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"Harem" stills exposure Yang again as a rape princess charming

"Harem" stills exposure (1/4) "Harem" in Hengdian filming, Yang and Jiang opponents play to the wind in the people bring the warmth of silk. Although the two people are the first cooperation, but the performance of tacit understanding. Yang still plays the rape imperial concubine, to Jiang is very sentient beings have righteousness. [Page] "The Harem" stills exposure (2/4) [page] "The Harem" stills exposure (3/4) [page] "The Harem" stills exposure (4/4)

Gigalomania 0.18 release 2D strategy game

Gigalomania is a 2d "> Strategy game." The game is mainly to study and develop new technologies to overcome your enemies, such as stones, sticks, nuclear weapons and spaceships. There are 10 different times in the game, from the Stone Age to the future, and there are 28 different maps to give you full play to your intellect. Gigalomania version 0.18 can support Mac OS ...

"Wind" Beijing premiere ceremony recorded Liaofan Hu Hai fighting vocals (fig)

Hu Hai received an interview Hu Hai Sina Entertainment News yesterday, from the mainland's new strength niche Hu Hai One of the protagonist of Huayi spy war drama "Legend of the Wind" in Beijing held "Beijing satellite TV premiere Ceremony", the play to play a look at the white Lunar new Hu Hai yesterday not only the black suit handsome to attend the ceremony,  But also in the stage with another number of male starring Liaofan, Tianyu, Li Naiwen and Zongping fight up the singing, can be counted for the play to give the most publicity. Play in the Battle of wits on the stage vocal TV series "Wind Legend", Hu Hai played five "old Ghost" one of the suspects white. Movie...

"My World" turkey is in Waterloo

ANKARA, March 11 (Xinhua Shang) The highly acclaimed and welcome sandbox game "My World" recently suffered Waterloo in Turkey. According to the Turkish Daily News website 11th, the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social policy has completed a review of suspected elements of violence in the game, intends to ban the "incitement to violence" game, and transfer the relevant proposals to the judicial branch. reported that the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social policy Department of Children's Services in the survey report, said that although the game can be built in housing, farmland, bridges and other play to stimulate children's creativity, but in order to produce ...

Zxtune 1229 Release Chiptunes portable Applications

Zxtune is a set of Chiptunes portable Applications (GUI/CLI) designed to play to create the ZX Spectrum. It uses advanced crawl possibilities, allowing you to perform music searches in large data sets. Supported playback formats include Ay,asc,psg,pt2,pt3,stc,stp,txt,turbosound,chi and PDT. Supported compression formats include Cc3,cc4,dsq,esv,hrum,hrust1,hrust2,lzs,msp,pcd,trush and ZX ...

Broker: Ling depressed and helpless and forced to collapse

Ling and Chen Yao Sina Entertainment News recently, by Ling starring drama "Home Temptation" in Hunan TV hit. Some fans have linked the role of the "split man" in the play to the previous phase of the divorce, leaving messages abusive. On the evening of February 22, Ling formally responded to the divorce by Weibo.  Ling's agent also called for fans to be able to distinguish between roles and qualities. Ling in response to the internal problems of divorce can not reconcile last night, Ling through the fan club Weibo positive response to the divorce, said the divorce is not because of the little San: "The current failure of marriage is indeed a foregone conclusion, a few frustration feeling ..."

It's awesome! History of "The best" creative band OK Go the latest single MV

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > OK Go is simply a band of God, their MV are all the best creative ideas EAPC set! This time the visual illusion to play to the extreme! A shot came down, seconds seconds is a surprise! Finally, the team showed up in tears when the group appeared ... Have shared several of their works before, including this Too prescribe pass, ...

ZTE's $300 million subscription venture fund

ZTE (000063) announced that the company's board of directors adopted a resolution to make full use of social resources, while giving full play to ZTE's professional and resource advantages.  ZTE intends to jointly invest 30 million RMB with Kang company to set up ZTE Venture capital fund management company, to raise and manage the venture capital fund, and the shares of ZTE and Kang Company holding ZTE Venture capital fund management company are 55% and 45% respectively. ZTE said that ZTE Venture capital fund management company for ZTE fund management platform, through the platform to open up financing channels, and ...

"Monster Hunter Ol" launched the second wave of hardware performance test software

CAPCOM released the "Monster Hunter Frontier Online" The second wave of official hardware performance testing software: "MHF benchmark Fetters (mhfベンチマーク" Trip ")".  The software content is followed by the first wave released in December 2009, coupled with enhanced computer hardware performance. "Monster Hunter Frontier Online" players play to hunt all kinds of monsters for a living hunter, to undertake the task, hunting various types of different shapes and sizes of monsters, and through the hunt process to collect the monster 犄 ...

I guess I guess I guess you know who these squares are?

(Edit/Star drizzle) popular game role Mini, we should have seen a lot of it. Overseas art designers Alexander Shen is the mini to play to the extreme, he will play the role of the 5x5 matrix to show the way, the following exposed several 5x5 matrix role, is his production of a part, everyone according to Alexander Shen to give tips,  Guess what the characters are in those games? Tip: (from left to right) a plumber, a plumber's brother, a plumber's relative, a plumber's relative's brother.

Drama "Love of Pine Nuts" Shanghai premiere novel brutal stage drama warm

"Pine nut Love" poster newspaper (reporter Yang) yesterday, Shanghai Dramatic Center revealed that the latest drama works by Xun Yuanwei, "Pine nut Love" will be staged from February 24 to March 20 at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center's Art Theater, which is also the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center this year's spring drama. The play's producer Sun Ningfang introduced, can bring the play to China's stage, the origin is Xun Yuanwei saw the film "was abandoned pine nut life" after deeply moved, small talk in the story introduced to the Sun Ningfang, so there is a drama "Pine nut Love". For the drama "Pine Nut Love" and other ...

6 Fun Sites

Absrtact: 1, Oh, do sketch! You have to be ready to fall in love with the time of the site! It's called Odosketch, where you can use a sketch pencil to give full play to your illustrator. Many talented illustrators have saved their sweet little works, and have been on 1, oh, do sketch! You have to be ready to fall in love with the time of the site! It's called Odosketch, where you can use a sketch pencil to give full play to your illustrator. Many talented illustrators have preserved their sweet little works ...

This is not gameboy. New Creative IPhone4 Sticker preview

At first glance, this machine is a Nintendo Gameboy handheld machine, look carefully, originally is the iphone 4 back Gameboy logo stickers.  The sticker was so vivid that it was almost as good as the top left because of the camera and the flash.  This lovely sticker can not only effectively protect the iphone 4 of its beautiful fragile backplane from scratch, but also can play to confuse others, indicating the role of their player identity, very personality, is the necessary fans. The price of the sticker and the date of release are temporarily unknown. (Edit Zhang Xing)

Miao Wei Miching wind and rain 20 years of love and the moment to share the myth of the old

Miao Wei Miching (1/30 Zhang) Miao Miching is my favorite two stars, from the Miao Qiao Wei's Yang Kangli to the present Li Wenxhen Chosheng and so on, Miao Qiao Wei is I have been concerned about for many years the star, from Miching's little sister Nimmiri He Yu Clear to now He Chou year, Miching has been my favorite star, I'm glad that the two stars I used to like were also partners in life, can not help but from the play to deepen the love of two people, the last time they saw in the overseas nebula there is a photo of their daughter, they gradually fade out of the entertainment circle, in their retreat ...

6 Interesting Websites

Absrtact: 1, Oh, do sketch! You have to be ready to fall in love with the time of the site! It's called Odosketch, where you can use a sketch pencil to give full play to your illustrator. Many talented illustrators have saved their sweet little works, and have been on 1, oh, do sketch! You have to be ready to fall in love with the time of the site! It's called Odosketch, where you can use a sketch pencil to give full play to your illustrator. Many talented illustrators have preserved their sweet little works ...

Foreign 3D Cartographic division draws 8 Lego Rockwell combat scenes must kill map

In foreign master drawing technology players, a lot of people like to make retro 8-bit pixel map and then three-dimensional, so as to get nostalgic but with fresh elements of the wonderful pictures. 3D Cartographic Division Raphael Phillips recently released a set of Lego 8-bit 3D pictures, he is a perfect reproduction of the Lego quality, the 8-bit pixel character and Lego after the combination of the feeling of restoration is very good, but also his own idea of the Lockerbie fighting game such as the game environment, Original a group of Lockerbie people kill the moves, I hope that the lifetime can play to such a cheerful Luo ...

Photo: Korea Galaxy Chi Yuansiu perfect figure personality full pictorial exposure

River Ji Pictorial River Zhi yuan he zhi yuan Pictorial River Zhi Yuan Beijing, February 21, according to the "Chosun daily" news, the Korean popular TV series "Secret Garden" starring the river Ji personality full of pictorial recently open. River Ji The latest fashions in a pictorial for a fashion magazine. In this shooting, the river Ji completely abandoned the "secret Garden" in the role of the shadow, back to the actor River Ji, challenged the role can not try the makeup of the woman's make-up and modelling, completed from the role of the play to the River Ji return, which let the River Ji leap. At the scene of the shooting, the river Ji showed no ...

In hand Tour 15 million won Chun Dream "talking about soldiers" domestic agent right

Summary: View the latest quotes Donews Game November 18 News June Dream game November 18 announced, its hand tour products "refers to the military" officially signed CMGE China Hand Tour as a domestic agent, the amount of agent up to 15 million. Chun Dream Game CEO Xu (left) and China Hand tour group Beans play to see the latest market Donews game November 18 News Chun Dream Game November 18 announced, its hand tour products "refers to the military" officially signed CMGE China Hand Tour as a domestic agent, the agent amount to 1500.

Star 2 public test only 10 hours National Costume first Master team born

Just 10 hours after the launch of the Star 2 National Service, a contestant has become the first master of the national costume.  The Newlee, who won the master group with 21 wins and 1 victories, also received a milestone award from the Master team.  Q: First of all congratulations on the next Newlee became the first master team player, can simply say the process of Chong-class?  A: Yesterday when the National service opened, I checked from the early morning is 0:35 points began to play, play to 2:35 points, a total dozen 13, has 13 consecutive wins, and then went to sleep. Q:2 ...

It means we've been investing millions of dollars recently to improve our existing teacher resources.

Sina Science and technology hearing March 26 Morning news, piano field tutor O2O platform play to Sina technology, following last September, after the angel of capital Investment, recently won the Sequoia Capital million dollars a round of investment. Play it. Launched last September, the first is a free piano sparring app, to provide piano learners with professional piano reading reader, including piano test, Byatt and other music. Play it. Founder Li Yu that the sparring will be the most piano learners of the longest use of a function, by this point of pain, will be able to maintain the user's use of stickiness. It is understood that ...

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