Beijing 3W Coffee, Jifeng senior vice President Li Peng attended the salon, and delivered keynote speeches.   The following is a transcript of the speech: Good afternoon, I am Li Peng of jifeng nets, I mainly according to some of our company's models to share my experience and data, if there are deficiencies, we can add a moment. First of all, the current Chinese Android holdings around 80 million, iOS is 30 million left ...

Mobile Gaming changes: iOS no longer good Android income looming tens of millions

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby text/Sohu It He Feng smartphone gaming market is changing, iOS no longer dominate the world, has been ignored as "applause" of Android subversive forces are constantly distributed. Not only to choose the platform, game developers are also in the casual game and the recosting game range tangle.   And the combined transport of the full swing, as well as the operator channels, developers can not be negligent. iOS no longer good Android starts making money ...

The self-redemption of mobile games in ChinaJoy

The annual ChinaJoy (China International Digital Interactive Entertainment exhibition) also set off the passion of gamers, manufacturers of new games and strategic release also conveys the industry's future direction, and in the mobile gaming field, its fiery seems more than in previous years. On this chinajoy, China Mobile gaming base High-profile debut, joint Grand Group of Friends of the Century jointly held "Dragon Valley Sky War" new tour first activity, make mobile games become the biggest bright spot of this chinajoy, but also triggered the game industry to China Mobile in this exhibition for the first time announced "Pan-tour ...

Mobile games still in the Warring States Potence era

Reporter Du with the rapid development of intelligent mobile phone, as well as the continuous improvement of mobile internet, China's mobile phone network game market scale has also maintained a steady and rapid growth.  According to the latest data released by the Analysys think-tank, in the 1th quarter of 2011, the number of Chinese mobile phone network game users exceeded 23 million, reached 23.32 million, the chain growth of 15.05%, the corresponding market size breakthrough 250 million, to 255 million, the chain growth of 18.1%, mobile games have been driven into the development of the fast lane. Mobile games ushered in the development of new opportunities for mobile phone games high-speed development, away from ...

Android games how to embed advertising code to make money

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall I believe we all know that just the Flappy Bird, only by advertising can make 50,000 dollars a day, While the vast majority of developers are salivating at the same time, it may also be the illusion of many people: in the game to embed advertising code to profit from the mature way. The Bean Clan editor follows from how Android games are implanted in ads, categories, and ...

Win on the mobile End Forum: Business opportunities in related areas of beauty games

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall "win in the mobile and cloud" round table (Tencent technology photo) Tencent Science and technology news, April 7, today, the seventh annual Chinese Internet webmaster in Beijing International Conference Center held in 2012. In the afternoon, the Petal net CEO Liu Pingyang, Microsoft China Platform Division technical Director Zhaoliwei, the Flash gathers the network CEO Liu Xingliang, the Qing Ke Ventures the Director general Manager Yes, the application CEO Rochuan, the cool plate chairman Huangmingming, positive benefits wireless APPCA ...

Travel century CEO Song Xiaofei: Mobile Games will enter the channel king

At this GMIC conference, it is an honor to interview Song Xiaofei, the CEO of MoWu Century. For Song Xiaofei, who has nearly ten years of game experience, he has experienced the era of texting once playing games, and later Java, Android and iOS, Song Xiaofei all the way to watch the development of mobile games, and now, he finally saw the hand-travel opportunities in the mobile Internet eruption. Next, Song Xiaofei will be a veteran with a decade of gaming experience to tell us about the situation of the entire mobile game industry: 1, the threshold is high, novice large-scale online game From the current situation of mobile game industry, with the mobile Internet ...

On the waveform theory of mobile games

Zhong Lin is the Beijing Hui Yue Tiancheng Wuxi Han Feng game CEO, previously in Guangzhou netease game, Fuzhou Octopus game platform, Shenzhen Guangyu game development, Shenzhen Bao Tak Group games Cloud Division work, accumulated a number of game development experience. This year he visited a lot of smartphone application developers, but in the attitude of cooperation with online games, mobile games in the end what is it? Everyone is still skeptical. Online games belong to the transformation of the current phase of the change in the time axis due to the different types of waves.

No one wants to develop 9 points about video games you need to know

Absrtact: Into the 2014, many TV manufacturers began to play the game as the main function. For example, the annual shipments of TCL 16 million units, its multimedia business now to do 2 products, is the game platform TV and video platform TV. Lenovo's propaganda focus, put into the 2014, many TV manufacturers began to play the game as the main function. For example, the annual shipments of TCL 16 million units, its multimedia business now to do 2 products, is the game platform TV and video platform TV. Lenovo Company's publicity focus on ...

Roundtable Forum: The Nuggets of mobile gaming

Roundtable Forum: The Nuggets of mobile games and news and technology January 11, 2013, 2013 Global Mobile Games Annual Conference and Channel List Awards ceremony held in Beijing Jing Instrument Hotel. This conference revolves around "move, game, channel, rank" This series of keywords launches the discussion, and with "channel how to make money for the game enterprise?"   "As an important issue, we invite industry experts and professionals to discuss further." The forum is chaired by Shanghua Vice president of the Alliance, Houle game President Huang Jian, China Hand Travel Entertainment Group COO Liu Xiachou, Guangyu online Vice President Chen, the CEO King of the World ...

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